How To Get A Job AT Best Buy?

Best Buy Co. Inc. is a large American electronics retailer with headquarters in Richfield, Minnesota. Mr88 Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler started it in 1966. It is the world’s largest consumer electronics shop, with 125,000 employees, and is always on the lookout for new people to join the family. Keep reading to know about How To Get A Job AT Best Buy ?

How To Get A Job AT Best Buy?

Applicants with community service know-how, a robust work ethic, and an enthusiasm for technology are valued at Best Buy.

Why Would You Want To Work?

Being a member of Best Buy can be an incredible experience. Best Buy, which generates over $42 billion in annual sales, requires intelligent and cheerful people to operate the floor, connect with customers, and give technical help. Best Buy provides a department and position for every personality type and skill level, from entry-level to management positions, repairs to connections.

Best Buy has been reviewed as having one of the best management of any organization. They are a group of understanding and personable people, who know how to motivate and educate their employees for their growth and betterment. 

It is a great prospect for people who have a fascination for learning about technology and/or enjoy helping people find solutions to their problems. Working at Best Buy helps to communicate with a diverse variety of people which is an amazing skill to learn and possess for future life prospects. It even helps to deal with social anxiety, several people reported!

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

It is a brilliant choice for those eyeing long-term job prospects. Employees can/may work for the rest of their life with Best Buy and continue to move up the company’s ladder. Best Buy prefers to hire employees from within the organization, which is a plus point to consider if you are contemplating joining Best Buy. 

Best Buy’s recycling program is dedicated to preserving the world’s natural resources. The business takes pleasure in adhering to or surpassing forestry rules and regulations. It takes extra care when designing marketing materials to keep the amount of paper used to a minimum. Employees that care about the environment will find Best Buy to be the ideal workplace.

Other than that, free lunch is sometimes offered to employees, they receive an amazing salary, the welfare of employees is taken seriously, and they get extra benefits like employee discounts.

However, according to most employees, there are a few disadvantages to working at Best Buy: every day demanding tasks await employees, break time is usually very short and can be terminated at any time, and management rarely pardons any employee who commits an offense.

Review Given By The Employees

  • “One of the advantages that Best Buy staff enjoy is playing with toys. Test drive things the day they’re released, and if you like what you see, buy it with a fantastic employee discount.”
  • “Competitive pay, particularly in higher-level positions, keeps staff loyal to the Best Buy brand.”
  • “Retail hours might be challenging because employees may miss out on family time over the Christmas season, but flexible hours can help with this.”

The Hiring Process At Best Buy

Best Buy’s hiring process, like any other, comprises multiple steps, including a job application, an interview, and an offer of employment. After passing the company’s hiring process, Best Buy normally hires an applicant for both, permanent and temporary basis.

  • The Application Process– It commences by submitting an online application form for the preferred position. Best buy prefers the online process, so don’t go about knocking on the doors of the branches if you want to be taken seriously. Your resume will also be demanded in the course of the process, make certain to upload it. 
  • Interview Process– if your resume leaves a mark on the employers they will contact you for an interview. Before a face-to-face interview, an unexpected telephonic interview is held between you and a member of the recruiting team. It is to evaluate you and authenticate that you genuinely possess the standards in your resume. It lasts for 30 minutes and the feedback is given to you later.
    According to most candidates who have been interviewed at Best Buy, the in-person interview is a rather simple process. For a successful interview, it is critical to prepare ahead of time. For the face-to-face interview, you must have knowledge about the company’s history, values, and such. You must try to answer as many questions as possible in the time available to you, ask sensible questions in return, etc. 
  • Orientation Process– The orientation call comes after a few weeks of a successful interview. The company takes sufficient time to decide who must become a part of the company. Before they can start working like other employees, newly hired individuals must go through the company’s orientation procedure. The orientation includes a tour of the workplace, educational movies, and group discussions, as well as an opportunity to ask questions. The entire orientation procedure is quite simple, although some positions will require applicants to complete intensive training sessions.

How To Appy For Employment?

Notwithstanding the position for which you are applying, you can submit an application for employment at Best Buy through the company’s online portal- Career Centre. Candidates can search for and apply for specific jobs on the Best Buy website, or they can submit their resumes without selecting a position.

You will, however, need to generate a username and a password if you are a first-time candidate. Three security questions will be presented to you, including your mother’s maiden name and the name of your first pet. Applicants will then be required to make a profile. Applicants can link their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles to Best Buy. Best Buy even permits you to generate your own profile within its Career Centre if you do not wish to partake in sharing these profiles or in case you don’t have them.

Contact information and employment history will be pre-filled by the website. Then you’ll be routed to some optional questions, such as race and gender.

The subsequent sequence of questions enquires applicants about their retail and customer service experience. Double- and triple-check the information you’ve already filled out. Because resumes come in a variety of forms, the pre-fill tool has a probability of being incorrect.

