How To Get A Job At NBC?

Getting a job can be tedious. However, with the right set of information in hand, the process can be made easy and worth the hard work you give in to attain the job. To make your journey easy towards your career goal, a quick set of guides that you can refer to before your job is quite helpful. This guide is all about understanding how to get a job at NBC. In this article, we will see about ‘How To Get A Job At NBC?’.

How To Get A Job At NBC?x

How To Get A Job At NBC?

National Broadcasting Company, NBC is an American commercial broadcast, and radio service company under the parent Comcast. It was one among the first names to start color broadcasting across the globe, holding a special place in the top three of the Big Three television networks. Being a widely appreciated company, with decades of experience the careers at NBC are a hook to a lot of candidates. 

The journey can be taken a step closer with this guide of how to get a job at NBC, which highlights all the details of how to get the job, the interview process, and the questions you can refer to. 

NBC overview

NBC was founded way back in 1926 by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA). The company is one of the oldest broadcasting companies, The company deals with all kinds of radio broadcasting services to moving pictures till today. In the 1950s NBC formed a major contributor to viewers with a single place viewership for all kinds of entertainment programs, news, and music. With Real Folks as its debit drama to the academy award for best picture, NBC has walked through great progress. 

Currently, the company is part of Comcast and stations more than 200 affiliates throughout the United States. It also has spread its wings to Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and Germany, leaving a mark as the best owner and operated station. 

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NBC is always on a hunt to look for talented candidates that can understand the severity of the organization, giving their best to add value. They believe that passion drives successful shows, and they are eagerly looking for passionate candidates that can help them visualize their organizational dreams. NBC hosts different career options. The two most popular are:

  • Early Careers 
  • Professional Careers 

Early careers

NBC allows pre and post-graduate students to take several internship positions that can add value to the candidate’s profile. They host full-time gigs for freshers to give them hands-on training experience with leading professionals. There are several positions that the candidates can look for. 

Professional career

Unlike early careers, professional careers have their hype, and candidates can choose from several options in the job openings to best suit their requirements. A few career options are as mentioned below:

  • Administrative Support
  • Animation Production
  • Art & Design
  • Business Development & Strategy
  • Communications & Public Relations
  • Content Development & Programming
  • Culinary
  • Digital Media
  • And many more

How to get a job at NBC?

To seek the position you desired at NBC, candidates can follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the career websites at NBC universal.
  • Click on the search for positions dialogue box.
  • Create an account using login id, and password to create a recruiting profile. 
  • Enter all the necessary details asked in the process of registration. 
  • Add a resume to be eligible for all the options at NBC through HR recruitment, and mass recruitment. 
  • Click in search openings and look for all the open positions to work. Candidates can add filters to the job search and can easily find the desired job. 
  • Click on Apply for the desired position, and fill in all the details required for the position. 
  • After you apply for the position you would be required to answer a few questions based on the professional history or the position you are applying for. 
  • Enter all the necessary attachments asked for in the job description. 
  • Click submit to apply. 

One thing to note here is not all the positions you are looking for will be open. So, try to be patient and constantly look for new openings. Apart from this, Internships at NBC are unpaid. Yet they would give you all the required experience to land a professional career in your desired field. 

The interview process at NBC

The interview process at NBC is divided into three stages, and all the candidates would be required to pass the three stages to get hired by the company. 

1. Video interview

The video interview is an automated round that tests the candidates on different knowledge-based, and behavioral questions regarding the position. The round is carried through an online platform, and candidates would be required to record their answers to the questions asked. The interview round is predetermined, and candidates would be required to answer 4-5 automated questions. Candidates would be given the time to think of an answer before the recording begins. 

A tip for this interview is to keep notes of the important points in the answer. It will help you to articulate your answers with finesse. 

2. Phone call screening

Candidates that clear the video interview would be given a call by recruiters from the company to carry a phone interview. The candidate would be asked technical as well as behavioral questions based on the positions. It is one important round as it will be a deciding factor for the onsite interview process. 

A tip for the interview would be to prepare questions beforehand and maintain the call etiquettes for the interview. 

3. Onsite interview

Onsite interview is the last round of the interview process and is conducted in person by a manager or higher-level executive of the applied position. The round is a blend of technical and behavioral questions, and candidates would be required to answer questions based on professional history, projects, and resumes. It is the most versatile interview round as candidates would be judged based on their personality, educational qualifications, attitude towards work, leadership qualities, and much more. 

A tip to ace this interview is to practice questions. Practice behavioral questions and take notes on how you would answer certain questions. Work on your confidence, speaking skills, and other required details. 

Interview questions

The interview questions will differ according to the position you are applying for. All the candidates here would need to ensure that they are technically sound fit for the position they are applying for. Apart from that in the behavioral round candidates can look forward to encountering the following questions in the list. 

  1. Why do you prefer to work for NBC?
  2. How do your educational qualifications align with the position you have applied for?
  3. Tell me about your best project?
  4. What are your expectations from this position?
  5. Can you all through your management style?
  6. How would you describe failure? Have you ever failed a project and how did you handle the same? 
  7. How would you react to a scenario where you would need to go against a senior at work?
  8. What can you contribute to the position, and how are you better than the rest of the candidates?
  9. Walk me through a project in which you have used the skills that are required for the position?
  10. What would be your plan for the initial weeks? 

Candidates can work on the given questions and align them according to their professional history. According to many recruiters, the best way to answer all the questions is to link them with real-life experiences. Showcase all the highlights of your career through the questions and stay true to yourself when answering.  Candidates can make sure they follow the metrics that are mentioned below:

  • Stay confident
  • Practice your answers
  • Understand the position you are applying for.
  • Dress appropriately.


Now we have learnt ‘How To Get A Job At NBC?’, NBA is one of the oldest broadcasting services present in America. They believe that good work comes through passion, and passion is brought about by valuable employees. The motto motivates them to hire different professionals for a multitude of job positions. NBA hires for both early careers and professional careers, providing them with a platform to effortlessly grow. 

The application process for the job is quite easy and can be completed through a quick registration in the career portal. The interview process is divided into their rounds, and candidates would be required to qualify every round to get hired. To improve the chances of getting hired and getting a step closer, you can also refer to the questions provided in the guide. 

Congratulations on your career! 

  1. How long is the interview process at the NBA?

The interview process at NBA can range from 1 to 2 months depending upon the retirement of the position, and the candidates applying. 

  1. Minimum qualifications required to get hired at NBA?

The minimum qualification requirements are different for different positions. Candidates can go through the career portal to look for the qualification requirements for the desired position. 

  1. What are the minimum salary expectations at the NBA? 

The minimum salary that candidates can expect for different positions is $55,000 annually or $26 per hour. The pay scale can vary according to the position for applications. However, a few internship positions are unpaid. Candidates can look for the pay scale for different positions on the career portals. 

How To Get A Job At NBC?

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