Have A Good Rest Of Your Day

Greetings while meeting someone are necessary, especially while making first impressions. But something equally important to that is saying a proper goodbye. It leaves an impression on the person, especially if you meet them again sometime later. This is why leaving a good impression while ending a conversation is extremely important. A simple way of doing so is by just asking the person that you are conversing with to have a good day. Let us know about “Have A Good Rest Of Your Day”

Have A Good Rest Of Your Day

“Have a good rest of your day” is a goodbye message to someone you are talking to, specifically if it is in the early half of the day. It helps end the conversation on a positive note. Other alternatives for saying this could be “Have a nice day ahead” or any synonym that can replace ‘good.’

Meaning And Usage

The sentence ‘Have a good rest of your day’ means that the speaker is saying goodbye to someone. It is used to denote that the person saying this wants the other person in the conversation to have a good day. 

This sentence is a polite way to end conversations and bid goodbye. It helps to leave the talk on a rather happy and friendly note rather than a regular goodbye. It is used at the end of casual and friendly conversations. 



Mainly means to experience, using ‘have’ at the start of a sentence implies that you are either implying or directly asking that person to do something. For example, have a cup of tea, or have a seat. It is used for clarity purposes as there are no questions asked and the task is stated simply as it is. But at the same time, it may not be obligatory to do, like, while someone offers you a cup of coffee by saying ‘Have a cup of coffee”, you can deny the person as the statement is not a firm stand.

Good (or any other positive synonym)

Good, nice, great, excellent, amazing, etc. are all different ways to express the same emotion. The intent behind the word is simple – you are wishing for something positive upon that person. While a classic ‘good’ sounds fine, changing it with its synonyms that suit the subject the best makes greetings sound more personal and meaningful. For instance, if someone asks “How are you doing?”, your answer could be anything ranging from, but not limited to – good, nice, okay, well, fine, excellent, great, fantastic, wonderful, etc. While all of them are used to infer that you are doing good today, the words could express the scale of ‘goodness’ you feel in particular. Saying “I’m doing wonderful today” sounds more positive than saying “I’m going fine”

Rest Of Your Day

This indicates that the statement is being said at the start or in the middle of the day. Saying something similar to “Have a good day ahead” at a dinner party held in the evening would not make sense. It could leave the person confused. So this phrase can be used in the early half of the day, perhaps during lunch or breakfast, or even tea time. But mentioning ‘day’ when the sun is almost setting might not be appropriate at all times. Although it can simply be replaced by the time of the day, that is evening or night, or even afternoon if it requires specifications.

For example, if there is a lunch party hosted by you and you are greeting people, it is understandable to say “Have a good rest of your afternoon.” Because you are referring to the time they are spending at the lunch party. Whereas saying the same statement to a friend you randomly run across on an afternoon would make the sentence sound not just confusing, but suspicious.

But at the same time, stating “Have a good rest of the night” to a friend you run across could not be an issue, as it is the very end of the day, it seems to be a casual statement as opposed to the previous one.

This sentence is also used by the workers, employees, and especially cashiers at a grocery store, supermarket, or any fast food restaurant, drive-by, mall employees, etc. In places like these, the companies want their customers to feel welcomed and important so that they keep coming back to purchase from them, and hence the employees are given training so that they say and use affirmative sentences to the customers, right from the time they enter the store or the restaurant, till the time they leave it. Hence, a lot of employees working such jobs often tell their customers “Have a great day”, or “Enjoy the rest of your day”, or some other alternatives of those.



While the statement in itself does not hold any ill-intent or wrong meanings, many may view it to be unprofessional, if used in a workplace, especially at the end of a meeting or a formal lunch.

People often consider talking about daily routine as crossing boundaries. Especially when you are in a professional setting, the rest of the day in question is not something to be concerned about. Hence, wishing others luck for future endeavors, or projects, or the future is a safer option. This does not make your statement sound unprofessional or off-putting while still making it sound genuine and humble. It is used at the end of meetings, business conferences, or any other highly professional setting.

Some examples as sentences –

Good luck with your future endeavors

Hope you have great projects ahead of you.

Wishing you luck with your plans in the future.

Best wishes for you and your company, for the years ahead.

Good wishes for the future of your company

Wish you keep doing well ahead

Another way to make it sound more professional, yet a little casual could be by specifically mentioning time offs, breaks, etc. This would imply that you are specifically referring to non-working hours and schedules. It can be said while talking to colleagues, business friends, etc. Or even during a semi-professional lunch or interview.

For example –

Hope you enjoy your time off.

Have a good time during the break.

Enjoy the rest of your lunch.

This statement is used more than ever by employees who work directly with clients and customers. Some ways in which this statement can be modified differently is by specifying the day. For example, instead of saying “Have a good rest of your day”, you can say something like, “Have a good Wednesday”, or “Have a great weekend!”.


While talking to friends, family, or loved ones, saying ‘have a good rest of your day’ does not seem sufficient. While the meaning is decently clear, there is always room to be more expressive and convey more in-depth emotion while talking to a loved one. For example saying, “Have a fantastic/amazing rest of the day” could be used to show enthusiasm for their day and will help highlight your positive attitude.

Specifying the details and mentioning them while biding goodbye could also be a sign of attentiveness. For example, if you are meeting a friend and they happen to casually mention in the conversation that they are going to a carnival later that day. By just adding a little personal touch to your goodbye message and saying “Have a good time at the carnival today!” could leave a great impression on your friend.

For doing this, one would have to be attentive towards what someone is saying in a conversation and be a good listener. This would help you remember important details about the person you are conversing with.


Leaving impressions on people is all about your words and when you say them. Body language and talking tones are the things that also catch the eyes of people, but if a sentence is well constructed and conveys the meaning that it is required to convey, making a lasting impression becomes extremely simple. And the second factor, which is delivery, comes into play. If you are telling someone to enjoy their time ahead with a straight or an upset face, the person listening may have a hard time believing whether you mean the statement or not. So just by being confident and using the correct words, making impressions becomes extremely easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is saying ‘Have a good rest of your day’ unprofessional?

No, not really. The statement does not have any professional or unprofessional undertones to it, the meaning depends on the context you are using it for.

Is using ‘fine’ instead of ‘good’ okay?

Depending on the context, ‘fine’ can be considered a less positive version of good, so using it sometimes could make the person think you are not very well.

Can ‘Have a good rest’ be used instead of ‘Have a good rest of your day’?

Not exactly, “have a good rest” implies having a good time off, or break, or sleep, and does not mean the same as asking someone to have a good day.

Have A Good Rest Of Your Day

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