How To Respond To Hey?

“Hey!” Have no idea how to reply to this? Well, no fear! In this article, you will see the various responses that you could give to this three-letter word that is even capable of bringing out a person’s deepest fears. The simple word “Hey” is very complex and can signify several things. But no worries! Here are some of the best responses you could give to someone who greets you with “Hey!” Let us see how to respond to Hey!

How To Respond To Hey?

How To Respond To Hey?

To Respond to Hey can be complex as you have no idea what’s in store for you and it really is a short word, so you cannot predict the tone or the mood of the speaker either. And if you are an introvert, well, you are easily at sea! The usage of “Hey!” is informal and thus, your response to it ought to be informal too! Whether you want the conversation to proceed or you want to cut it short, there are responses for both and if you are staring at your phone wondering what to reply to “Hey!”, you have come to the right place!

Ditto the message

You heard that right. Reply with a “Hey” back and see where the conversation goes! This is the simplest of all replies that you can get and this leaves the other person in the position of leading the conversation in any direction they so deserve. This shows that you are welcome to have the conversation and are neutral about having received their message. 

Make a change to the same word

Respond to the same message Hey with a “Hi” or a “Hello”. These words are just synonyms of the word “Hey” and they mean the same thing. So there is no obligation on your part to do anything extra other than to wait for the other person to begin and steer the conversation. 

The same word with emojis

You can reply with the three words mentioned before and use emojis to signal your excitement about talking to them. Emojis are a huge advantage that Gen-Z has got and you can use them for your content!

“Hello, what’s up?”

This phrase goes a bit further than a reply of “hey”. It asks the person about them, signaling that you are open to talking and you are genuinely curious about what they have to say to you. This is a great idea and is used widely by Gen-Z because it’s simple and yet makes the recipient more comfortable in talking about whatever they intended to talk about.

“How are you?”

This phrase is probably the most common and is socially conventional. It not only inquires about the person but opens up a pathway for them to confide in anything that they wish to do so. This works well if they are not saying anything and things are getting awkward. So this can be taken to be a great conversation starter!

“I did not expect that at all!”

This is a sarcastic response to a simple three-letter word, but what’s the harm in being sarcastic to your friends and close ones? This will set a light mood for your conversation and the flow of the conversation gets easier from then. You may receive eye rolls and some signs of exasperation, but it’s all in the fun of the game!

“I am busy”

If you are indeed busy or you just don’t wish to talk to that person then, this is a good response. There is no time limit for you to get back to them and it is a pretty direct response. But you can get back to them whenever you want and this is a huge advantage that you have. 


This is a pretty rude response but signals that you don’t want to talk to them. A message of farewell isn’t the typical response to a message of greeting. But there are chances that this person won’t bother you again and if that’s what you want, this is your go-to message! But do this only if you don’t mind being rude to someone. If it is a close friend of yours, this can again pass off as a sarcastic reply and you can joke about it with him/her later on.

“Ohh heyyyyy!”

This is a very enthusiastic response to a “hey” message and can signify the amount of excitement you have in just chatting with that person. Type this in capital and that can make the other person think you are shrieking out of excitement! 

“Oh yeah, you exist!”

This is quite a funny response to a “Hey” informing the other person that you forgot about them totally. This can either be because you left the chat intentionally or were distracted by some other work that you had to do immediately in the middle of a chat with them. It can also be to someone with whom you have not conversed in quite a while. This is like a reminder to yourself that the person is still there and you can continue your conversation from wherever you left off earlier. 

“Hey, where were you for so long?”

This can be the right response to someone from whom you have not heard in quite a while and you want to know why. You can catch up on the lost time and this is probably the best response in such a case. This shows that you have not forgotten about them and you still want to know about their life. It’s the best conversation starter for long-lost friends. 


There are a lot of replies that one can give to the “Hey” message and many more variations of the same. Some of the major ones with the major cases have been covered in this article and you can come up with your own response as well! 


  • What is the correct response to “Hey”?

There is no correct response as such and it mainly depends on your mood and the way you want the conversation to go.

  • Can I ignore a person if all they do is send “Hey”?

It is totally up to you, but yes, you can ghost the person who says nothing but “Hey” to you. 

How To Respond To Hey?

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