Hobby Lobby Mission Statement- Everything You Need to Know

Any company’s success can be attributed to the hard work through which accomplishes its missions and targets. The companies are committed to the fulfillment of their mission in compliance with its vision and values. Hobby Lobby is one such company that has a mission to accomplish. Let us know more detail about ‘Hobby Lobby Mission Statement’.

Hobby Lobby Mission Statement

Hobby Lobby Mission Statement

This article will analyze the mission, vision statement, and values of the company Hobby Lobby. The values on which a company operates are well aligned with its mission and vision statement. Let us dig deeper into the mission, vision, and values of the company subsequently.

Hobby Lobby: Know the company

Hobby Lobby Creative Centres is a retail company of American origin that owns a chain of arts and crafts stores. It was founded in 1972 by David Green. The first Hobby Lobby opened in northwestern Oklahoma City. And the branches of the company keep on expanding. Today,  it has over 900 stores all around the world, employing about 43,000 people. The company has a revenue of $5 billion.

The company deals with art and craft items and has a wide range of collections of about 70,000 items. These items include art supplies, fabrics, home decor, pieces of jewelry, tableware, and many more. The company has several stores and operates on e-commerce platforms, thus providing its customers with home delivery services. The target audience of Hobby Lobby are women who want to decorate their home. The dedicated buyers of the products in Hobby Lobby know the art and craftworks.

Hobby Lobby: Mission Statement

Hobby Lobby has a very integrating mission statement which is as follows:

 “offering our customers exceptional selection and value. Serving our employees and their families by establishing a work environment and company policies that build character, strengthen individuals, and nurture families.”

The mission statement of Hobby Lobby aims at offering its customers an exceptional experience through its products. The mission statement also ensures the well-being of its employees, rather than just focusing on the customers. 

The motives behind the mission statement can be fragmented into the following parts:

1. Serving the best interest of the customers

The first portion of the mission statement indicates its motives to facilitate its customers with top-tier products and services. The company aims at producing and marketing the best quality art and craftworks. They aim to promote not only artworks but also to make the people more creative.

2. Significance of Employees

The second portion of the mission statement states the significance of the employees for the company. The company ensures a safe and friendly working environment for its employees and nurtures their families through its policies that strengthen and build the character of the employees and their families.

This was all about the mission statement of Hobby Lobby. Now we will move on to the vision statement of the company.

Hobby Lobby: Vision Statement

Hobby Lobby hasn’t published its official statement yet. However, it has a vision :

 “to influence and market creative arts while incorporating Christian values.”

The company envisions a future where the art field would be more creative. They aim at achieving their aims through Christian principles. Since the establishment of its first store, Christian principles have been the guiding light of the company. They inculcate Christian values in their workings.

Hobby Lobby’s success is attributed to the hard work and determination of the company as well as employees to achieve their mission and fulfill their vision.

Hobby Lobby: Core Values

The core values of the company are well aligned with its mission and vision statements. The core values of Hobby Lobby are as follows:

  • They aim at operating in a manner that complies with the Biblical value. They are guided by Christian principles and owe their success to the incorporation of these principles.
  • They believe in innovation. The company aims at widening its horizons and adapting with time. It provides room for innovation to the producers and even the customers.
  • No company would exclude hard work from its core values. Hobby Lobby also counts hard work as one of its core values. The company’s success is a result of hard work and determination towards work.
  •  The company also possesses a zeal to provide its customers with the best products and services. It aims at shaping a creative world by marketing its exceptional and fine art and craft products.
  • The company also ensures the well-being of its employees. They aim at taking care of the families of their employees and facilitate their employees with a safe working space.
  • They give priority to their customers by providing them with exceptional selection and value. The stores of Hobby Lobby offer many alternatives to choose from to the customers. Their quality is top tier and is considered the reason for their success.

These were the core values of Hobby Lobby. While the company keeps changing its retail strategies, it does not tend to change its core values. The core values are constant and the company believes in operating through them.


Hobby Lobby is one of the most successful retailer companies in the world. Its success is credited to the hard work and passion of its employees to accomplish their mission and vision in compliance with their core values.

Hobby Lobby ensures the well-being of its customers and facilitates them with top-tier goods and services. It sells many products ranging from home decor to jewelry and many more. Though the company has not issued an official vision statement yet, it has claimed to achieve its goals by incorporating the Christian principle in its operation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What does the mission statement of Hobby Lobby indicate?

The mission statement of Hobby Lobby intends to elucidate upon its devotion to its customers in providing them with the best quality products and services. The statement also shows the company’s concern for its employees and their families.

  • Does Hobby Lobby have an official vision statement?

No, Hobby Lobby does not have an official statement yet. However, its vision is explicit in its values and mission. They envision shaping a creative world with the aid of Christian values and principles.

  • What products does Hobby Lobby offer?

Hobby Lobby offers a wide range of products. These include home decor, craft products, basic art kits, paints, stencils, tableware, frames, and many more such products. The buyers at Hobby Lobby are mostly satisfied with the products. 

  • Are Hobby Lobby products available online?

Hobby Lobby operates both offline and online. Having many stores in different parts of the world, Hobby Lobby also operates through online platforms. It has become an e-commerce retail company as well. You can also order the product online and pick it up from the nearest Hobby Lobby store.

  • What was the response of Hobby Lobby to the Covid 19 pandemic?

The company responded by announcing to keep its stores open. Due to pandemic, the stores all over the world shut down. However, Hobby Lobby claimed itself to be an essential service provider as it sells school supplies and fabrics. Opposite to its announcement, the company closed its stores in April 2020 and left its employees without pay. Hobby Lobby was affected the same way by Covid 19 pandemic as many other companies.

Hobby Lobby Mission Statement- Everything You Need to Know

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