How Much Does 4 Star General Make?

At the height of military leadership, a 4 Star General is a widely revered and highly skillful leader who has dedicated decades of their life in service to their country. This virtuoso military personnel has the crucial role of managing miscellaneous military operations, providing a strategic command to our army, and ensuring the safety and security of our country. From leading armies in a war to negotiating with foreign governments, the role of a general is crucial to maintaining the strength and stability of your armies. In this article, we will explore the enthralling universe of military leadership and find out just ‘How Much Does 4 Star General Make?’ for their selfless effort and sacrifice.

How Much Does 4 Star General Make?

How Much Does 4 Star General Make?

As of 2021, a 4 Star General in the United States military earns primary hire of $16,441.80 monthly, which translates to $197,301.60 per year. However, this is just the core package and does not include other benefits and allowances that come with the position, like healthcare, housing, and retirement benefits. Additionally, a 4 Star General’s salary can vary based on factors including the length of service, rank, and location.

Factors Affecting 4-Star General Salary

Several factors can affect the salary of a major general in the US Army. One of the main factors is tenure. Military officers are eligible for salary to intensify as their years of service increase. For example, his 4-star general with 20 years of service earns a core package of $20,866.20 each month, which is okay then the new general’s corps pay.

Rank can be a reason that can affect a 4 Star General`s stipend, as higher ranks come with higher pay grades. For example, a lieutenant makes $15,583.20 monthly, which is lower than his four-star generals, and military personnel (the highest rank in the U.S. Army) earn a monthly salary of $21,147.00. For example, a Lieutenant General earns an inaugural pay of $15,583.20 every 30 days, which is less than a 4 Star General, while a General of the Army (the highest rank in the U.S. Army) earns a foremost pay of $21,147.00 every month, which is more than a 4 Star General.

A 4 Star General’s salary may be influenced by their region, as officers posted in areas with higher living costs may be eligible for special payments. For example, officers based in Alaska, Hawaii, or the District of Columbia could receive a cost-of-living allowance (COLA) to help offset the growing expenditures related to residing in those regions.

The collective impact of these factors can have a major outcome on a 4 Star General’s complete pay and benefits, which includes their salary, benefits, and bonus allowances.

Salary of a 4-Star General

The salaries of four-star generals in the U.S. Army are determined by a combination of factors including rank, years of service, and location. At the highest level, a general officer’s constitutional compensation is $197,301.60 per year. However, entire wages may vary depending on benefits and benefits. For example, he’s a major who lives in an expanse like Washington, D.C. An expatriate can receive an admirable living allowance, which can predominantly enhance his full core package.

The salary of a major general is much higher than that of other military officers. For example, a major general’s salary is $13,581.30 monthly, which is about $50,000 less than a four-star general’s. Compared to civilian jobs, the annual salary of a 4-star general is amazing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a U.S. CEO in 2020 was $185,950, which is below his four-star general’s objective compensation.

Additional Benefits

In addition to a fair package, a four-star major general gets a variety of benefits, including housing, medical care, and a retirement plan. These perks greatly amplify their overall reward package and provide financial security both during and after your military career.

  • Housing: Four-star generals are eligible for free or subsidized housing, including housing allowances for on-base or accommodations outside of the Army post.
  • Health care: Four-star generals receive comprehensive health care through the military’s health system, which includes medical, dental, and eye care.
  • Severance pay:  A 4-star major is entitled to a pension after serving 20 years or more, based on rank and length of service. 

Compared to other officers, 4-star generals receive the most generous welfare packages. For example, junior officers may receive housing allowances, but these may not cover the full cost of non-military housing. In addition, civilian jobs don’t provide the same level of retirement perks as being a member of the army.


In conclusion, the total core earnings of 4 Star Generals reflect a major role in the military and the sacrifices they make to ensure national security. By rewarding and acknowledging military leaders for their neutral management and years of service, we express recognition for their devotion and loyalty to our country.

It is crucial to maintain our support and respect for those who serve in the military, and providing impartial compensation is a means to achieve that. Ultimately, by providing justifiable salaries to our military leaders, we can contribute to the continued strength and preparedness of our forces, ensuring their ability to protect our country whenever necessary.

How Much Does 4 Star General Make?

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