How To Get A Job At Goodwill?

Goodwill helps people get employment, job training, career-oriented programs, and other community-based programs and services conducted by Goodwill. Goodwill is also known as a non-profit organization, but the non-profit is funded by more than 3,200 retail thrift stores of Goodwill. Goodwill helps people who are facing difficulties in getting a job, and it will help them get employment even if they do not have a suitable education. Goodwill started its journey in 1902, and since then, it has helped people find jobs. Goodwill offers its products and services in almost 17 countries.

How To Get A Job At Goodwill?

How To Get A Job At Goodwill?

Goodwill not only assists people in finding employment, but it also provides people with various job opportunities in different fields, and if they meet the job requirements of Goodwill, they can take advantage of these opportunities. You can apply for jobs at Goodwill through its official website and other job-posting platforms. Choose the job according to your preference and eligibility, and then fill out the application form carefully. You must pass through different phases of hiring at Goodwill, like phone screening, interviews, background checks, and a few more procedures, to get a job at Goodwill.

Goodwill offers a competitive pay range to its employees. They can earn an average of $52,143; the average hourly pay for Goodwill employees is $14.04. It varies according to the post, working hours, and other factors. You can start working at Goodwill after completing your sixteen years, but only in limited job positions; for other, higher job positions. You can apply after completing your eighteen years. You must meet all of the eligibility requirements for a job at Goodwill, such as educational qualifications, work experience, documents, a clean background, and any other eligibility requirements that Goodwill requires of candidates.

The Process of Getting a Job at Goodwill:

You can begin the job application process at Goodwill by visiting the official website or going to your nearest Goodwill store. Goodwill also accepts some paper applications. You can search for jobs or filter job profiles according to your preferences and eligibility. Open the career portal at Goodwill, then create your account by registering your email and creating a password. Then fill in the details such as your name, phone number, address, pay range, work experience, and other mandatory descriptions required in the job application form. Check and validate the details you entered in the application form for Goodwill, and then upload an updated resume and other necessary documents, and then submit your application form.

Goodwill shortlists candidates according to their eligibility, experience, talents, abilities, skills, and a few more factors that will strongly represent you before the selection team of Goodwill. Goodwill selects candidates who will fulfill their maximum eligibility according to the requirements of the job positions at Goodwill. Then they will call you for an interview screening, and you should try to arrive early on your interview date. If you pass the interview round at Goodwill, you can expect a job offer letter and start your professional career.

Jobs You Can Get At Goodwill:

In the following list of Goodwill job opportunities, some offered by Goodwill are listed, from which you can choose according to your eligibility, working background, and preferences.

  • Operation Manager 
  • Software Engineer
  • Maintenance Director
  • Facilities Manager
  • General Manager
  • retail store associate
  • Program Coordinator
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Program Coordinator

Besides these, you can search and filter for many other job openings at Goodwill and choose the best one that is suitable for you to enhance your professional career with the organization.

Job Eligibility Demand for Goodwill:

If you want to work at Goodwill, you must meet the following eligibility requirements to get a job or increase your chances of getting one.

  • The minimum age required to work at Goodwill is 16 years old, but you can work at only limited job positions at Goodwill, such as cashier, dock worker, donation, and a few more. Most of the jobs at Goodwill are open to candidates who have completed their eighteen years and have passed their high school diploma or other equivalent courses.
  • Goodwill requires skilled candidates with excellent communication skills, a friendly personality, hard work, focus, and talent.
  • You must know the working environment at Goodwill and your job role there.
  • If a candidate has any prior experience, it may increase his chance of getting a job at Goodwill because the company prefers to hire experienced candidates for its various job positions.
  • Goodwill prefers to hire candidates who can multitask, are physically fit, and manage Goodwill stores and customers.

Goodwill seeks various academic qualifications in candidates, and the educational qualifications for the job positions at Goodwill vary by post. You must read the eligibility guidelines before filling out the job application form. You must fulfill the educational eligibility requirement of Goodwill to get the jobs at Goodwill.

Wages for employees of Goodwill:

Goodwill offers handy wages to its employees because it understands that if its employees work hard and get competitive stipends, which will provide them with confidence and build their focus on their work, then they will work harder to increase the business and revenue of Goodwill.

If you work as a human resource generalist at Goodwill, you can earn an average of $48,157, and the wages for the director of operations at Goodwill are $81,916. A human resource manager worker will receive a stipend of $54,836 at Goodwill. Employees working as senior accountants at Goodwill will get a salary of $65,460, and the wages of retail store assistant managers at Goodwill are $42,787. Goodwill pays an average of $116,654 to a vice president of operations employee, while facilities manager workers at Goodwill can earn $37,237 per year.

The pay range for employees who receive their salary on an hourly wages contract basis at Goodwill is an average of $12.78 per hour. The pay range of Goodwill employees varies according to position, experience, working hours, performance, achievements, and a few more factors that determine your wages at Goodwill.

Benefits for Employees of Goodwill In Breif:

Goodwill does not offer competitive wages to its employees, but it also provides some benefits to its employees because the advantages of being an employee of Goodwill make it a great company to work for, and it also ties employees closely to Goodwill.

Goodwill offers health and life insurance, including dental, vision, disability, accidental, and a few other insurance policies you can get as an employee of Goodwill. Goodwill offers a contribution pension plan for its employees, and you can take advantage of its child and health reimbursement plans. If you are a student working at Goodwill and want to continue your education, you can take advantage of its tuition reimbursement, career development, and continuous learning plans. You can take advantage of paid time off, vacations, maternity, paternity, and sick time leave to enjoy your life with your loved ones for a few days.

Other benefits available to Goodwill employees include corporate wellness, store discounts, an employee life fund, an employee assistance program, and a few others.


As the name implies, Goodwill’s mission is to assist people in increasing their earnings by providing career plans, job opportunities, internships, and job-related opportunities. Goodwill operates some thrift stores through which it raises funds. Goodwill also offers various job opportunities to people. You can visit the official website of Goodwill and go through its career portal, where you can get a list of the latest job openings at Goodwill and the eligibility requirements for those jobs. You can apply for jobs at Goodwill through some other job posting platforms, and you must have an updated resume to get a job at Goodwill.

  • Who made the logo for Goodwill?

The Goodwill logo was designed by legendary graphic designer Joseph Selame.

  • Where can you donate your stuff to Goodwill?

You can go to your nearest Goodwill store to inquire about your donations and pickup schedules, and you can also call on customer support number of Goodwill.

How To Get A Job At Goodwill?

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