What are the Kaiser Permanente Mission and Vision statement?



Kaiser Permanente, sometimes referred to as Kaiser, is an American comprehensive accountable care organization headquartered in Oakland, California, that was formed in 1945 by businessman Henry J. Kaiser and Doctor Sidney Garfield. Kaiser Permanente comprises three different but interconnected institutions: the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. (KFHP) and its regional operational companies; Kaiser Foundation Hospitals; and provincial Permanente Physician Groups. Kaiser Permanente is the biggest group insurance company in the United States, with operations in eight states: Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and the District of Columbia as of 2017. In this article, we are going to talk about the mission and vision statement of Kaiser Permanente along with core values.

About Kaiser Permanente

  1. Kaiser Permanente has been working on establishing a new segment of the firm. A new structure would be built specifically for the pediatric population.
  2. The extension will allow for improved care for unwell children, getting medications, or being brought to the hospital. Kaiser Permanente takes pride in delivering the finest treatment possible and believes that this development will enable it to do something in the future. The firm may anticipate consistent development.
  3. The company’s target customer would be willing to enlarge. The firm is a full-service supplier that provides clients with inexpensive healthcare coverage. The protection is examined by the industry’s physicians and stays at the company location.
  4. The expansion is anticipated to attract more consumers and increase the number of covered members. The firm will upgrade its equipment and endeavor to give the finest possible treatment. The firm researched to evaluate whether or not the expansion was the best option
  5. The development has been considered to be the greatest choice for the firm. The firm will face less risk as a result of the expansion. The increased revenue generated would cover the cost of the development.
  6. A current recruit of the top management would be appointed to handle the new section. The group will continue to collaborate to ensure the company’s growth and high level of customer experience.
  7. This growth should assist everyone interested in it. As time passes, the revenue will continue to rise. The longer it takes, the further individuals will be protected and seen at the institutions. The firm conducted a SWOT study and examined the data.
  8. The firm is a market leader and will remain such regardless of changes. The adjustments offer more advantages than disadvantages.
  9. The firm will be able to give better service to a larger number of customers. As the company continues to expand, so would the health insurance market. Healthcare is a business that will always be required, and it will not go out of business.

Mission statement

The modern profile is also heavily influenced by the facility’s corporate system’s capacity to adapt to shifting dynamics. A business mission statement describes the strategic activities that management believes are necessary to move the firm forward toward a certain destiny. The company vision statement effectively describes this future.

Kaiser Permanente’s vision statement focuses on guiding the rest of the participants to build a world where everyone has access to high-quality healthcare. However, its mission statement highlights the numerous aspects that would ensure the firm delivers this level of care for all communities.

The mission statement of Kaiser Permanente is “to give significant, accessible health care services and to promote the health of all customers and the communities in which we operate.” The statement outlines the key characteristics that the firm strives towards to provide unrivaled services to clients.

This mission statement includes the following components:

  • Enhancing health care coverage
  • Expectations were exceeded
  • Plans for low-cost health care

1. Enhancing health care coverage

Kaiser Permanente’s primary aim in meeting the requirement is to maintain its customers healthier. The institutions offer health-supportive and preventative initiatives and specialist medical experts are always available to assist in any manner they can.

It is considered credible by the firm that thinks that prevention is better than treatment. Only that Kaiser Permanente implements the steps instead of simply managing illnesses as they happen. But in doing so, the firm had sparked a shift in care views, putting a greater emphasis on the need to keep the masses healthier.

2. Expectations were exceeded

Kaiser Permanente is just what any customer would choose for their healthcare coverage, with doctors who are always accessible and eager to help. The company’s procedures are set up in such a manner whenever participation in the democratic, care is delivered straight to their door.

 The firm takes over everything and guarantees its clients treatment that goes above and beyond the standard, or what it refers to as comprehensive health evaluation. Surprisingly, Kaiser Permanente emphasizes keeping customers informed and knowledgeable of their health issues, which significantly improves the level of treatment.

