How Many Jobs Are There In The World? 

Jobs can be grouped into classes, categories, types, and fields which together as a whole form a career. There are several levels of job groupings. There are 7.2 billion people in the world, and around 70 % of people are working, so there must be about 5 billion jobs in the world. Countries like China, Brazil, India have the highest number of people in the workforce. We all struggle to find the perfect career for us. Some may know what they want to do or want to be, but most of us need help in choosing a career. We select our career based on our preferences like our fondness, stability in that career, and a lot more things that need to be taken care of before jumping into any decision.

How Many Jobs Are There In The World? 

Types of jobs

Choosing a career is very daunting for some aspirants, while few are very sure of what career path they are going to choose.   

  1. Agriculture, food, and natural resources – This group of careers include jobs in natural resources, food technology, poultry and livestock, dairy science, plant and animal breeding, butcher, fishing, forestry, extraction worker, etc.
  2. Architecture and construction careers – This group of careers includes jobs in design, engineering, blockmasons, carpet installers, civil engineers, conveyor operators, cost estimators, electricians, explosive workers, landscape architects, etc.   
  3. Education and training career – This group of careers includes jobs in school administration, academic advisors, private tutors, professors, implementation experts, archeology professors, archivists, clinical and counseling, coaches and scouts, curators, librarians, etc.
  4. Business management and administration career – this group of careers include jobs in accountancy, auditors, advertising, athletes, art directors, rate clerks, bookkeeping, budget analysts, chief executives, compliance managers, etc.
  5. Arts, audio/ video – This group of careers includes jobs in acting, broadcasts announcers, choreographers, industrial designers, copywriters, dancing, desktop publishers, editors, etc.
  6. Finance career – brokerage clerks, examiners, casualty insurance, credit analysts, credit authorizers, energy brokers, fraud examiners, insurance appraisers, insurance sales agents, investment underwriters, etc.
  7. Government and public administration career – This group of careers includes a job in aircrew members, assessors, command officers, coroners, economists, financial examiners, infantry officers, legislators, etc. 
  8. Human services career – This group of careers includes jobs in barbers, childcare workers, costume attendants, crematory operators, hairdressers, marriage therapists, nannies, neuropsychologists, etc.
  9. Information technology career – This group of careers includes jobs in informatics nurse specialists, software developers, etc.
  10. Law, public safety, security careers – this group of careers includes jobs in arbitrators, bailiffs, crossing guards, fire inspectors,  gambling surveillance officers, intelligence analysts, lawyers, paramedics, etc.
  11. Manufacturing career – This group of careers includes a job in boilermakers, system operators, tenders, coil winders, tool programmers, drafters, engineering technologists, etchers, engravers, apparel patternmakers, furniture finishers, etc. 
  12. Marketing, sales, and service career – This group of careers includes a job in cashiers, demonstrators, fashion designers, fundraising managers, marketing clerks, office clerks, public relations managers, sales engineers, stock clerks, etc.
  13. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics career – This group of careers includes jobs in aerospace engineers, agricultural engineers, anthropologists, archeologists, astronomers, automotive engineers, civil drafters, etc.
  14. Transportation, distribution, and logistics career – this group of careers includes jobs in air traffic controllers, airline pilots, aviation inspectors, lock tenders, cargo agents, commercial pilots, locomotive engineers, logisticians, etc. 

Some high paying jobs

There are various fields in every career you choose, but some are high-paying and high in demand while few have low salaries. The ranking is based on the salary data.  Health care is the most highly paid.

  • Neurosurgeons ( $ 381,500 per year )
  • Anesthesiologists ( $ 302,491 per year )
  • Psychiatrists ( $ 3,03,628 )
  • Chief executives ( $ 300,000 per year )
  • Investment bankers ( $ 200,000 per year )
  • Pilots ( $ 112,162 per year )
  • Lawyers ( $ 120,000 per year )
  • Engineering managers ( $162,418 per year )
  • Marketing managers ($ 141,490 per year )
  • Judges and magistrates ( $128,550 per year )
  • Chartered accountants ( $ 147,210 per year )
  • Event planner ($ 50,600 per year )
  • Sales manager (  $126,640 per year )

Jobs that are in demand are neurosurgeons, commercial pilots, dermatologists, therapists, translators, gynecologists, engineers, radiologists, chartered accountants. These are some famous jobs which people all over the world dream to be but working or getting a job in this field is as high as the demand.


Choosing a career is not that easy since there is so much to consider while choosing a career, like your likes and dislikes, your motivations, personality, etc. with years of development you have more career options. According to your choice you just need to work hard and find the right way to fulfill your dreams. 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Frequently Asked Questions
  1.  Which is the highest-paid job in the world?

Ans:  neurosurgeons are the most paid in the world with an average salary of $ 381,500 per year.

  1. What is the coolest job in the world?

Ans: professional sleepers can be tagged as one of the coolest jobs in the world, you get paid for just sleeping on the bed to test its comfortability. 

How Many Jobs Are There In The World? 

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