How to Get a Job at Vat19?

Vat19 is an online shopping application that sells different kinds of things. It first came into existence in the year 2000. Jamie Salvatori is known as the founder of the site. Different kinds of gifts and toys are sold through this site. Vat19 has changed its company logo two times. People can think what is the reason behind the name Vat19, it can be any number. But there is no reason mentioned by the owner behind the name of the company. From the year 2007, the company had started their journey in a new way, they started collecting more attractive items. Many big shopkeepers also buy products from the Vat19 site. Vat19 serves all over the world.  Let us know How to Get a Job at Vat19.

How to Get a Job at Vat19

Main Aim of Vat19

  • The main objective of vat19 company is to sell products which will be very interesting and awesome. Even they use the term ‘curiously awesome ‘ for describing their products. 
  • The second most important aspect of vat19 is that they not only sell the products randomly but also show people how to use that product and all other features by making videos on youtube channels and Instagram. 

Different Sections in Vat19

There are different categories of gift sections in Vat19. The categories are as follows –

  1. Most popular section: Under the ‘most popular’ section there are different mysterious and beautiful things such as-
  • Mysterious Box of Mystery
  • MicroMagnets
  • MicroMagnets
  • Otamatone
  • Night-ball Basketball
  • World’s Smallest Shop Vac
  • Pyro Mini Fireshooter etc. 
  1. Gummy: This section includes the products such as –
  • World’s Largest Gummy Worm
  • Giant Gummy Shark
  • Candy Takeout Noodles
  • Kool-Aid Gummies etc. 
  1. Kitchen: Under this section, you can find different kitchen-based toys or gadgets.
  • Soup & Cracker Mug Set
  • Tiny Baking Kit
  • TriceraTACO
  • Foam Soap Dispensers etc. 
  1. Puzzle and games: This section of Vat19 concludes various puzzle games, toys, etc. 
  • Laser Chess
  • Molecule
  • Deck of Black Cards
  • Original Flipin’ Cornhole
  • Mega Mouth Game
  • Greatest Dot-to-Dot Books etc. 
  1. Section of Clothing, Costumes & Accessories 
  • Mouth Mover Mask
  • Bob Ross Fuzzy Hair Socks
  • The All-Natural Sweater Stone
  • Official T-shirt
  • Inflatable Kool-Aid Man etc. 

Requirements for Vat19 Job

  • Age restriction: A person must be above the age of 18 years. 
  • Academic qualities: A person should have a degree from high school for securing a minimum level of the job. 
  • All the correct details of your information.

How to Sign up or Create an Account on the Vat19 Site? 

  • At first, you have to visit the official site of Vat19 that is
  • After opening the website, you can find the option of “sign-in” on that page. Click on the button if “sign-in”.
  • Then you have to put all your necessary information such as email id, name, birth date.
  • After that you can find one place of a password, you have to put a six-digit password for your security purposes. And you have to remember that password for further use or it is necessary when you will log in to your account next time.
  • Next, confirm your password and your account will be ready for use. 

Benefits of sign-in in the Vat19 site 

  • There are two types of placing orders for your products. You can either place an order by sending an email or you can simply click on the purchase order button. 
  • Your order, shipping details, discount, address, etc. are saved in your account so that you do not have to put information in every time. 
  • Only the person who has an account on the Vat19 site can get the facilities of discount and exclusive deals of Vat19.
  • Moreover, by using your account you can also track your order. 

How to Apply for Any Job at Vat19?

  • The company Vat19 usually gives advertisements for job positions or openings in different online platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • You have to first search for those opportunities of hiring employees for Vat19 in the online platforms. 
  • Then read all the requirements and pros and causes of the company very carefully. 
  • Then you have to know what type of jobs you want to do in Vat19 as there are different sections present in Vat19. 
  • There are often very few positions open for the Vat19 company. 
  • A person should immediately apply for the job after the advertisement. 
  • He/she should give all the necessary details in that application form. 
  • After applying for the job there would be an interview section where you would be asked some questions. 
  • You have to give the minimum answers to that interview for securing a job. 
  • For more information, you can visit the official website of the company that is

Salaries of The Employees 

Sl No. Position Salary per annum 
1.Graphic designer $46,792
2.Video Editor $42,733
3.Copywriter $39,691
4.Customer service representative $40,806
5.E-commerce specialist $43,483
6.Production specialist $42,137
7.Warehouse associate $14.95
8.Warehouse manager $49,752


Vat19 is a very popular company that provides its customers with different interesting new products regularly. And securing a job in Vat19 is quite easy. The requirements of the company are quite less. The only work you have to do is to follow the regular advertisement of the company for employees’ requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):
  1. How much time is taken to shift any product? 

Shipping charges of any product depend on the shipping place, weight, and size of the product. You can also calculate the charge by using the shipping calculator. 

  1. Do vat19 shift products to other countries? 

Yes, Vat19 shifts products all over the world. About 70 countries are under the facility of Vat19.

  1. Do Vat19 accept any checks?

No, Vat19 does not accept any checks but the company allows money orders. 

  1. How to track an order? 

Anyone can follow a guideline of tracking the product by email or can visit the page of order tracking. 

  1. Do I need a college degree to apply for the job at Vat19?

No, there is no need for any college degree to apply for the Vat19 job. Any person above the age of 18 years can apply for the Vat19 job. 

How to Get a Job at Vat19?

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