3. Plans for low-cost health care

The aim to provide all of its customers with a package that meets their requirements is a characteristic that has allowed Kaiser Permanente to expand into a significant healthcare company today. Managing care is a contentious subject and one of the most difficult for many consumers.

Kaiser assumes the existence of this gap, which is why the firm has a lot of programs in place to address it. It, for example, offers packages for people and families, as well as Medicaid and Social security, as well as other employer-sponsored methods.

In essence, when it relates to economics, Kaiser Permanente has done all possible to guarantee that no one is denied access to the greatest health services they expect.

Vision statement

The statement of the vision of Kaiser Permanente is “working in collaboration with people who can help them flourish and building neighborhoods that are among the fittest in the country.” The statement elucidates some of the mission statement’s aspects. It demonstrates how well the two business identities complement one other. Above and beyond that, this vision statement underlines Kaiser Permanente’s significance in healthcare.

It possesses the following characteristics:

  • Connecting with others
  • Enhancing one’s life

1. Connecting with others

With this element as part of its mission, Kaiser Permanente believes that completeness of treatment is only achievable whenever the patient and the healthcare professionals have a successful relationship. To that end, the firm has assembled an engaged group of professionals who comprehend relational dynamics or how to build and maintain such ties for extensive and, most importantly, service packages.

Whenever it relates to entering the Kaiser Permanente network, the certification process is as straightforward as necessary to make the engagement process as easy as feasible.

2. Enhancing one’s life

 If there is one issue Kaiser Permanente has overtaken with zeal from its inception, it is the job of improving people’s lives. Regardless of the degree, the firm is always ready to engage in developmental changes that have a good influence on the lives of ordinary citizens it represents.

For example, Kaiser Permanente is well-known for its participation in promoting community health, caring for the environment, and, most importantly, sharing health information.

Core values

  1. The fundamental principles of Kaiser Permanente include “patient-centered care, scientific proof healthcare, assessment and responsibility, and innovative thinking.” The company’s board somehow doesn’t allow anything to coincidence, which is why it imposes these principles as guidelines for all employees and stakeholders.
  2. Kaiser Permanente is well-known for its exceptional healthcare services, and one of the most notable features is that they place a high value on its patients. The enterprise removes itself from traditional business procedures, which is why the emphasis is never on profit-making. It also places a great priority on attentive and professionally advanced therapy based on scientifically established methods.
  3. However, the organization does not end there; it promotes a creative mentality to contribute to the general growth of the sector and achieve optimal care results. In this regard, Kaiser Permanente places a premium on traceable judgment call procedures at all stages, since this is a key need for a firm that must answer to everyone.

Research and operation

Kaiser has a Division of Research that performs between 200 and 300 investigations per year, as well as an Institute for Public Health but had more than 300 ongoing studies in 2009. The vaccination and genetic research are significant areas of expertise, reflecting Kaiser’s inclination toward protection. The work is largely supported by government, regional, and other outside entities.

Kaiser has established and maintains a voluntary bio-bank of given blood samples from participants, as well as their medical records and replies to a lifestyle and assessment center. The Kaiser Permanente Research Bank included over 300,000 specimens as of September 2018, with an objective of 500,000.

Data that has been de-identified is provided with both Kaiser Researchers and investigators from other universities. Kaiser Permanente announced its intent to establish a medical degree in November 2015, and the institution will receive its first cohort in June 2020. The college aims to restructure medical training around the principles of patient-centered treatment, preventive medicine, performance improvement, collaborative care, and reducing inequalities.


Kaiser Permanente’s vision and mission statement represent the industry’s desire to once again offer and also create basic health care quality across the world. This institution’s modernization demonstrates that it is a pioneer in healthcare services, and its mission and vision statements explain what the firm stands for in the industry.

For almost 70 years, Kaiser Permanente has demonstrated that it is the destination to go for exceptional treatment, particularly with a flexible and adaptive structure to suit all of its customers’ requirements.

What are the Kaiser Permanente Mission and Vision statement?

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