Job for 11 year olds-Know more About It

Everyone today wants to do something or become something, and this is the main reason why most kids start working early. The legal working age in America is 14 years old. Kids under this age are not allowed to work in any enterprises or establishments according to the FLSA-Fair Labor Standards Act. Children 14 years and above can work in different establishments but cannot work in hazardous, mining areas or manufacturing factories. The work should protect the health of the child and not disturb their education. Let’s Know more about Job for 11 year olds.

Job for 11-year-olds

There is still a way for all those below 14 years of age to work and earn a little extra. These jobs aren’t 6- 8 hours long and don’t require you to work in establishments. As an under 14 child you can work by helping others in their daily chores. These include simple day-to-day activities to earn an additional income, and help someone. 

This type of work is not illegal in the eyes of the law. You need to give enough time to your studies, play and work in-between, to make some extra cash.

Perks of working at a young age

Starting early can have a lot of perks. If you are accustomed to playing and enjoying every day and don’t follow any particular schedule, now you will have a fixed routine for every single thing to avoid hassles. Things you learn when you start working early-

  • Importance of time- You will understand the importance of time and how it’s important to do things at the right time to avoid overload. You also learn managing skills and develop discipline in your life.
  • Responsibility- When you start working, the situation demands you to be more accountable for your actions and take responsibility for your own life. You start making your own decisions and follow those decisions.
  • Extra Cash- Starting work early can provide you with some extra cash. This cash can be used to fulfill personal expenses or can be saved for plans. This helps you to become independent and self-dependent instead of depending on someone else. You also learn how to handle money, and understand the value of money because you have earned it.
  • Team Work- Some work might demand you to work in a group, which will build your leadership and volunteering skills. Teamwork is an essential part of any work. You need to learn how to accept others’ points of view and place one’s view in a socially presentable manner instead of forcing one’s view on others. 
  • Communication- You also learn the correct way of communicating with others to gain personal goals. Communication is key in any work, and it not only includes speaking skills but you also need to have good listening skills to comprehend what the other person is saying. 
  • Problem Solving- You learn the art of solving critical problems. Any work you do there is certain difficulties you face which need to be solved. You can learn it at a very young age which can help you in the future as well.
  • Understand the real world-  You even get to understand the real world outside your family and friends and how people can be cruel and bad sometimes. You learn how to deal with such individuals and also become fearless.

Jobs for 11-year-olds.

There are a lot of jobs out there that can be done by young children. They don’t require you to work in factories or companies for 6- 8 hours and are quite flexible. These jobs can be done by continuing your schooling, and not giving up on your playtime as well.

1. Babysitter

With technological advances, there has been an increasing number of females who after completing their maternity leave, need to join work again. This creates a demand for babysitters. If you are between the age of 11 to 13 years, then you can easily do such a job. You can also refer to some classes and tutorials that teach the correct way of babysitting children. 

If you are between the age gap of 11 to 13 years then you can work as helpers to the parents and do certain baby chores like looking after the child’s safety, providing them meals, playing with them, helping them sleep, and do light household chores. You are supposed to work when the parent is at home because you too are quite young to handle the babies alone.

On average, a young babysitter is paid 

$ 16.75 per hour for a single child and $ 19.26 per hour for two children. This is the average rate for a babysitter and can vary according to your age and experience.

2. Pet Sitter

Many people today own pets of different kids and due to work can’t take care of them. To make the pets feel a little less lonely, pet sitters can work the best. This type of work is quite simple and suitable if you are between the age group of 11 to 13 years old. This work doesn’t require any professional experience. You can help your neighbors or even your family members by feeding their dogs two to three times a day, taking them for a walk, bathing them, playing with them, etc.

As a young pet sitter, you wouldn’t have a lot of responsibilities on you. It’s a great job and you can start it immediately. 

The average salary of a pet sitter is $ 10- $ 15 per day. This rate can vary according to your daily responsibilities. If you take the pet for walks you get paid $ 10 per day.

3. Lemonade Stand

It’s a classic young kid side hustle and every kid must have done it someday. It’s perfect if you are between the age group of 11- 13 years old. This job has a lot to teach. All you need to do is prepare fresh lemonade for your customers to help them tolerate the scorching sun. You can make some of your additions and customize the drink as well.

This is an individually owned job but it has certain responsibilities that you need to perform. You are required to regularly open and set up the shop, prepare the lemonade, clean the workstation frequently, collect cash, give change, close the setup, etc. All these responsibilities teach you something.

