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This field of criminal justice can provide your large number of opportunities in areas of crime like crime prevention, corrections, victim advocacy and rehabilitation, and investigating work. Let us know about “Jobs With Criminal Justice Degrees”

Jobs With Criminal Justice Degrees

This will get plenty of opportunities for your growth and employment. According to the Bureau of US statistics, on average, the job of criminal justice is increasing faster and it is expected to grow by 5% from 2019 to 2029. 

It is a potential career and opportunity for the graduates with a criminal justice degree which depends on the degree of specialization they choose. 

The graduate may choose with a government agency, NGOs, and law firms. They can even work privately and independently. 

Below are some jobs with a criminal justice degree: 

1. Bounty Hunter

  • They work independently and catch the criminals and fugitives. 
  • These Professionals choose those individuals who were avoided or skipped by the court hearing. 
  • Bounty hunters get their work from bond agencies or local law enforcement agencies.
  • The one who is Interested to become a Bounty hunter demonstrated a combination of education, experience, and skills.
  • Bounty hunters Monty hunters as a beginner start their career in law enforcement by gaining experience and skills.
  • Bounty hunters need a criminal justice degree and do not need any specific level of educational qualification. 
  • Bounty hunters with great knowledge, skill, and experience know how to negotiate with an individual and protect them from any potential dangerous criminals.
  • According to BLS projections, private investigators and detectives’ inclusion of Bounty hunters expected an average job above growth from 2018 to2028.

Educational qualification required: bachelor’s degree in criminal justice recommended.

2. Conservation Officer

  • These officers work to save some natural resources including wildlife, nature at a local, state, and federal level.
  • These officers may start their career with transitions into the conservation officer.
  • Complying with the law at the state and federal level conservation officers ensure the work of fishermen and hunters.
  • Conservation officers include the responsibility to check the license, inspection method, equipment, and their method of catching.
  • Conservation officers educate general men by giving some knowledge to campgrounds and park other law enforcement professionals.
  • The report of BLS shows the fish and game income of wardens of $57,500 per annum.
  • Although some of the top earners make over $109,620.
  • The projection presents the growth of percent between 2018 to 2028.

Educational qualification required: associate degree required, bachelor’s degree in criminal justice law recommended.

3. Corrections Officer

  • These Correction officers include the work of bailiffs and jailers who work for local, state, and federal governments to keep monitoring the one who is serving in jail and those who were arrested.
  • The correction officer should have completed his training and held a school diploma degree.
  • Requirement of bachelor’s degree related to criminal justice such as federal prisons or counseling with the inclusion of multiple years of work experience.
  • Corrections officers work closely with criminals; they must have strong decision-making and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated resistance and self-discipline a correction officer must hold.
  • The report of BLS projection shows the decline in job, facilities, and retiring correction officers always need new employees.

Educational qualification required:  High school diploma required; bachelor’s degree in criminal justice law recommended.

4. Crime Lab Analyst

  • These officers analyze the crime scene samples for analysis and process samples to analyze information.
  • This analysis helps police in finding an investigation that determines witnesses and arrests criminals.
  • Crime lab analysts use some of the toxicology to analyze DNA, analyze blood, fingerprints, and some other forensic methods to collect information.
  • Crime lab analysts must hold bachelor’s degrees but some of their employees are included in federal levels.
  • With creative skills and strong analytical knowledge demonstrate our successful crime, lab analyst.
  • The report of BLS projections shows no increment in the job of crime lab analysts although law enforcement agencies always required skilled analysts.

Education qualification required: bachelor’s degree related to forensic science or criminal justice law required, must be master in forensic science recommended.

5. Crime Scene Investigator

  • Crime scene investigators analyze the crime scenes, collect some important evidence, and use their skills and experience to track the criminals.
  • Crime scene investigators also work independently and sometimes they work with agencies.
  • Crime scene investigators need a bachelor’s degree in forensic science and feel like biology, chemistry, and criminal justice.
  • Crime scene investigators must complete the training program, learning techniques and skills for analyzing, documenting evidence, processing fingerprints and blood spatter while working at the death scene.
  • They get training and receive education after getting hired as a crime scene.
  • The BLS projection report shows professionals with forensic science technicians who are per annum $59,150, to the top earners $97,350. It shows a growth of 14% increment in jobs for all forensic technicians between 2018 to 2028.

