Do Jobs Really Check For A High School Diploma?

In today’s competitive world landing a job is extremely difficult. Every job has basic requirements such as skills, work experience, specific knowledge areas, and education. Let us know ‘Do Jobs Really Check For A High School Diploma?’.

Do Jobs Really Check For A High School Diploma?

Education plays a vital role in shaping an individual’s personality and determining a person’s employment possibilities. Companies ask their employees about their educational backgrounds.

Do companies check for high school diplomas or is it just a formality?

It is an unsettled argument whether high school diplomas matter or not. The answer is both- yes and no. The basic education to be eligible for a job is very important. A high school diploma is provided when a student passes out of high school. In India, a high school diploma is equivalent to a 12th-class certificate.  A high school diploma shows a basic level of knowledge and skills acquired by an individual that is necessary for many jobs such as communication skills and problem-solving abilities.

Many companies will not ask for a high school diploma but they expect their employees to have at least some basic education. Some companies may ask for it for a suitable position or job. There is a very high chance that Edtech companies or pharmaceutical companies can ask for your diploma. It depends on the company and the kind of job an individual is applying for. A person can add their high school education to their job application. After all, it’s all about knowledge and skills. A diploma can’t decide if a person is suitable for a certain job or not. It only proves whether a person is educated or not. 

How do companies verify educational background?

 Today due to competition getting a job can be very hectic and difficult. Thus, unethical practices are used like fake degrees or diplomas from fake institutions known as diploma mills. Therefore a background check is necessary. Here are some ways to verify a candidate’s educational background:

  • The company or employers can directly speak to the school or institution from which the candidate has passed out.
  • Third-party applications are also used to verify the educational background. Several parameters are checked through the applications
  • Matching the name and roll no. of the candidate with the official school record can confirm whether the candidate has attended the school or not.
  • Candidates fake their year of passing, as most companies prefer young candidates.
  • Whether the school or institution is government-affiliated or is declared fake by regulatory bodies. 
  • The relevance of the subject or course to the job is also checked.


Everybody has mixed responses on whether a high school diploma is important or not. Is it checked by companies before recruiting or not? Companies will not routinely ask their employees to show their diplomas or degrees. When hiring employers do ask candidates about their educational background whether have they graduated or not. A company will never hire an uneducated person for a higher post. Employers may not ask for an individual’s degree or diploma but having a diploma is very important. It proves that a person is educated and increases the chance of landing a job. Nowadays, fake degrees and diplomas are used to get jobs. Some institutions forge degrees and diplomas in exchange for some fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you get fired for not having a high school diploma? 

Chances are that you can get fired for not having a diploma or a degree. Some companies don’t bother whether a person has got a diploma or not. Companies usually ask for diplomas during the hiring period. 

2. Do fake diplomas work? 

Using fake diplomas to get a job is not recommended. If your company finds out that you are using a fake diploma to get that job, you can probably land in a very stressful situation. Some companies consider the forgery of degrees illegal. There can be some serious consequences for forging degrees or diplomas. 

3. What is a Diploma mill? 

A diploma mill is a company that provides fake diplomas in exchange for money. They claim to be higher education institutions but are not legitimate. Some countries consider diploma mills illegal and a person with a fake degree or fake diploma can be imprisoned and fined. 

4. Why are education checks conducted by companies? 

Education checks should be mandatory before hiring an employee. These checks are conducted to verify whether the candidate is eligible for the job or not. Some people even provide fake degrees or diplomas to get jobs. To avoid these kinds of situations background checks are conducted. 

5. What is the difference between a degree and a diploma?

  • A degree is awarded by a university or a college for completing higher studies in a particular stream. A degree takes 3-4 years to complete.
  • A diploma is offered by an educational institute, a School, and even a college sometimes. A diploma is completed in 1-2 years. 
Do Jobs Really Check For A High School Diploma?

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