Take the Risk or Lose the Chance

Taking risks by all the people across the Country is considered as one of the greatest threat in everyone’s life .No matter one is an entrepreneur, an employee, a parent or a child. Everyone in their life have to face risks at many steps to be a victorious person in their life. An entrepreneur have risk of his/her business to be a successful or not , an employee have always risk of their job insecurity , a parent of  giving their children a well financed future , a child of choosing their streams in order to make their future secured and contented .Let us know Take the Risk or Lose the Chance.

Take the Risk or Lose the Chance

Why should we take risks?

We have listened many times that the greater the risk more will the return .In order to grab opportunities one have to take risk in their life whether in business or one’s personal life. Risk and return are the two important considerations for taking any decisions in our life. According to entrepreneur, every project which generates returns will always be having some degree of risk attached to it. This rule is applied everywhere whether in terms of finance or personal.

Door to open new possibilities

Whenever we have to make decisions we always see its positive and negative impacts of that .Risks plays a very vital role in one’s life .It can open doors to many new possibilities in our life which we have never taught of . We are not versed with the decision we made is apt or not whether it will give us many new opportunities or halt our progress completely .When we have to choose between this or that ,we always reconsider our decision again and again as it can impact our life at great extent . One right risk we take can make our future bright and if that risk proves to be wrong it can destroy our future too. Therefore, we always have agitation to take risks.

Return is defined as the total gain or loss expected from a particular investment over a given period of time’s In other words, if we will not take risk than we will not get anything in return . One should not afraid of failures or does not stop oneself to take risk because of failures .Failures are stepping stones to success .We should not prohibit yourself for taking risk .Future is very uncertain , one cannot predict what is going to be in our future .being a optimistic person, one should not halt oneself to grab opportunities .

We have seen many successful entrepreneurs. They are there because they have taken risks in order to achieve great heights .if they halt themselves to take risk because of fear of failure they cannot achieve their desires and goals.

Risk is inevitable 

Risk is inevitable and there in everything we do, the decisions we make in particular in our dealings with the world. The greatest obstacle in our life is our dear ones who stop us to take risk in our life .They try to manipulate our mind and try us to convince to choose a field with wider scopes. We always seek for us family and friend support everywhere in our life but they are only the ones who can stop us to take great risk which can give us greater returns. Therefore, we should remain focused towards our goals and push us to do whatever one’s mind says. Listen everyone but do which makes you happy. 

Why not to stop yourself for taking risks?

No worries if we fail at end but one would not regret that I halt myself to do whatever I wanted. Failures are very important in our life; it teaches one the real meaning of life .There will be days you will be proud of your risks you have taken in your past when you will achieve greater heights. That same society who discourages you that time will be giving your examples to everyone.Yow will be inspiration for anybody.


We have to go through many rough and tough ways to fulfil our dreams but at end one day we will be proud of yourself and will be successful in giving your parents a bright future .you will fall at many steps but be a daring person and stand every time more stronger before . One should recognise when a risk is with taking and acknowledge when it is not. You should build a reliable network of your dears who will try to keep you going and encourage you to take risks or lose the chance. Never rely on those who will try to push you back and discourage you.

This society will never let you up; therefore, it is important to beware of your supporters. Being a very vulnerable and courageous person your duty is to about bringing tour words to your action. Never let you down and keep going unless and until you satisfy all our wants and desires.

Take the Risk or Lose the Chance

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