Educational Qualification required: bachelor in forensic science.

6. Criminal Investigator

  • Criminal investigator work is to solve the case and it may take a week or a month in a single case.
  • Collecting and analyzing interviews, witnesses, and arrests, and these professionals work closely with law enforcement.
  • An excellent communication skill, the role of interpersonal interaction required for the demonstration.
  • Good leadership and decision-making are also required.
  • Criminal investigators spend their days in emergencies, case solving, determination, collecting evidence, interviews, witnesses, and many more things to analyze crime.
  • To handle this together they must have education and skills with experience.
  • The BLS projection report shows the increment of average job growth rate for criminal investigators between 2018 to2028.

Education qualification required: High school diploma required, bachelor’s in criminal justice law and criminology recommended.

7. Medicine Social Control Administration Agent

  • These drug social control administration agents work with the federal to manage the banned import and export, sale and get of medicine.
  • Such a recording career pays a remuneration of $66,450 as well as government edges.
  • Candidates square measure needed to carry a school degree.
  • After being appointed as drug social control administration agents they need to complete four to 6 months of coaching in gun handling, investigation, social communication ability, sensible deciding, and sensible leadership, that square measure perpetually needed for this position.
  • Once the agent has completed the coaching we will choose carrier possibility specialization.
  • The specialization includes day-after-day important tasks.
  • The agents get a clear stage to figure completely different|in several|in numerous} environments mistreatment their different skills and defend the voters of the country that attracts prospective drug social control administration agents. 
  • Although, such a pleasing career had an occasional rate of job turnover. as a result of its security and needs expertise and education.

Education qualification needed: degree in criminal justice law or connected field required.

8. FBI Agent

  • These Federal Bureau of Investigation agents work beneath the govt of the USA for the protection of their voters from domestic threats.
  • The performance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents depends on their skills and specialization.
  • Most Federal Bureau of Investigation agents collects data and proof to arrest criminals.
  • FBI agents receive generous edges from the govt and an honest remuneration and that they work forty hours per week.
  • A government agent should hold a degree and skilled expertise that makes the master.
  • All over they need to complete twenty weeks of coaching.

Education qualification required: degree in criminal justice law or the specified field.

9. K9 Officers

  • These officers get special coaching to figure closely with the police dogs.
  • Work with a working dog in search of an individual, pursuit banned medicine, and finding exclusives.
  • To become a K9 officer a private should be a peace officer and have worked as a peace officer for many years.
  • K9 officers should apply for this position.
  • After the coaching and needed position, K9 officers work with police dogs whereas remaining about the police.
  • K9 officers even have to require care of the dogs and their house.
  • The remuneration of a K9 officer depends on their expertise and skills the maximum amount because of the expertise, specialization, and on a government level. and therefore the World Health Organization works with federal agencies on the next wage.

Educational qualification needed: high school credential required and bachelor in criminal justice degree law counseled.

10. Office Of Homeland Security Professionals

  • These Office of Homeland Security professionals work for the protection of people voters.
  • These professionals additionally work with Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, the key service, the CIA, the TSA, {and the|and therefore the|and additionally the} patrol whereas as well as the opposite agencies also.
  • In this, you would like robust communication ability, sensible leadership and therefore the work varies day to day by the agencies and every one Office of Homeland Security professionals want these skills.
  • As an Office of Homeland Security skilled, you would like a mix of ability and education.
  • There square measure several criminal and Office of Homeland Security programs that offer internships to the graduates to earn some expertise before being an Office of Homeland Security skilled.
  • The career path of a student could also be influenced.
  • Various factors influence and therefore the pay scale open average remuneration is $77,000 for being an Office of Homeland Security skilled.
  • Factors that influence our specialization, government agencies, education, experience, and Government level.

