Homemaker Job – Know more

They say being a homemaker is tougher than being an engineer, I guess that’s true. As we all know the “homemaker job” gives no salary, but yet it pays the attention and respect to an individual for supporting the family. Here we wil see about Is Homemaker Job a Good career?  

Homemaker Job

The older version of homemaker is housewife, the reason behind the change of tag is to show no gender differences. A homemaker can be a male or female and this depends on the decision a person makes for his/her family. 

The Patience is the key, it gives the balance, hope for good, a reason to live and growth in the values. 

Doing smart work is more important than hard work for handling the responsibilities. The responsibilities of a homemaker depends on various factors like number of people living in a home, the financial stability and income, the age of the family members, wake and sleep schedules, personal habits and interests. 

Taking care of children

Taking care of kids comes first in the list as it includes so much of work to teach, learn, explain the kids in the process. Teaching how to talk, eat, walk (basically the whole discipline part). The way we inspire and motivate a kid at home will reflect in the future and the good teaching quality from a home will let the child carry less baggage of negativity and more of kindness. 

Prioritizing the self care

Self care sounds very fancy, but it is a crucial part of balancing the home and people in the home. When the homemaker is controlled and stable, things in the home go well and will be done in time. 

Yoga, work outs, good food, traveling, learning new things, giving time for hobbies and opportunities are some of the basic “self care items”. 

Monitoring and saving budgets

Saving the resources at home will help us in saving the income which indirectly leads to a safe financial condition for the family and the security for the health. Rising the budgets can lead to the insecurity in the family and also the increase in loans and debts which again gives an outcome of high interest. 


Cleaning, laundry, keeping the food clean and fresh comes under the hygiene board. It is very important to maintain a clean surroundings in a house for the purpose of good health. Washing vessels, organizing the wardrobe, loading and unloading of required items in the refrigerator, cleaning the air conditioners are some of the very basic parts to maintain a hygienic environment. Taking care of pets and understanding them is also a part of this. 

Participating in social activities

Being part of social events will help a homemaker to take a break from the world of home and gives time to learn about new things and gives the opportunity to interact and make others to know about the experiences. 

Taking care of health

Health is the basic and essential component in a household. The financial condition plays a very big role in maintaining and giving the right security for the health of an individual in a family. We have two categories of people in this, they are senior citizens and the kids that actually get affected by health issues that range from tiny infections to permanent damage in the body. These both categories need special care and proper nutrition to continue the balance in health. The seasonal effect is a very spontaneous reaction for a person with a certain age, these people need treatment and support from home. 

Cooking and grocery shopping  

Cooking is not just part of a homemaker’s job, but it is part of everyone in a household. Cooking nutritional and fresh food plays an important role in balancing the health and growth of the kids. The more proper food a child eats, the more chances a child can have to increase her/ his grasping power, academic skills, body building and also it will help in improving the immune system. 


Repairing minor materialistic things can be done by a homemaker, however the complex issues in the household needs professional assistance and help from a person who is part of repairing things. Solving the issues in basic kitchen appliances, garden repairing, furniture fixing, basic electronic setups are part of minor repairing components. We need basic assistance from a person and also we must know the risk factors before doing the work . 

Helping the kids in making projects, correcting their mistakes and solving their problems are also part of repairing. 

Encouraging the family

Pushing a person to do better and giving hope that everything will be fine and it is always fine to take risks are some of the statements that a homemaker tells the people in home to make believe in what they want and this helps the family that the support from the people is always with them. We always need to encourage the head of the family to do better as it gives positive and productive results for the whole family. This will give him/her the promotions in the professional life and respect in the society. 

Following a system

Making daily schedules, creating a financial saving board, implementing basic rules and restrictions are some of the components in creating a system for a happy and healthy home. These components will help in the growth of family wellness. Communication is the key, it helps in understanding each other and leaves no baggage to explode with anger. Sharing the work between partners of home to not make it a burden for a single person is important. This will help

in trusting each other and creates a strong bond between two people and also teaches the kids that things and works need to be shared and cared. 

The above points are some of the very basic and essential elements of a homemaker’s work. They give access to the balance and opportunities in a family. With this I conclude that, For changing a house into home, we always need a homemaker. Without a homemaker nothing is possible. 

(Mahika anand)

Homemaker Job – Know more

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