What Body Shape Do Models Have?

The modeling world is particularly strict for notorious body movement. We see those perfect-looking runaway models and wonder, why don’t I look like them? The definition of the perfect body has changed throughout history but still, certain body shapes are loved by the fashion industry more than others. Here we will see about What Body Shape Do Models Have?

While models vary a lot in their body shapes and are deemed by a lot of people, the most famous body shape seen in the models is Hourglass. The hourglass body type is characterized by hip and bust measurements are same. However, there are other shapes commonly seen in models like straight body shapes. Long legs, flat stomach, and toned muscles are some of the characteristics of a body type seen in models. In earlier times, a fuller figure and larger body were thought to be perfect but now skinny models are more prominent. The standards of beauty have changed a lot over time and will continue to change as long as there is the possibility of change. 

What Body Shape Do Models Have?

Top body Shapes in Models:

The Straight Body Shape:

This body shape is admired and considered the perfect shape for models, especially runway models. In a straight body shape, the measurements of all parts of the body are similar. The shoulders, chest, waist, and hips are of similar measurements. This shape is also called the rectangular type body shape. There is not a well-defined waistline in the body shape so the body looks almost straight. 

Hourglass Body Shape:

Another very famous body shape you might have seen in many celebrities and models. The buttocks and bustline are well balanced and the measurements are almost equal. The shoulders are slightly rounded and align perfectly with the buttocks. Legs are in the proportion with the upper body. Models with this body shape are more prominent in swimsuits and lingerie modeling.

Top models and Their Body Shapes:

Models are the face of the fashion industry. Their presence in clothing brands and other commercials has helped in increasing the demand for the products. Many beauty and fashion enthusiasts look up to them and want to have their body types.

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Gigi Hadid:

Gigi Hadid has reached the great limelight in the fashion industry. With her amazing personality, she has caught the eye of top-class fashion brands. Her social media presence is unmatched. She stomped runway after runway with her supreme charm and fashion sense.

She has an hourglass figure with a curvy waist, and full bust and hips. 

Adriana Lima

She is known as the queen of Victoria’s Secret. She is the best-known model for this brand. She is among the top highest-earning models. She has an astonishing personality. Her beauty is admired by

Her body shape is close to an hourglass. She does not have a well-defined waistline but has great obliques.

Kendall Jenner:

Known for her exquisite beauty and flawless skin, Kendall Jenner is one of the highest-paid models in the fashion industry. She has an angelic charm and carries herself with grace. Her social media reach is also remarkable with millions of followers.

She is amongst the straight and skinny models. Her body shape is straight also called rectangular.

Miranda Kerr:

Miranda Kerr started her modeling career as a teenager and is constantly in demand ever since. She initially came to the attention by working with Maybelline. Later, she became the first Australian model to work for Victoria’s Secret. 

Her body type is an hourglass.

Bhumika Arora

Relatively new to the modeling career, she walked for multiple fashion runways in Paris, London, and Milan. She has that sultry and enviously angular look.  

Her body type is straight or rectangular.

Hailey Bieber:

A popular runway model with a glorious personality and appealing looks, Hailey started her career by working with British brands. She also walked for New York Fashion Week and has the honor of being on the Vogue cover.

She has an hourglass body shape.

Cara Delevigne:

She is an eccentric supermodel and actress who also rocked the big screen through the popular movie Suicide Squad. She has worked for multiple famous brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry, and more. Her looks are magnificent and inspiring. 

She has a rectangular or straight body shape.


There is constant pressure on women to look good and match the beauty standards set by some people. Each body is unique and should be admired enthusiastically. The definition of perfection keeps on changing and will continue to change. Plus size models are also gaining quite the attention in the fashion industry as they look beautiful while flaunting their curves. 

To get a good body shape exercise and a balanced diet are very important. Models go through strict schedules to achieve that body. They also eat selective food products to get the required protein. All the aspiring models should feel confident about themselves to succeed in this field.

What is the ideal body shape for models?

Models should at least be 5’9 inches tall and slim. The rectangular body shape is ideal to become a model.

Which body shape is the most attractive?

Hourglass body shape is considered the most attractive.

What are size zero models?

Models with the lowest BMI or Body Mass Index are size zero models.

Why are supermodels so thin?

Commercial clothing brands want to showcase their clothes, so they want their models to be skinny so that their clothes are drape and flow easily on a tall skinny body.

What Body Shape Do Models Have?

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