Pricing of your products often depends on the products you use. If you are using fresh lemons, ice, and large glasses you can easily charge your customers $ 1 to $ 1.50 per glass. If you use a powdered mix and don’t use any ice and have small glasses with no straws then you can charge them $ 0.25 to $ 0.50 per glass.

4. Lawn Mowing

Many people love to keep a garden but don’t love doing the chores to maintain a garden and thus they hire lawn mowers who are mostly kids between the age group of 11 to 18 years. This is a great job for you if you are between the age group of 11- 13 years old. You can either work for your family members or your neighbors, etc.

Your responsibilities as a lawnmower include maintaining the height of the grass and keeping it short, clearing out all the dust from the lawn like leaves, flowers, animal poop, snow, etc. You also need to maintain the shape of the plant by trimming them in certain areas and need to apply fertilizer for optimum growth of the plants.

You can yourself price your work. There are two ways you can price your work. You can charge on an hourly basis or charge based on the lawn size. On average a young lawn mower charges $ 5- $ 10, per hour, or can charge $ 5 for a small lawn and $ 50 for a bigger lawn. The rate can vary according to your responsibilities.

5. Yard Work

This job is an all-in-one job and includes many different small jobs in it. As a young child, you can either do the yard work with the homeowner or do it alone. This job can be done by children between the age group of 11- 13 years old. Apart from land mowing, there are other responsibilities that you need to perform in this job. The work often changes based on the season and you need to do different types of work.

Your basic responsibilities in the job include clearing snow from the garden, clearing the leaves and trash from the yard, planting trees and flowers during the spring season, watering plants, uprooting the unwanted plants, etc.

On average, a young yard worker is paid around $ 10 per hour. This rate changes according to the job responsibilities as well. For trimming and mowing, you can get paid 

$ 25 per hour.

6. Dog Walker

This job is a perfect fit for kids who love dogs. Walking a dog can be a great exercise for both of them. If you are between the age group of 11- 13 years old then this is the perfect job for you if you have a dog or like dogs a lot. 

Your daily responsibilities as a dog walker will include, taking them for a walk, disposing of the dog’s waste which can include their poop, vomit, etc; giving them food and water, taking the pet to dog gardens, or the vet in an emergency.

On average a young dog walker is paid $ 5-

$ 10 per day for a single dog. The pay can even increase if your responsibilities increase.

7. Paper Route

The paper route is a simple job that requires you to deliver papers door-to-door. It’s a great job for all the early risers out there. You can choose which type of paper you want to deliver and on which days you would deliver them. It’s important to understand the daily hassles involved in the job beforehand, like delivering on rainy days and in cold weather.

Your daily responsibilities as a paperboy/ girl are delivering papers to the right houses, counting the number of papers, getting up early, collecting papers from the distributors, and collecting payments. To make your job a little easy you can choose a weekly paper which needs to be delivered once a week.

On average, you get paid $ 12 to $ 18 per hour. As a young paperboy, your wage can be a little less. 

9. Family Business

 If your family already has a business you can work for them and earn from there. Your work here would be completely flexible and would ask for very minimal tasks. This is a great way to learn about the family business and how it functions. Kids are good at grasping and thus can learn a lot by observing others in the business.

Your daily responsibilities can vary according to the business your family has. Common tasks include collecting letters, mailing letters, stamping documents, clearing out waste papers, organizing the office, placing documents in the right place, etc.

The payment can vary according to the family business. You can get paid as low as $ 2 per hour or as high as $ 50 per hour. You can even choose to work on the weekends only.

10. Lifeguard

 This particular job is suitable for kids who know swimming. It’s a great job for you which you can do during the summers. You can get to know new people and also help them. It’s a perfect summer job and you can enjoy it outside at the beach. This job can also be done in winters at public pools.

Your daily responsibilities as a young lifeguard include looking after all the people on the beach, avoiding the occurrence of any accidents, giving information to young kids about the water rules and how they can maintain safety, giving first aid to people in pain, and those who drowned. 

On average, a lifeguard is paid $ 11- $ 14 per hour. As a young lifeguard, you can be paid a little less than the average pay.

11. House Work

This is a suitable job for you if you are between the age group of 11- 13 years old. Housework includes light household chores which do not expend a lot of energy. With increased work hours many people often do not get the time to do daily household chores like dusting, vacuuming, etc. Thus as a house helper, you can do it for them.