Once your account is set, you will be requested to answer the following things:

  • Confirm your age of 18 or over
  • Agree to an arbitration policy
  • Upload a resume (if desired)
  • Enter contact information
  • Enter up to five past jobs for work experience
  • Enter skills (these are certified technical skills to qualify for the Geek Squad tech support workers; if you don’t have any, don’t sweat it!)
  • Education (this uses a drop-down for colleges; again, this is to qualify Geek Squad tech support and corporate employees)
  • Contingent to the position you’re applying for, you may be asked for the days of the week and the shifts you can work
  • Enter the date you’re available to begin working
  • Enter your expected hourly wage/annual salary (depends on position)

If only a high school diploma is required, an associate’s or bachelor’s degree will increase a candidate’s worth. Other desirable qualifications could include specialized training and extensive experience.

Jobs Offered By Best Buy

Best buy offers a variety of job profiles and opportunities, such as:

Popular Entry Level Jobs

Retail positions- 

  • Customer Experience Specialist –This is Best Buy’s general sales floor position. It’s a good job for anyone who understands how technology can enhance day-to-day life and has an overall understanding of what new technology solutions exist to solve customer problems. 
  • Inventory/Product Flow Specialist – Works in-store to support Supply Chain by receiving and shipping products to and from stores, stocking products, assisting customers with carry-outs, and online orders.
  • Home Theatre Specialist (LG, Magnolia, Samsung, Sony brands) – Brand specialists are trained and certified by name-brand vendors to provide the highest level of knowledge and service to customers.
  • Appliance Specialist – Trained and certified as subject matter experts in home appliances (refrigerators, ranges/ovens, dishwashers, etc.)
  • Mobile Specialist (AT&T, Apple, Verizon) – Trained and certified as subject and brand experts in mobile services and devices.

Supply Chain positions- 

  • General Warehouse Worker – Warehouse workers move merchandise: from inbound truck to warehouse stock; from warehouse stock into smaller stock for shipment to stores; and onto outbound trucks.
  • Forklift Operator – Operates heavy machinery to process and move products to and from the loading dock. Must have OSHA-certified forklift training (not provided by Best Buy).
  • Warehouse Clerical Aide – The clerical aide records and validates data, and reports audits on areas of distribution: receiving, order processing, shipping, and inventory control. This role executes escalations and acts as a go-between among retail, distribution, and services.

Other beginner positions

  • Asset Protection Associate– This position might be a fast track to management. Candidates for this role must be able to resolve dangers such as wet flooring or dangling shelves, as well as investigate accidents and monitor the alarm system. The asset protection associate is also in charge of preventing fraudulent conduct in the store. The typical hourly wage for an asset protection associate is between $10 and $11.
  • Sales Consultant– Best Buy offers a number of departments that all require sales consultants. This entry-level position is accessible in a variety of fields, including appliances, home entertainment, lifestyles, computing, and others. 3-6 months of experience in customer service is mandatory to be considered for this job. The typical hourly wage for a sales consultant is between $9 and $10.
  • Geek Squad Autotech Car Installer– Customers require employees to install mobile electronic components. Car stereos, speakers, and GPS devices are examples of these. Three to six months of customer service experience is required, as well as a valid driver’s license. Candidates must be committed to obtaining and maintaining Best Buy certification. The typical hourly wage for an Autotech car installer is between $13 and $14.
  • Geek Squad Cadet– Candidates will travel to customers’ homes alongside Geek Squad agents to repair or set up satellite and audio/video services. The average hourly wage for a Geek Squad cadet is between $13 and $14.
  • Seasonal Job Openings– Many entry-level roles at Best Buy are seasonal. During busy seasons, such as the holidays, individual stores generate seasonal job roles. These positions include working in merchandising and inventory. Candidates will be able to implement proven anti-theft techniques. Associates will maintain a safe and secure retail environment while processing inbound products.

Supervisory Positions

  • Front End Leader– This includes handling back-office leaders, which include cash management, payroll, and scheduling, which are overseen by the front end leader. Employees are also in charge of maintaining the IT desk ticket system. This position assists the assistant store manager. A front-end leader’s average hourly wage is $12.
  • Back Office Leader– Apply to be a back-office supervisor if you have a perfectionist’s attention to detail and organizational skills. For this position, candidates must have a high school diploma and at least one year of customer service experience. Candidates must have at least six months to a year of cash handling experience to be considered. The back office leader is responsible for maintaining store schedules, hiring new team members, and ensuring that customer service standards are fulfilled. A back-office manager’s usual income ranges from $25,000 to $30,000.
  • Team Leader– Team leaders provide assistance to the associate manager and serve as a link between the manager and the team members. Being able to coach and provide support to employees is an integral part of this job. Candidates for this leadership position are required to support and train the employees. The typical hourly wage for a team leader is between $13 and $14.
  • Connections Specialist– This is a good fit for applicants who delight in training new staff. The connection specialist is in charge of training colleagues on how to recognize and recommend the best solutions for specific consumers. Candidates will be familiar with connection hardware such as routers, smart TVs, and tablets, as well as connection services such as cable TV, Wi-Fi, and alarms. The average hourly wage is $11.
  • Geek Squad Agent– Inbound and outbound Geek Squad phone calls are managed by Geek Squad agents in both consultation and operations. The Geek Squad agent is in charge of administrative chores, shipments, and repairs. At least one year of expertise in diagnosing or repairing consumer devices is required. The typical hourly wage for a geek squad agent is between $13 and $14.

