KFC shift hours – know more

The full form of KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is an American fast food joint which is now famous worldwide. The headquarters of KFC is located in Louisville, Kentucky. It comes second after McDonald’s. According to research in December 2019 KFC has its branches in over 150 countries in the world. Let’s know in detail Kfc shift hours.

KFC shift hours

How many hours does the KFC shift take? 

The minimum working hour is 3 hours but it can go up to 8 hours per day. For a teenager, the working hours can be about 3 to 6 hours per day.

How do the shift hours work? 

There are two shifts which are the day shift and the night shift. The day shift is from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening. The night shift can be from 9 in the night till 5 in the morning but it can vary at times as well. The night shift is also known as a graveyard shift popularly. Some workers work both shifts and manage them during both the day shift as well as the night shift.

Is there something known as the Twilight shift? 

There is something known as the Twilight shift at KFC. The Twilight shift starts from 4:00 in the evening and ends at 10 at night.

How much can you get paid at KFC? 

On aggregate KFC pays its employees in the USA a total of 28,275 Dollars per year which is about 14.50 dollars per hour. Junior employees get about 22,035 Dollars per year while experienced employees get about 49,000 dollars per year. 

Is there any payment given during the training period at KFC? 

KC abides by the policy of earning while learning. It pays a minimal amount to all people who go through their training period. They also receive the best coaching skills throughout the training.

How long does the training period at KFC last? 

The training period might last from 1 to 3 years. The whole period will also include you working physically at an outlet

Is it exhausting to work at KFC? 

Employees who have worked and are currently working at KFC always had positive reviews about their whole experience. There is a whole lot of manual labor but overall the whole job is fun and easy.

Are the working hours at KFC flexible? 

The working hours at Kidzee are quite flexible and can be adjusted according to the employee’s needs.

What are the part-time hours and the full-time hours at KFC? 

If you wish to work part-time at KFC you would have to work about 10-20 hours per week. And if you wish to have a full-time job there you would have to work 20-40 hours per week.

Is there any break for a 6 hour working period at KFC? 

If you work for 6 hours per day at KFC there will be no break for you unless it is a break of 5 to 10 minutes.

How long does it take for an employee to start working after they have been hired? 

When an employee gets hired he or she is supposed to go to work within 48 hours of getting the offer.

Does anyone at KFC work for 24 hours per day? 

No, there is no policy of working for 24 hours per day. KFC closes around 10 to 11 at night.

How many hours can an employee work at KFC? 

An employee at KFC can work for 40 or more hours weekly. Furthermore, it depends on their respective shifts.

Is there any break during a shift at KFC? 

There is always a 30-minute break for every 6+ hours that an employee would have worked.

Does KFC give free meals to their employees during working hours? 

If you work for more than 5 hours at a stretch, you are entitled to a free meal at KFC. At times, after your shift ends you are given an 8 piece leg bucket for home.

Can students work at KFC? 

Yes, students can most definitely work at KFC. Any time of the year is suitable for them because they will work part-time.

Does KFC give weekends off for their employees? 

KFC does give weekends off for the employees but it depends on the hours that you have worked that week. It will also depend on the location and permission from the higher authorities. People working in the management sector will probably get more hours off than the crew members.


To sum it up an average employee at KFC will have to work about 6 to 8 hours per day. It is also possible for students to go for a part-time job. Your payment will depend on your performance. You can work in the night shift or the day shift or you can mix it and work for certain hours during both. You’ll also be given some time for a break off depending on the hours you have worked.

KFC shift hours – know more

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