Your daily responsibilities can vary from dusting, organizing the house, watering the plants, vacuuming, taking the mail, arranging sheets, etc. Your tasks vary according to the house you work for and thus the payment will also vary.

On average, you can get paid $ 5- $10 per hour. The pay often varies according to the tasks you do.

12. Blog Writer

Blogging is a great side hustle for kids. You can share whatever you want with your readers. This job is a work-from-home job and is quite flexible. It doesn’t require you to visit someone’s house. The job is suitable if you are 11- 13-year-olds.

Your daily responsibilities in this job include writing meaningful content, posting it frequently, researching about the content, advertising your content, editing it, etc. The topics you want to write your blogs on can vary.

Blogging can pay you well in the long run. If you are a beginner then blogging on average can pay you $ 0.20 per click. So if you have a total of 150 clicks on your blog site then you will be paid $ 30.

13. Logo Designer

You can become a logo designer as well. All you need is a computer, iPad, some creative skills, and knowledge about graphic designing. There are a lot of sites out there, where you can list your services and earn some amount. You can even contact your friends and family if they need your services.

Your daily responsibilities include understanding the brand, its purpose, coming up with a design, creating a sample, brainstorming ideas, retouching the design, etc. This is a hard job if you are an 11-year-old but if you’re interested then you can do it.

On average a logo designer can charge from $ 1 to $ 1000 for a single logo. You need to decide your price for a single logo.

14. Fence Painter

 If you are creative you can choose fence painting as a side hustle. It’s a great job for you if you are between the age group of 11- 13 years old who love to paint. This job can be done along with or with the homeowner. 

Your responsibilities in the job are to work with the house owner, follow their instructions, help them with painting, clean the brushes at the end, help with paint can opening, help with giving final touches, suggest paint colors, etc.

Fencing paints will be paid on an hourly basis. On average, a fence painter may get paid anywhere between $ 8 – $ 15 per hour. Your pay can vary based on your experience and skill set.

15. Pool Cleaner

You may know many friends and family members who own a pool and can help them clean their pool. This job is great if you are between the age group of 11- 13 years old because it’s quite flexible. The job can be categorized as a summer job as well.

Your basic responsibilities in the job include clearing out the leaves; dirt from the pool, you are supposed to use a net to get all the unwanted things out of the pool. This is a simple job and can be done in a few hours.

On average you can get paid $ 10- $ 15 per hour. It’s a great job for young kids.

16. Yard Sale Assistant

This job is a new one and is rare to be seen. But you can create your job as well. Yard Sales refer to the sales of second-hand items which are of no use and are thus priced quite low. You can work for your family members, neighbors, friends, etc and earn a little extra.

Your responsibilities at a yard sale include putting prices on the items, making signs related to price off; directions; items, etc., help customers reach a product or describe the product to the customer. The job is flexible and you can do it on weekends.

On average, you get paid $ 10 – $ 15 per hour for the job.

17. Gift Wrapper

 As a kid, you can get paid to wrap others’ gifts. This is a fun and easy job that is quite crafty and fun to do. It is suitable for you if you fall in the age group of 11-13-year-olds and are creative in every sense. You can use different types of paper and bows to decorate the packaging.

Your daily responsibilities as a gift wrapper include decorating the gifts according to the customer’s needs, using different templates, bows, ribbons to decorate the gift, cutting proper dimensions, securing the gift, etc. 

In this job, you can decide your pay scale. The right pricing is $ 1- $ 2 for each gift. As a beginner, it is the right price but you can increase it if you want to.


Youtube is a great side hustle but you need to work hard, in the beginning, to earn from there. Many people give up too soon and that’s the main reason for failing at Youtube. You need to be consistent with your content. This will help in monetizing your videos.

Your responsibilities as a YouTuber include creating new and unique content that you love, post, or frequently, promote your channel, edit videos, add sound effects, work on graphics, etc. This job is very flexible and kids can do it while enjoying school and playing alongside.

You don’t get immediately paid for your videos, and thus you need to be patient. After your videos get monetized you get paid through the ads. The pay for the same isn’t fixed and can vary a lot. You even get paid when through brands who want to sponsor you.


Kids nowadays are advancing a lot and thus need these side options to match their peers. You can choose any type of job you want from the list given above. All of them are quite flexible and easy to do for young kids who are 11 years old. Working somewhere is beneficial as you can become a little independent, start to understand the work environment, and even earn a little extra.

Job for 11 year olds-Know more About It

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