Jobs And Careers In Stripes

Stripes convenience stores are typically located in Texas and the south-central United States and were originally part of Sunoco. It is the famous logo of the relationship between gas stations and many major racing organizations such as NASCAR, IndyCar, and the National Hot Rod Association. In 2017, Sunoco supplied Seven Eleven with most of its convenience stores, including the entire Stripes logo. Know more about Jobs And Careers In Stripes

Jobs And Careers In Stripes

History / Career Opportunity 

Founded in 1938, the company started out as an oil supplier. In 2006, Stripes converted to a purple and white striped grocery store and applied the restaurant logo to all stores under the Laredo Taco Company name. As a result, the chain always employs people who know every food supplier and retail sector. Interested candidates have a history of providing valuable complimentary meals to the Laredo team, and retail enthusiasts often demand the comfort of a single team. Additionally, every industry requires good customer service skills. These skills continue to be a factor in achieving comfortable accommodation and eating.

Alcohol and tobacco management is essential to the job, so all company employees must be 18 years of age or older. Stripes reimburse training costs for both full-time and part-time employees, so the corporate image is perfect for students with entry-level job options until graduation. In addition, career-oriented people are always essential to improving their business. Even those with an advanced university degree or its equivalent can land a place in the selection process. However, those who do not have these qualifications can also apply.

Learn how to operate stripes

Minimum age for operating stripes: 18 Classic (How old do you need to draw stripes?)

Stripes Working hours: 2 hours a day, 7 days a week for bands

Possible Positions:

Analyst System Support Assistant, Salary Assistant, Internal Auditor, Territory Manager, Fuel Distributor, Association Commercial, Fuel Auditor, Product Manager, Archive, General Manager, Chief Risk and Security Officer, Social Benefit Director, Price Coordinator, Help desk, assistant manager, fuel engineer, maintenance engineer, dispatcher, financial analyst, portfolio manager, marketing analyst, price analyst, certified assistant.

There are many amazing possibilities. They include sales reps, inventory, cashiers, lubrication technicians, and restaurant staff

Sales Reps

The sales reps are an important part of the Stripes experience. Individuals are responsible for providing incredible customer service and keeping the stores and the gas station island running smoothly. It also ensures good cash management, review, and payment methods for credit cards. The sales associate should have extensive knowledge of all types of products. They ensure the protection of visitors through short-term containment of oil spills and good power management.

If you have multiple responsibilities, you should respect this input feature. In addition, it is very important to keep your registered dietitian or dietitian certification up-to-date and report regularly.

This feature requires a small amount of physical activity. These include lifting up to 60 pounds and pushing and pulling the stroller.

Stock Associates

Stock Associates are responsible for ensuring that the products in the store are properly stored and displayed. Users of this feature need to experiment to make sure the store is smooth and tidy for all visitors!

Stock Associates cabinet and refrigerator inventory. They keep their inventory in the garage. Care must also be taken to assume the various responsibilities entrusted to management. You may need to lift heavy objects (up to 60 lbs) or push or pull the hand pallet truck.


The cashier is paid for the excellent customer support of all our customers. This ensures that all cash, checks, and credit card transactions are processed correctly. People in this position must be able to draw with a minimum of director and top prize.

If you want to build relationships with your customers, make it easier for them to grow, and optimize them for a fast-paced environment, this is the place to go. Transcendental, customer-centric thinking is essential for this role. Lubrication Technician

Lubrication Technician

will comply with company regulations and state and federal laws to ensure the shop protects and restores vehicles. People in this role will want to provide excellent customer service through “first-class vehicle maintenance and repair services”. Duties in this position include replacing the oil and grease, replacing the transmission oil, replacing filters, and repairing small cracks in the windshield.

This position requires at least a year of pleasure in a lubricated, pneumatic, or mechanical environment. You may also need to be able to lift up to 60lbs and push or pull the hand pallet truck.

Restaurant Association

The restaurant association is responsible for fast communication, providing customer support, and following food supplier safety practices. In this position, individuals should follow appropriate dietary management procedures, understand dietary temperature requirements, and maintain cleanliness in all dietary areas. to drink.

Everyone ensures that meals are combined, presented, and interspersed. Work diligently for your meal, accept this pleasant entry, avail yourself of fast food services when needed, and provide safety advice. Wholemeal. 


Stripes Manager

Stripes convenience stores have a variety of supervisory positions, including assistant store manager interns, assistant store managers, and restaurant assistants.

Assistant Store Manager 

trainees must demonstrate strong customer service and management skills. In this role, it is your responsibility to help your team members plan and grow using PandL to put pressure on sales and profits and keep the store safe. Store in a fluid and organized way.

Additional obligations may include assisting in reading supplier results, ensuring fuel pump readings are accurate, and conducting competitive surveys. This role requires a legally insured vehicle. Applicants must have at least 12 months of retail, revenue, or fast food experience.

With the exception of the idea of ​​”getting the job done,” the assistant store manager has more or less the same duties as the assistant store manager. They are responsible for the proper functioning of the shop during the absence of the general manager. This includes training a team of workers, ensuring the store runs smoothly and smoothly and providing excellent customer support to all customers. The internship function requires at least 12 months of retail, income, or a simple meal in addition to a legally insured vehicle. Friendly and delicious. Users of this feature are responsible for calculating meal consumption, ordering meals and important utilities, and monitoring meal preparation.