Managerial Positions

  • Assistant Manager-in-Training– This role is perfect for someone who wants to get into management without much experience. Candidates will share responsibility for the business, oversee store staff, and aim to complete the training course while learning the ropes. Every person in this program is eligible for open assistant store manager jobs after their completion. By the time they are promoted to assistant manager, an assistant manager-in-training can earn $55,000.
  • Assistant Store Manager– This is the next level on the Best Buy management ladder. The typical annual salary for an assistant store manager is between $55,000 and $60,000.
  • Sales Supervisor– The sales supervisor is in charge of increasing sales and resolving client complaints. The sales supervisor is also in charge of putting sales tactics into action. The typical annual salary for a sales supervisor is between $35,000 and $40,000.
  • General Manager– General Managers are responsible for Best Buy’s performance, revenue, and budget. General Managers who are successful at Best Buy motivate their employees and provide up-selling advice. The general manager is in charge of store meetings. The average annual salary for a general manager is more than $90,000.

Tips To Be Prepared For The Hiring Process

  • Know the Company- do your due diligence and investigate all you can about the company. This will help align your interview answers with the company’s values, such as building a team of people with diverse experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds, etc. this research will pay off by showing your initiative and hard work. Also, research the requirements of the job you are applying for. Your expertise and knowledge must align with the position you are aiming for. Being aware of your strong points and inclinations during the hiring procedure can help you to find the right section for you.
  • Sign up for job news alerts- Stay up-to-date on new job postings and new store openings by signing up for Best Buy’s Talent Community. This is voluntary but will give you a leg up in learning about new career openings.
  • Use the company’s webpage and/or app- it helps to find beginner jobs, narrow down with filters, pick the job position you want, and read the requirements of the job. Once you have found a position that interests you, click on the ‘Apply to Job’ button
  • Be the Best Fit- best buy looks for sincere and dependable people. Customer service is an essential part of best buy and excelling at that gives you an edge. Emphasize Best Buy’s key values to be the best fit for them. You must incorporate how you believe in maximizing people’s potential, learning from challenges, and demonstrating respect, modesty, and honesty while having fun, for example.
  • Find the Best Answers- Best buy employers are often seen asking specific position-related questions. You could prepare by practicing mock questions.
  • Talk about customer service experience- It is critical to appropriately exhibit the time you have spent doing customer service and/or sales jobs.

You must mention your customer service experiences every chance you get during the application and interview process. The recruiting manager is interested in hearing about how you resolved a difficult client issue and what you did to improve a customer’s shopping or dining experience.

  • What to wear- What you wear and how you present yourself leave an impression on your interviewer, so try to follow a business-casual dress code for interviews. You could choose to wear a pair of khakis or black slacks and a blue polo shirt or blouse with a respectable pair of shoes is the way to impress the hiring manager.
  • Interview Q&A- Interviewees have been known to be asked thought-provoking questions by Best Buy managers.
  • While you won’t be able to anticipate all inquiries, you may anticipate queries about your favorite pieces of technology or where you believe a particular technology is headed. If you’re taken off guard, take a moment to gather your thoughts before responding with a succinct yet detailed response.
  • Community Service Objectives- Recycling and human rights are two subjects that Best Buy is passionate about. The company wants to know about and manage Best Buy’s human rights impacts. During your interview, align yourself with Best Buy’s values. What role does community service and volunteerism play in your life? What recycling initiatives have you made? What are your goals for upcoming recycling efforts? Demonstrate to the recruiting manager how well you will fit into the Best Buy family.

Follow Up

Following up is crucial if you want to work at Best Buy.

Wait three days after submitting your application. After a period of 3 days of not hearing from anyone, you could contact the store to inquire about the status of your application.

If he is unavailable, inquire about a better time to call. You can discuss your willingness to work in different areas with the hiring manager over the phone.

You could send a thank-you note after an interview for that personal touch. Let the recruiting manager know how much you appreciated his time with you. Include a statement about how excited you are about the potential job opportunity.


Best Buy is a prosperous establishment that has employed a huge number of people. The organization is looking for employees that are well-qualified, credentialed, and experienced to help them improve their customer service. Best Buy is a renowned consumer electronics seller that offers opportunities for tech and electronics aficionados.

When trying to snatch a job at Best Buy, use the material offered in this article as a guide. It will assist you throughout the hiring process and boost your chances of landing the desired job at Best Buy if you use it. This article also informs readers about the available employment possibilities at Best Buy, as well as how to apply for one. 

How To Get A Job AT Best Buy?

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