When does Do Seasonal Jobs start at Target?

Target is one of the leading retail store chains in the USA, as it offers quality products at affordable prices. Target started its journey in 1902, and since then, it has changed a lot, along with its few former names, and now it is the seventh largest retail department store in the USA. Besides America, Target offers its products and services in Canada, as Target operates more than 1,900 stores in America and Canada. People can buy products from Target, such as bedding, food, furniture, games, jewelry, toys, and more, at affordable prices. Let us know ‘When does Do Seasonal Jobs start at Target?’

When does Do Seasonal Jobs start at Target?

When does Do Seasonal Jobs start at Target?

Target is one of the leading employers in the USA, but sometimes when it is the festive season or peak business hours at Target, it hires seasonal employees. Mostly Target requires seasonal employees from late October to January, as during this time some famous festivals, such as Black Friday, Christmas, the New Year, and a few more occasions come when the business of Target goes up, and to manage the crow., Target hires seasonal employees.

Sometimes, Target hires seasonal employees from mid-October to mid-January. It varies according to the location of Target stores. It offers seasonal workers for posts such as salesfloor team members, cashiers, packers, warehouse workers, backroom staff, and a few more. The working hours of seasonal employees vary from 3 to 30 hours per week, according to the needs of the stores. The pay range for seasonal employees at Target is an average of $14.03 per hour.

Seasonal Job Timing at Target:

The seasonal job at Target depends on its busy season, crowds at stores, festive seasons, and peak business hours. Seasonal workers have to perform various tasks during their duty period, and if they perform well, Target offers them additional money with their salary.

Target begins hiring seasonal employees in mid-October and continues until mid-January, depending on store location and crowding. The seasonal employees must work on Christmas, New Year’s, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and a few more festivals when the number of customers at Target stores increases, and it needs more employees to manage the workload and crowd at the stores.

Target hires seasonal employees because, during various festivals, it offers sales for customers, and to deliver products, manage the crowd, and arrange products at stores, Target requires seasonal employees.

Sometimes, at some specific Target stores, the seasonal employee hiring process begins at the end of October and ends at the beginning of January, as it is the end of the festive season at Target stores.

Job Opportunities for Seasonal Employees at Target:

Target is one of the leading retail stores in the USA and one of the top employers, as it offers various job opportunities to people in different fields. You can choose a job according to your preference and eligibility. Job opportunities as seasonal employees are available at Target.



Warehouse workers

Backroom Staff

Members of the salesfloor team


Assistant store manager


Likewise, there are some other opportunities you can get at Target as seasonal employees, and you must fulfill some requirements to get a job as a seasonal worker at Target.

Eligibility Requirements at Target for Seasonal Employees:

If you are seeking a job at Target as a seasonal employee, you must meet the following eligibility requirements to get a seasonal job or increase your chances of getting a duty as a seasonal employee at Target.

  • You must have excellent communication skills and knowledge about the working traditions of Target.
  • If you have any prior experience working at retail stores, then it may increase your chance of getting a job at Target stores as a seasonal employee.
  • If you wish to become a seasonal driver at Target, you must have a valid driving license and a legal vehicle permit.
  • Target requires the availability of seasonal employees who can work from October to January.
  • The hiring process at Target for seasonal employees is flexible, so even if you meet a few eligibility requirements, you can get a job as a seasonal employee at Target.

You must meet some educational requirements according to the job position for seasonal employees at Target, and the academic eligibility changes according to the post. For some posts, you must fulfill all the eligibility requirements of Target.

You can visit your nearest Target store to learn about the requirements for seasonal employees at Target, or you can also visit the official website of Target and search for seasonal worker vacancies. Choose the job for which you are eligible and submit the mandatory documents required for seasonal employees at Target.

Salary and Benefits for Seasonal Employees at Target:

The average wage for seasonal employees at Target is $ 14.03 per hour. It varies according to the working hours, performance, post, experience, and achievements of seasonal employees.

If you work as a seasonal team member at Target, you can earn an average of $28 per hour, while sales associates at Target will receive $17, and seasonal associate employees’ salaries at Target are $13.74. Target pays an average of $11.73 to a seasonal backroom associate, and a cashier can earn $15. The hourly wage for seasonal cashier sales at Target is $10.78; apparel associates will receive an average salary of $12.66, and seasonal assistant managers can earn an hourly rate of $16.43 per hour. The pay range for Target seasonal employees varies according to the post and working hours.

Benefits for Seasonal Employees of Target:

Target cares for its seasonal employees and offers them some crucial benefits and perks that could be profitable for them instead of going without any work and staying at home during the festive seasons.

Target offers a competitive salary to its seasonal employees, which attracts people to work with Target during the festive season and earn some additional money to enjoy their festivals. Target offers 10% off to its seasonal employees, and they may get a 20% discount on wellness items at Target stores. Seasonal employees get flexible working hours at Target, and you can get free mental health support, including free counseling sessions, concerns, and doctor visits, at the stores. If you perform well as a seasonal employee at Target, you can earn some extra as a bonus with your salary.

Besides these, you can get some other benefits as a seasonal employee of Target, and you can check the official website for information regarding the hiring process of seasonal employees of Target, including timing, duration, salary, and benefits.


When the number of customers at the store increases and more workers are needed to complete and deliver orders, Target hires seasonal employees. You can apply for seasonal jobs at Target from October to January, and the pay varies according to the store location and the public in the stores. Seasonal employees work when some regular employees are on leave for festivals, and they get a competitive salary during their working days. Seasonal employees at Target are entitled to the same benefits as regular employees. You must fulfill some basic eligibility requirements to get a job as a seasonal employee at Target.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How long is a full-time shift at Target?

If you are a full-time employee, you must work an average of eight hours a day at Target, and you will get a lunch break of thirty minutes at Target.

  • Does Target Pay Extra on Weekends?

Target does not compensate its employees for working on weekends. However, if you work overtime you will receive additional pay at Target.

When does Do Seasonal Jobs start at Target?

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