Additional obligations include program preparation for team members and training of the worker team to ensure the best customers. Modern kitchen processor and food protection certification.

The general manager oversees all backup operations and ensures that the backup meets all icon requirements to maximize profits. The general manager confirmed all savings rates, early registration in the company, increased working hours for workers, and the deputy manager of his employees.

How much do you pay for the strip (wages and hourly wages)?

Stripes Pays

Full-Time Employees Stripes employees enjoy a variety of benefits, including health, vision, dental, short-term disability, and lifestyle compensation. Other benefits include insufficient wages after 6 months of work and paid excursions after 12 months of work. All employees enjoy supplier benefits, employee incentives, 01 (k) plans, course refunds, flexible expense accounts (FSA), and banking corporation assets.

• Sales Associate jobs pay an average of $ 9 an hour, and general managers earn an average of $ 8,000 a year. Paying on Stripes is similar to role-playing equivalents at BP and Shell stores, averaging $ 9 per hour. Salaries for the best jobs in Stripes are:

• General Manager: $ 35,000 $ 56,000 per year

• Sales Manager: $ 8 $ 12/

• Restaurant staff time: $ 812 / $

• Staff time of the Warehouse: $ 8 $ 12/

per hour • Cashier: $ 8 $ 11 / Hour

• Assistant Store Manager: $ 11 $ 15 / Hour

• Episode Assistant Store Manager: $ 12 $ 18 / Hour

• Assistant Store Manager: $ 11 $ 15 / Now

Stripe Recruitment Age

Stripe At least 18 years old. The types of jobs offered are the following.



Restaurant employee

Does Stripe have a drug test? Stripes

Drug Testing StripesComfortShop offers preliminary drug testing. According to our research, randomized controlled trials are likely to be overdue, and some employees say they occur less frequently in some years.

Remember the basics of drug testing and don’t forget to understand the techniques used. Actively seek out relevant office jobs offered during the tech period so you get what you need and observe it.

Registration Tips

There are three ways for interested people to release additional software that is worth considering: email, male or female, and online tracking. Available job listings are hosted on the Stripes website and are displayed via printable templates for the software, email transactions with additional instructions, and hyperlinks to the web software. Candidates need to meet, as male or female singles often end with public interviews. With proper clothes. To publish your web software, you first need to create a profile and add a CV. To ensure the most effective professionalism, candidates should recheck their resumes for errors and inaccuracies. Applicants must spend at least one hour completing the online program, as the system includes a personality assessment.

Application Status

Employers are in high demand for new talent, so candidates should submit their applications or resumes one week in advance for the company to respond. After a few days, check the popularity of the software by calling or emailing the store. Then you will know that you have the right choice and the right choice to keep working. Also, walking around the store and talking to employers during an economic downturn is a sign of persistence. Remember that interested candidates will appreciate all of the company’s employees and are qualified.

Benefits of Working at


Stripes, full-time employees are considered beneficiaries of procedural benefits after 30 business days, but part-time employees have to wait 60 days to receive them. Benefits services include health insurance covering dentistry, ophthalmic care, short-term disabilities, and mismatched accounts. Life insurance, sick leave, excursion days, paid leave, and the ability to start a 01 (k) retirement plan will continue to be available.

Activity Details

Stripes Restaurant Stripes Laredo Taco uses glittering elements and neighborhood elements to make salsa. To promote agricultural education and respect the environment, the company has created a new educational garden. This app offers a $ 200 giveaway from a group near a simple boarding school to recharge the batteries in a growing garden. Schools that have won incentives will also benefit from Thanksgiving meals hosted by the chain.

Interview Perspective Question

Why do I need to paint the stripes?

This is an expected question for a job interview, so preparation is essential. Before you start the interview, think about why you want to work at Stripes. You may enjoy working with

customers and be interested in Stripe’s commitment to human capital development. Maybe you’re looking for a nimble role with lots of responsibility. Whatever the solution, make sure they understand how much you’re looking for the fate of scratches.

How would you dress for an interview with Stripes?

First impressions are an important part of starting a new business. Don’t forget to dress properly where you are using it. Professionals dress appropriately for barricades, but casual clothing may be prioritized in the role of debt collector.

When do you choose to draw?

The Stripes Comfort Shop is open 2 hours a day, 7 days a week. In general, Stripes prefers high availability candidates who may decide to replace during vacations or power outages.

If the selected date, month, or time is no longer an image, be sure to save it.

• What makes you a great candidate?

 If you get this question in an interview, it’s great and it’s almost directly proportional to your experience. Except for work, volunteering, college sports, or other related experience, please be rude to him.

As a good employee, what should you do yourself? Do you respect your customers and like working in a smiling team?

• What should I bring to an interview with Stripes?

Don’t forget to print out a few copies of your resume and bring them to the interview. Water bottles, notebooks, and pens are also great items to take with you, as well as questions to ask the interviewer.


Stripes are committed to helping employees develop valuable workplace skills. Many of their best employees started as part-timers. Join the Stripes team and start as a recruiter. It is really the obsession of their employees. Based in Corpus Christi, Texas, Stripes continues to be a mix of local convenience stores, gas stations, and restaurants. The organization operates more than 600 locations in three states and is the leading local employment provider in the south of the country.

Jobs And Careers In Stripes

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