How To Put In Your Two Weeks Notice? 


Nowadays, everyone does some kind of job in different fields. Everybody wants to change their workplace when it comes to increasing pay. In everyone’s profession, leaving a job is a natural process. In actuality, 12 jobs are held by the average person over their lifetime. This implies that workers quit their jobs at least twelve times on average. Let us know ‘How To Put In Your Two Weeks Notice?’.

How To Put In Your Two Weeks Notice? 

There are some ethics and rules for leaving a job at a company. It’s always a difficult thing to tell your boss that you want to leave your current work. Giving a two-week notice to your boss is the most ethical and good way of leaving a job. By doing this, you’ll continue to have a nice working relationship with your soon-to-be ex-employer.

How To Put In Your Two Weeks Notice? 

To put in your two-week notice at your workplace to leave your job, you should have the proper knowledge. You can do it in several ways like you can write a letter to your company, or you can arrange an in-person meeting with your boss to tell them personally. It’s always up to you which process you choose. Giving a two-week notice gives you the chance to quit a job respectfully and professionally. By giving your employer this notice, you are giving them time to identify a suitable successor for your duties. To formally resign from your post is both a professional courtesy and, in some circumstances, an obligation. 

In this article, we’ll go through all the important information regarding how to put in your two weeks’ notice most appropriately and professionally. Not only this, you’ll have the basic knowledge about the two-week notices and their requirements, etc. let’s get started. 

What does two weeks’ notice mean?

To learn the process of putting in a two-week notice to your company, you first have to get knowledge about what a two-week notice is. Giving a two-week notice to your present employer means that you intend to leave the organization in that time frame which means two weeks. If you want to quit your job on good terms with your bosses and colleagues then it’s the most standard style of quitting that will help you part ways with your present job on good terms. 

Sometimes, companies ask for such notices by mentioning their time limit at the time of the appointment but if your company didn’t mention it, then the normal time in the United States for giving this acceptable notice is two weeks. By giving your employer this notice, you are giving them time to identify a suitable alternative or prepare another employee to take over your duties. So giving a two-week notice to your boss is a courteous and ethical gesture to maintain a good relationship with your ex-employers. 

Writing Procedure of a Two-Week Notice

You probably will work a lot over your life with different bosses in different companies. But when you find a better job, you’ll go for it. And to maintain a good gesture, you’ll have to put in a two-week notice. To understand the process, look at the following steps to write a proper and impactful two-week notice. 

  • Basic information like your name, job title, current employer, company address, email, and the date of your resignation should all be listed at the beginning of the letter. You should be as formal as you can because this letter will be included in the company’s official records.
  • After giving your primary information, choose simple words like “I want to let you know that I am leaving my position as A for Company X with leaving date.” in your 1st paragraph. The leaving date should be of two weeks away. 
  • In the next paragraph, be sure to express your gratitude to your current employer for any opportunities for professional development or mentoring you have received. If you want to, you can include your plans, especially if you plan to change careers. It could be wiser to skip if you’re departing for a rival.
  • In the last paragraph of your letter, you should provide specifics about how you’re going to help with the changeover or find an alternate.
  • Lastly, add your email at the end along with a brief statement such as, “I wish you every success and look forward to remaining in touch” if you want to continue in touch. If not, you can skip it and continue by using words like sincerely and just sign your name at the end. 

Tips to Write a Two Weeks Notice

Now that you know the process of writing a two-week notice, you should try to write it properly and pleasantly. To make your notice letter simple, easy, and good, here are some tips that you can use. 

  • Positivity 

The tone your letter depicts on your boss should be positive. No matter what the reason for your resignation is, you should always choose positive words that will end your job in a good way and hence you can keep your professional network clean and good. 

  • Simple and Brief 

You should try to keep it simple and brief in both ways either you are mentioning the information of your next work or you are not giving the information. Also, if you are not giving reasons for your job quitting, you can just add your brief statement in simple words and your last day of work. 

  • Leaving immediately

As soon as you provide notice, your employer could ask you to leave. According to company rules, you might not receive payment beyond that day. Be ready by creating a backup of critical files and gathering work samples for your profile. To learn about the company’s resignation rules, consult the policies of your company. 

  • Manager’s Instructions 

Lastly, in the period after giving your two-week notice, your manager can ask you to make a transition plan or to complete the started projects. You will have to follow your manager’s instructions in those two weeks. 

These are some of the basic tips you can follow to write your two-week notice if you want to quit your job. Also, you may think at this point that you have to reveal all your information but you are not obligated to do this. All you need to mention are the main points necessary to leave your job. 

Giving a Two Week Notice

Giving your two weeks’ notice might be a nervous task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You should remember all the tips and tricks to write the notice letter that we have already mentioned. After writing the letter, it’s not so easy to break the news. So here are some of the things you have to look at while giving a two-week notice to your company. 

  • You’re now prepared to inform your boss that you’re departing. Speaking face-to-face frequently facilitates difficult talks. It not only shows that you appreciate your employer, but it also gives you both a place where communication can happen more easily. So there is always room to break this news in person.
  • You should offer your boss a transition plan. Mention their gratitude, appreciate their relationship with you, and finally hand over your letter. 
  • Always tell about this news to your boss first. It’ll be not good for you if your boss is here about your departure from someone else.
  • Your boss can likely offer you a counter like increasing your salary or giving you a promotion, but if you don’t want to take it, you should politely refuse it and give your letter. 
  • Before writing and giving a two-week notice to your company, you should first read your employee handbook or contract. It will give all the information to you about your resignation process and it will assist you in writing and giving your two-week notice to your manager. 
  • Last but not least, to maintain a good relationship with your bosses and colleagues, Give a meaningful and cordial farewell to all of them because you do not know where in future you may have to contact them again. 


If you want to write a two-week notice to leave your current job and you are confused about how to write it, you don’t have to worry because you are at the right place. In this article, you will find all the information about a two-week notice, its writing process, tips to write it perfectly, and how to give it to your boss. If you read this article carefully, all your queries will be solved. 

  • Is it legally necessary to give a two-week notice?

No, it is not legally necessary for you to give a two-week notice because there are no state or federal laws for it. 

  • How many business days are in a two-week notice?

Generally, 10 business days or two weeks are considered typically in a two-week notice. 

How To Put In Your Two Weeks Notice? 

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