Educational Qualification required: degree in criminal justice law, Office of Homeland Security, and connected field needed.

11. Rhetorical Businessperson

  • Forensic accountants work with the social control of law and it needs day-after-day tasks to tack together different accountants and auditors.
  • While resulting in prosecution they examine criminal activity mistreatment accounting skills.
  • The daily needed task is compilation proof, money knowledge, and observation in keeping with native, state, and federal laws.
  • To become a rhetorical businessperson individual should have knowledge assortment skills, problem-solving, and analytical skills additionally.
  • Like any different businessperson, a rhetorical businessperson additionally wants a degree in legal code and carrying some expertise.
  • Although a number of the govt agencies needed an academic degree in rhetorical accounting or the other connected field.
  • According to the BLS, the projection report shows that tent on the wage of $71,550. 
  • But their salaries might vary from totally different agencies, locations, and experiences.
  • And those World Health Organization square measure with an academic degree and carrying nice expertise have the best remuneration.

Educational qualification needed: degree in businessperson required and recommendation for an academic degree.

12. Rhetorical Scientist

  • Like any different form of rhetorical scientist examines a private with motivation and therefore the method of determination.
  • According to there’s an ability these professionals conduct interviews with witnesses and criminals that facilitate them to resolve the crimes.
  • In the investigation of criminals, several rhetorical psychologists work to help the crime.
  • The recommendation offered in court is usually testified.
  • Determination of guilty criminals ought to move to psychological state facilities.
  • Some of these rhetorical psychologists work on some specific cases like youngsters or maltreatment.
  • These rhetorical psychologists hold authorized and degree degrees and carry the coaching of over one thousand hours of supervised expertise.
  • The report of the BLS projection shows wherever the expansion of average psychologists is in 2018-2028.
  • The path to the present career as a rhetorical scientist is long however it permits you to earn highways.

Educational qualification needed: degree in psychological science required.

13. Forensic Science Technician

  • Forensic science technicians work at the scene of the crime and make sure a proper collection of evidence.
  • After collecting different evidence they make sure to connect pieces of evidence and make it complete.
  • Determination of weapons and Ballistics from any blood samples of fluids by analyzing it from DNA with the help of chemical testing.
  • The forensic science technicians work under government and privately, they also find some positions out of the law in hospitals and corner offices.
  • There are many foreign science technicians holding bachelor’s degrees that can cover education requirements and experience.
  • Most of the government agencies provide training as a forensic science technician on the job.
  • According to the BLS projection report, it shows that the annual salary of a forensic science technician is $59,150.
  • And those who are working at the state level earn $60,830 per annum.

Educational qualification required: associate degree required and bachelor’s degree in forensic science recommended.

14. Homicide Detective

  • Homicide detectives investigate the death caused by any crime and add an essential part of law enforcement.
  • Finding and interviewing, suspect arresting, witnesses, and evidence which is the daily task analysis.
  • Sometimes they work more than 40 hours and work in odd hours that occur all time a day.
  • If an individual wants to become a homicide detective then he must hold an associate or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and must have experience as a police officer.
  • Homicide detective work with an interview of skill and problem-solving.

Educational qualification required: High school diploma required and bachelor’s degree in criminal justice law recommended.

15. Park Ranger

  • Managing parks, historical areas, and recreational sites here they manage to protect national parks. 
  • Including wildlife and natural resources, these professionals promote the method of conservation for their protection.
  • Park Ranger guides the visitors to maintain the quality of the park.
  • Park Rangers also get work in the country or across the country park.
  • The work of Park Ranger is in a remote area and has only limited interactions with others.
  • Physical fitness and guide the rules and regulation to the visitors, and understanding the geography of their work area.
  • The park Ranger must hold education in environmental studies, ecology, and education in related fields.
  • While earning their degree most of the parked Range complete their training.

Educational qualification required: bachelors in environmental studies or related field required.

