Sony Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis- Know More About It

Until 1946, Sony has been a consumer technology firm, the biggest in the globe. Nowadays, no business in consumer devices has such a solid tradition and development as Sony. In 1946 Sony began his inauspicious beginning in Japan with the tough struggle and perseverance of two talented gentlemen who were brilliant and entrepreneurial. Their ambition of a great worldwide corporation has been brought about both by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Let us know more about Sony Mission statement.

Sony Mission Statement

This is one of the world’s largest and most well-known identities in customer technology underneath Matsushita Electric Corporate entity, Sony Corporation is 2nd in electronic goods. Sony had already initiated a set of revolutionary technologies because it was founded fairly soon within a week of the Second World War, along with the portable radio, Trinitron TV, Cassette tape VCR, Music player, portable media player Walkman and PlayStation game controller. Around multiple of the company’s money is made by the electronic equipment sector, which involves recording, clips, movies, desktop computers, supervises, hard disks, tele communicative equipment, and electrical devices, including semiconductors.

Head Quarters are located in Minato, Tokyo, and Japan

Widespread works across the globe

It is an entirely subsidiary, the US-based corporate office of a gigantic Japanese company, Sony Corporation of America (SCA). SCA has offices located in New York, notably Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures, Sony Music, Sony Music, Sony Multimedia that includes video games or Sony Mobile, plus variety of worldwide companies which likewise maintain their headquarters in the United States. SCA also comprises Sony DADC, that provides reproduction medium and fabrication services, processing and packaging supply chain systems and application solutions.

Mission Statement 

The mission statement contributes to the creation of production and services goods. The products or services should be unique, inventive and simultaneously values for funds in order to contribute to brand visibility strategic planning process.

Vision Statement

Sony’s Vision Statement makes them a global powerhouse in the mobile or telephone communications sector. The firm’s long goal allows it to be the leading internet multimedia provider.

Sony’s Goals and Objectives:

In terms of revenue and profitability, expansion is continuing. 

  1. The development of highly appreciated consumer goods and services.
  2. Focus on the introduction of its product and services of ongoing technological development. 
  3. Contribution to the environmental surroundings and satisfy the next technology needs aspirations. 
  4. Total carbon footprints reduction. 
  5. Improving 7 percent of the business shares. 

Such aims and objectives assist the firm to accomplish plans developed through strategy development. The aims and goals facilitate effective planning for the firm.

About Logo:

Passion:  The first Sony design inspired us. It was recorded on a number of items by the firm in 1955, and debuted in 1957. 2 years later, in 1959, the present version of the Sony logotype was developed to convey force and elegance with its simplicity. Over the years the logo has undergone a few small alterations, most of which were made by Sony designer Yasuo Kuroki.


In a fairly long vision of a unique multimedia corporation with a strong basis in innovation, Sony’s business structure from along axes of its aim was focused on the buzzwords of artistry, future technologies, and the nation’s president and Chief executive officer, Kenichiro Yoshida.

In the marketplaces of gadgets, games, recreation, and finance, and insurance, Sony Company utilizes its broad strategy to achieve market share and revenue. A general commercial approach of an organization, founded on the Michael Porter concept, determines the competition between the companies and other companies. Sony additionally adapts its aggressive development tactics in order to expand the company continuously despite market shifts. The techniques utilized for corporate expansion are defined in an intense strategy being one of the company’s largest firms.

Value Propositions

Sony is a quality-related company in the electronics products sector. It really is among the biggest recognized and renowned companies in the globe and for decades has produced trustworthy and effective equipment.

The Business is indeed connected to the development, offering current goods with extra features and creating new technology. Items from Sony are convenient and convenient to be using, which enable customers to employ state-of-the-art technology without professional experience. The firm offers significance as well to their clients throughout its information and knowledge in the sectors of audio publication and financial sectors.

  1. Assistance: Business subscriptions arrangements as a development engine in the leisure sector
  2. Mobile phones: telephones become an integrated component of the recreation and community interactions facilities.
  3. Social: integrating leisure with social issues resulting to the production and sharing of innovative content types

Value Chain Activities – Technologies

Just about all the value chain operations rely on technical assistance in a newest technologies sophisticated period. Sony Corporation needs to realize the value of technological innovation in its technology innovation into manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales processes, and It may be split into the growth of quality control. Applications include software for robotics, client service backed by technologies, product development study, and analysis of data. The Sony Company’s R&D section is included in this area.

Principles and Values

The company pledges to provide the consumer with the following principles and values:

1. Newness – The latest technologies for consumers would be used with the newly launched SONY goods that provide unique innovations and concepts. 

2. Performance –  SONY pledges to offer its consumers the highest-powered goods when it was the only business to manufacture mobile phones resilient to moisture. They also offer amazing audio and a showcase for leisure and recreational goods to their clients.

3. Development and adaptation – SONY enables clients’ contemporary, state-of-the-art cellphones and plays stations. The customers may always select the hue they really like colored accents. The latest tablets and smartphones have a smarter and smaller layout. · The desktops and smartphones may also be stored and performed thus accordingly to their demands and wants by consumers.

4. Identity / Reputation • SONY provides branded items, which were designed more than their original brand image according to their own designers.

Key Activities 

Sony works exclusively with consumers, professionals, and industry in the creation, development, production, and selling of electrical & electronic devices. It comprises TVs, smartphones, cameras, transistors, desktops, batteries, and gaming consoles over a web-based network. By its own retail chains of the network, internet dealers, third-party retail chains, and authorized distributors and resellers. Sony manages production sites throughout Asia and markets goods and products internationally.

The core operations of SONY Corporation are: 

  • Research and Development: To conduct research on new ideas, new innovations, and new future technologies and develop new products based on it.
  • Design and system design: commercial, interface, and communications design responsibility. 
  • Production: Create innovative goods in the fields of exploration and project management as per the requirements and designs established.
  • Problem-solving: Providing customer care and helping consumers overcome difficulties.
  • Sale: the sale and promotion to consumers of New products.

Sales and Marketing 

At about this phase, Sony Corporation will underline the advantages and difference factors of the goods supplied to convince clients that their services are superior than their rivals. It is only when Sony Corporation is investing in marketing and sales operations that it may generate value at affordable costs and attractive characteristics. There is a significant role here for sales representatives and marketing.

The brand equity of Sony Corporation can be developed and helped to distinguish between efficient and intelligently combined marketing operations. Sony Corporation must nevertheless refrain from making misleading compromises with regard to product characteristics that the manufacturing department cannot deliver. It states that synchronization must be ensured amongst various operations in the value stream.

Modes of Marketing

Selling, advertisement, marketing, price, mode selection, and quotations as well as developing relationships with the customers of Sony Corporation are aspects of marketing and sales operations for the Sony Group. In order to arrange its advertising and marketing operations, the firm might employ its sustained marketing method. Based upon the company’s commercial objectives, brand image, actions of competitors, and market position, promotional tactics can be pushed or pulled in style.

Way Forward –Future Scope 

SONY Company is a very well global corporation focusing on commercial items that have its personal identity. It is indeed a multi-segmented company that utilizes clients with various demands. Like a well business, SONY guarantees fresh goods to its customers. Consequently, SONY Corporation focuses much more on the offering of superior values, which may be made available to consumers irrespective of their expenses as a real worth firm. It’s a wonderful firm that is entering a global market presence.

Sony Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis- Know More About It

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