Probability Of Continued Employment- Find More About It

When you apply for a loan, you have to verify your various details like Personal details, Employment details, Property details, etc. Banks or Financial institutions also ask ‘What is the probability of your Continued employment?’ while verifying your employment details. Let us know more detail about ‘Probability Of Continued Employment’.

Probability Of Continued Employment

Probability Of Continued Employment

Banks ask about the probability of continued employment to know about the Borrower’s ability to pay back the loan. Usually, an employer answers such questions when Bank personnel verify the Employment details of an employee before lending a loan.

What is ‘Probability of Continued Employment?’

it means What are the chances of an employee continuing with their current Job?

If you want to borrow a loan from a bank, you need to have some form of a mortgage. You have to answer a plethora of questions to your lender, fill forms, etc. You need to provide proof of your employment as a guarantee that you will repay the loan on time. Banks want an assurance that the Borrower will have their Job in the future and that the Bank will get back its money. Hence, they verify the probability of Continued employment of a borrower.

Why does it matter?

it is an important question posed by a bank or a financial institution, and it determines whether you will get a loan from the bank or not.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

If your employer answers the probability of continued employment as excellent, or Very likely, then Bank authorities will not hesitate to lend you the loan, and the employment verification process will become smooth for you, but if your employer were to answer in negative, then there is a high chance that your loan application might get declined by the Bank.

Who verifies the Probability of your Continued employment?

Generally, an employer verifies the probability of your current employment with a Bank or Financial Institution. Here is a step-by-step process of verification to help you understand the whole process.

  • The Borrower or an individual applies for a loan with the bank or any money lending financial institution.
  • The bank goes through the application and verifies your details.
  • Personal details, Health status, Assets or property owned, employment details, etc. This verification process is necessary as it helps the bank to determine your ability to repay the loan.
  • If a borrower is taking a loan with an employment guarantee then, the employment verification process becomes crucial.
  • Bank personnel will call your employer to verify your employment details. Remember your employer cannot share such details without your consent.
  • The Bank will ask questions about your employment, and the probability of continued employment. These questions will be answered by your employer.
  • If the verification process is successful then, your loan will be cleared by the Bank.
  • The bank might call again before transferring the loan for final confirmation.

An employer has to give a verbal confirmation and also sign the application document to confirm employment details along with your probability of continued employment.

How to answer the Probability of Continued employment?

If you do not want to risk your chances of getting a loan then, the Probability of your Continued employment must be positive. You have to answer as ‘excellent’ or ‘very likely.’

  • Inform your employer about the loan and explain clearly why you need that loan. 
  • Whenever the bank will verify your details the employer will answer positively because they know the value of your work.
  • Be loyal to your job. So, if you ever need your employer’s assistance for a loan or any other verification things will go smoothly for you.

What to avoid when answering probability of continued employment?

The foremost thing that you must avoid while answering, it is answering in negative or being unsure about your answer. 

  • Do not be unsure about your employment. When you are taking a loan, and you are also thinking about quitting your job in a few months then, have a plan about how you will repay the loan.
  • Apply for a loan only if it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Be prepared with all your documents because every verification is inter-related.
  • Don’t apply for a loan with your job as a warranty if your salary is low or if you are unstable at your workplace.

How does an employer determine the Probability of Continued employment?

An employer has to consider a lot of things before he verifies the employment credentials and assures the probability of continued employment of an employee.

1. Employee position: If an employee occupies an important position. Then, it will be positive. But if an employee has joined recently then, the employer might not be sure. In such cases talk with your employer and assure them of your commitment to work.

2. Years of employment: Generally an employer is biased towards someone who has worked for many years. Hence, your time of employment matters.

3. Employee behavior: If an employee is always on time, completes work regularly, and is disciplined or not affects your quality of work. Hence your behavior at your workplace can determine your future employment prospects.  

4. Company’s revenue: If a company is generating enough profit then, an employer might think of laying off employees. Hence, it affects an employee’s job credibility in the future.

5. Company’s plans: If a company has certain goals to achieve and it does not need an employee anymore then, it is null and negative.

An employer considers the above factors before determining the probability of your continued employment and answering to the bank. The employer’s answer will have ramifications if an employee fails to repay the loan. Hence, it’s important whether a person is confident about repaying their loan or not.


The probability of continued employment is never stable. Tomorrow you might get a better opportunity and leave your job to work somewhere else. Wherever you work, work with loyalty and provide value so that if your employer needs to help you with the assistance, they will do so without hesitation because they trust you.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How does an employer ask for consent while verifying employment?

A. An employee is asked to write an application to give their consent for employment verification.

2. Can an employer or company refuse to verify the probability of Continued employment?

A. Yes, an employer can do that if they feel that your employment is not guaranteed because they are not legally bound to verify such details.

Probability Of Continued Employment- Find More About It

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