16. Paralegal

  • A paralegal works as a legal assistant and works in law form to assist support to attorneys and lawyers.
  • Their Daily task is to support attorneys and prepare for trial and assist in the research of cases.
  • Paralegal mostly works in the task related to law although all cannot defend their clients in court.
  • Paralegal needs to hold an associate degree from any community college, including sufficient experience and certificate so they might be accepted as a paralegal.
  • Some employers need a bachelor’s degree in paralegal is preferred by employers.
  • Weather report of BLS projection shows that the salary of a paralegal and legal assistant wage of $51,740 per annum.
  • Top 10 paralegal earning over $82,500 per annum.

Educational qualification required: association paralegal studies required, bachelors in legal studies recommended.

17. Lawyer

  • Law is the one who advises citizens, organizations, and governments on issues related to law.
  • After gaining experience and skills some lawyers become a judge or a politician.
  • The task of a lawyer depends on whether there is a specialization of area business law, criminal law, human rights, constitutional law, and family law.
  • Demonstration to the organization, communication skills, and excellent search is a successful lawyer.
  • Firstly a prospective lawyer must for bachelor’s degree related to law or criminal justice before attending law school.
  • For earning a license the prospective lawyer must pass the multiState professional responsibility after graduating from law school.

Educational qualification required: masters or doctorate law degree.

18. Victim Advocate

  • Victim advocates provide help to the victims offering an actionable way and providing emotional support to get back into their normal life.
  • Victim advocates most demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills and communication, counseling, and problem-solving some victims suffer from deep trauma.
  • Victim advocates help victims to get justice, as criminal justice professionals.
  • Counseling, assisting with legal service support is a day-to-day task of a victim advocate.
  • Victim advocates need complete training, internship, and work experience.
  • They need a degree in a profession to help and advance their career, but they do not need any specific degree.
  • License and certificate do not require any position.
  • The BLS, the projection report shows the average job growth rate in social and human service conclusion of victim advocate 2018 to 2028.

Educational qualification required: High school diploma required and associate bachelor degree preferred.

19. Substance Abuse Counselor

  • These counselors help individuals struggling and want to come out from addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • There are many cases in which their client committed a crime and had completed counseling by the law.
  • Substance abuse counselors work at various stages like hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and private clinics.
  • They must have a bachelor’s degree in a field related to counseling or psychology.
  • Industry certificate and state license must be on my counselor.
  • The Cases of substance abuse are increasing, according to the BLS, the projection report shows 68,500 new posts from 2018 to 2028.

Education qualification required: bachelor’s degree in counseling, criminal law, or psychology required.

20. State Trooper

  • State troopers are law enforcement professionals at the state level whose primary task is to Focus on Motor traffic law, regulation, and safety.
  • Public safety and promotion of state Troopers are based on education and law enforcement.
  • Some of the highest-paid state Troopers hold associate degrees and professionals earn bachelor’s degrees.
  • Getting a Position and complete training before getting the degree

Educational qualification required: High school diploma required or associate degree preferred.

21. Secret Service Agent

  • The role of a secret service agent is integral by protecting important political figures and systems under law enforcement.
  • Other financial crimes, money laundering, and address counterfeiting are protected by secret service agents to the specific individual.
  • Strict requirements should be matched with the members of the secret service.
  • The candidate must Hold first a bachelor’s degree and the best candidate must hold a master’s degree.
  • When recruited as a secret service agent you come under the secret service you undergo months of specialized training. 

Educational qualification required: bachelors in criminal justice law required, and master in criminal justice recommended.

22. Probation Officer

  • Probation officers rehabilitate and support those who have recently been released from jail.
  • The daily task of a probation officer is to check individuals in custody or on probation.
  • The probation officer also inquired with the family and friends of the recently released offender to ensure benefit from a strong support system. 
  • According to the BLS projection report, the top 10% of probation officers and correct methods of treatment specification earn more than $94,860 per annum.

Educational Qualification required: bachelors in criminal justice law required.

Way Forward:

There are many positions and jobs available with the degree of criminal justice law. You can go through the different work and posts according to your choice and the qualification you hold. The degree of criminal law justice provides you to work with government agencies and law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels, you can also work with any private agencies, and you can start your profession also.

Jobs With Criminal Justice Degrees -Know More

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