How Long To Hear Back From Job Application?

In today’s world, there are varied platforms to apply for your desired job. But the follow-up procedure is still the same. Applying for a job can be done in less than a minute but to hear back for the same can take days or weeks and sometimes no show. Whilst, one should have patience and appreciate the time taken for reviewing the applications. The timing of the hiring process varies from person to person. For instance, while some companies may only hire people immediately, others may take a long time to fill a position. Let’s learn about ‘How Long To Hear Back From Job Application?’.

How Long To Hear Back From Job Application?

How Long To Hear Back From Job Application?

It can take up to two weeks for a company to respond to your application

What you can do while waiting for an answer?

Waiting to get a response to your application can be stressful at times. It can feel like a lifetime of waiting to hear your fate!

Instead of getting worked up sitting on the phone or checking your email, you can use your time more productively.

Here are some things you can do while waiting for a response

1. Ask somebody who works at the company

If you know somebody who works at the company you have got applied to, you can connect with them to get a head up on the hiring process. He or she will refer you for the job, which could increase the prospect of receiving a response quickly and might help you get hired.

Having somebody within the home is like already having a toe in the door!

2. Ask someone who’s recently applied for a job

Ask around to visualize if you recognize anyone who’s applied for the same position.

If you find someone you have applied for the same position, you can ask them about the status of their application. This will help you get more information on the hiring process and how long you’ll have to wait to hear back.

3. Prepare your follow-up in 2 weeks 

Follow-up letters are not necessary to send with your application. But if you haven’t heard back from the recruiters for over two weeks, and if you are qualified and want the job then sending a follow-up mail will never go wrong.

It reflects your interest and the urge to get the job. Although it’s your decision if you want to follow up on your application. There is no such rule to send one, because if your application fits all the criteria then you will get an update. But if you do, you can send it to the hiring manager’s email address. It shows your commitment, which may provide you with a small amount of footing.

4. Continue applying

Yes, sometimes it is disheartening to wait for a response. But that doesn’t mean you will give up.

Here’s the most important tip for you: Never abdicate on your job search.

There are hundreds of jobs out there, so don’t just wait for one. You must continue with your job hunt, whether on not you get a response. Because getting a response is not the end of the process, it’s the beginning.

If you hold on to just one job then it will be too risky for you in the long run.

Remember, everything happens for a good reason. You might end up getting a better suitable job for you.

5. Prep yourself

After getting a response, the next step is the interview. Take this time to prepare yourself for the interview. The most difficult and important part of getting the job is to pass through the interview.

Make a list of probable questions for the interview and form the best answers to crack the interview.

Ultimately, it’s the efforts that will play a vital role in getting you hired. Therefore, nurture yourself, and make the most of the waiting time to prepare yourself well so that you can put your best foot forwards when you get a callback.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘How Long To Hear Back From Job Application?’, Getting hired is no walk in the park. You have to be positive at all times. Your efforts and confidence will showcase the best in you.

As mentioned earlier, don’t put your faith in one recruiter’s hands. There’s a long way to go. Never put an end to your job search.

Wishing you best wishes with your job search

Frequently asked questions
  • What do you mention in a follow-up letter?

Keep the email short and to the point. Start by stating who you are, and the position you have applied for, and briefly mention why you are a good fit for the position.

  • How many job applications should you send?

When you are searching for a job, you must invest your time and effort wisely. There’s no such definite number, but you can send out 10-15 applications per week.

How Long To Hear Back From Job Application?

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