Centura Health Mission And Vision Statements- Values Analysis

Centura Health Mission And Vision Statements

Organizations across the globe have rigid foundations. In the modern world, we often do not pay attention to these values as we’re more concerned with the product they provide. However, these visions and values are the ones that help materialize their goals and ideas. Here, let’s know about Centura Health Mission And Vision Statements.

One such organization is Centura Health. There are hundreds of non-profit, medicine-based organizations. However, all of them have distinct roots. 

Centura Health is an American non-profit organization. They aim to strengthen and improve lives. The organization aims to provide care carefully– “the way care is provided is as meaningful as the care itself.”

The mission, vision, and values of an organization help dig deeper into its origins and foundations. Here is a look at Centura Health and what they stand for.

Centura Health: Mission, Vision, and Value 

Centura Health is a faith-based, catholic healthcare center. It is a non-profit organization based in Colorado. Formed in 1966, the organization expanded into Kansas in 2011. 

Centura Health employs nearly seventeen thousand employees and has expanded to include several medical services and facilities under their organization. They also have multiple initiatives that aim to make healthcare more accessible to people living in rural or isolated areas. 

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a brief statement that conveys the goals and purpose of an organization. A mission statement defines the reason for an organization’s existence. 

Centura Health is a medicine-based organization that has Christian roots and drives inspiration from religious teachings. The same reflects in their mission statement. Centura Health’s mission statement is as follows:

“We extend the healing ministry of Christ by caring for those who are ill and by nurturing the health of the people in our communities.”

Centura Health’s mission statement takes the words of Christ as its foundation. The “healing ministry of Christ” is a holistic understanding of health. It extends itself, not just to the sick but also to the dead. The “healing ministry” concerns itself with the body, the mind, and the spirit. 

Centura Health declares that its purpose of existence is to extend the healing ministry to its community. ‘Extend’ here refers to providing medical help as well as the words of Christ. 

Vision Statement

A vision statement provides an insight into the goals of the organization about its consumers. A vision statement reflects how the organization wishes to impact its consumers and enhance their experience.

Centura Health, as a medical organization, obviously wishes to nurture its community’s lives and health. But, a vision statement is more specific. Every organization has a unique vision. 

Here is how Centura Health defines its vision-

“Every community, every neighborhood, every life — whole and healthy.”

Centura Health’s focus on community, neighborhood, and all lives, showcases the all-encompassing nature of their organization. Every life translates to every individual. 

For a medical organization like such, “every life” can reflect that the organization is non- discriminatory. They are willing to offer attention and guidance to everyone who seeks help. 

The “whole and healthy” further reflects Centura Health’s goal to ensure that they can extend their help to maximum people and help them sustain a healthy life. 

Value Analysis

Along with a mission and a vision, all organizations also have a fundamental set of principles. These principles help in building firm foundations and give its members a common goal to work on. These basic principles are the values of the organization.

As stated above, Centura Health is primarily a Christian-based organization. Their religious association is mirrored in their mission, vision, and also their values. Their official website states seven principal values. Here, we try analyzing these values and how they play a part in preserving Centura Health’s structure.

  1. Compassion: Compassion for Centura Health represents compassion for life and service to those who are sick. Since they are faith-based and gain inspiration from the words of Christ, ‘compassion’ can also reflect The Bible. 
  2. Respect: The sick is often not given human dignity. They aren’t shown any courtesy and may be insulted and ignored. ‘Respect’ hence, becomes vital to a medical association. Respect your patients and give them the dignity of a human.
  3. Integrity: Integrity is possessing moral principles. Now many would wonder, not without reason, why is integrity a fundamental principle? ‘Moral principles’ don’t just represent religious teaching but also the Hippocratic oath and a doctor’s duty.
  4. Spirituality: Spirituality is pretty self-explanatory. Spirituality as a value in the fabric of Centura Health represents their religious foundations.
  5. Stewardship: Stewardship is the act of taking care of something. It isn’t the nursing of a person’s health but supervising the health and wellness of a large community. 
  6. Imagination: No organization thrives without imagination. Imagination isn’t just creativity. For an organization like Centura Health, imagination means original ideas to extend its services. Imagination impacts everything we create, regardless of the profession. 
  7. Excellence: Excellence is the will to excel. Unlike other capitalist organizations, modeled for reeling in profits, excellence here relates to wellness. Centura Health values excellence in its work for extending remedy and healing to those who seek it.


Centura Health has persisted and prevailed for over a hundred years now. We often overlook an organization’s foundations and values as we believe that they serve no purpose. But these values are the guiding principles. They give you an insight into the organization’s work and beliefs.

Centura Health very clearly reflects the teaching of Christ. But, they materialize it into medical services and facilities, providing healthcare to many across the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who owns Centura Health?

Centura Health is a merger between Advent Health and Catholic Health Initiative.

Q2. Is Centura Health a Christian organization?

Yes. Centura Health extends healthcare services, following their Christian values.

Q3. How are a mission and a vision statement different?

Mission statements convey the purpose and aim of the organization. Vision statements talk about how they wish to influence the consumer’s life.

Centura Health Mission And Vision Statements- Values Analysis

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