How Does Google Make Money?

A group of businesses known as Alphabet Inc. includes Google as its largest member. The company offers a variety of technology and Internet services and solutions, including web browsing and search, cloud computing, streaming media, mobile applications and operating systems, and much more. Alphabet generates a large portion of its revenue from advertisements through its many services and platforms. Let us know about ‘How Does Google Make Money?’.

How Does Google Make Money?

How Does Google Make Money?

Advertising is the main source of income for Google. Despite being free, Google’s search engine is supported by commercial advertising. Including Ads On YouTube as well as the Networks Member’s Sites, Google’s advertising revenue in 2021 exceeded $209 billion, as opposed to 257 billion dollars in total trades. Over 81 percent of net sales were from advertising, followed by 19 billion dollars from Google Cloud and other sources of income for Google.

While Google still makes the majority of its money from search-related advertising, it has also diversified into industries like online gaming, cloud computing, and YouTube. However, it also has a sizable development division that is cultivating unrelated business potential like driverless vehicles.

The top five sources of Google’s income are broken down

According to recent research, search ads will be Google’s main source of income in 2021. A staggering $148.95 billion of the company’s total revenue of $256.74 billion was generated by search advertisements. This applies to advertisements on the search engine results page as well as on other Google services.

According to this Google income breakdown, advertisements accounted for 58% of the company’s overall global revenue in 2017. This comes as no surprise considering that Google has relied heavily on search advertising for years.

The Google Network advertisements division, which contributed 31.7 billion dollars in revenue, is Google’s second-largest revenue generator. Ads that show up on Google partner websites are included in this. YouTube advertisements, which were Google’s third-largest source of income, come next. YouTube ad revenue accounted for 11.2% of Google’s overall revenue, or $28.85 billion.

Apps, hardware, content, and Google Cloud are ranked 4th and 5th, respectively, in terms of Google’s major revenue sources. App, hardware, and content sales for the business totaled $28.03 billion, or 10.9% of the overall revenue. $19.21 billion, or about 7.5% of the firm’s 2021 revenues, came from Google Cloud.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, recently released its most recent earnings report, which demonstrates that search ads remain the business’s main source of income.

Google generated $69.1 billion in revenue in 2022, with search advertisements accounting for 57.2% of the total. The amount of money made through Google Network advertisements was 7.9 billion dollars, and the amount made from YouTube ads was $7.1 billion (10.2%). To put it another way, Google’s total ad revenue, which was $54.5 billion, accounted for 78.9% of the company’s total income in the quarter.

Google Ads

Google’s current revenue comes from Google Ads to the tune of 80%. This generated revenue of over $209 bn in 2021. ( Ads can be found immediately on YouTube videos or Google searches. A few bucks to even more than $50 can be earned by clicking an advertisement. Google targets relevant material to people directly and receives gazillions of hits as a result by tying in adverts with the searches, i.e., that advertisements are related to the search query.

Google Cloud

Despite providing free cloud storage, Google’s offering has some restrictions. A fee of $0.20 per additional gigabyte of storage is applied. Additionally, there is a charge for network and operating expenses, which are $0.12 per gigabyte and $0.05 for every 10,000 Class A operations. The price for 10,000 operations of class B is $0.004. Application and infrastructure performance are monitored, troubleshooted, and improved by operations. In 2021, revenue from Google Cloud was $19 billion. From the 2020 estimate of $16.2 billion, this was an increase.


The Google Pixel line of mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and headphones, the Google Nest line of smart home products, and the Chromecast streaming media players are just a few of the hardware items that Google has released in recent years. Additionally, Fitbits and a variety of game controllers are sold there. In 2021, Google hardware produced $19.6 billion in sales and over 6.1 billion dollars.

Google Play store

In addition to games, the Google Play store is indeed a platform for the distribution of software. Google offers a Play Pass that costs $4.99 monthly or $29.99 annually. Otherwise, apps can be downloaded from the shop for nothing to $14.99 each month. By purchasing the pass, you have access to certain games and applications that are free of commercials and in-app purchases. The Play store’s entirety is not made accessible. A $25 fee must be paid by developers before they may upload their first app.

Google pay

Google Pay, formerly known as Google Wallet and, before that, Google Checkout, is a service made to simplify shopping for both customers and merchants. Customers register for a free Payment Gateway account by entering their debit or credit card information, which Google then securely keeps in a database. Google supports the transactions using only a “virtual account number,” which it refers to as an “alias” for your actual card number when the user visits a business that accepts Google Pay, whether online or in a physical location. Neither the customer nor the business is charged by Google. Customers can use Google Pay in a physical store to pay with their smartphones.

Streaming on YouTube

With a YouTube Premium subscription, you may access the site’s millions of videos without having to deal with in-video advertisements. It is offered for $11.99 a month. A little more than 8% of YouTube’s overall revenue comes from YouTube Premium, which generates roughly $600 million in revenue.

YouTube Tv

Live TV programming, on-demand content, and DVR options are all available on YouTube TV, a streaming television service. Access to more than 85 television networks, including the Big Four, is provided for viewers. For unlimited access, YouTube TV is available for $64.99 a month. It is still too early to tell how much income YouTube TV will ultimately contribute to Google.


With a monopoly on search management, Google is money that technological behemoth that has branched out into entertainment, commerce, hardware, and other areas of the internet. Reviewing recent income, balance, and statements of cash flow is a good first step for anyone thinking about investing in Google. You should also evaluate your prospects in light of your investment goals and time frame.

How Does Google Make Money?

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