AWS Job Application Status – Know More

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the leading cloud computing platforms provided by Amazon and is surely one of the greatest inventions of mankind in deploying different applications and software to the cloud. It plays a pivotal role in leading cloud computing in IT infrastructure. It provides a command and control over the data based on user performance. These types of cloud computing services are called service deployment models. Let’s Know AWS Job Application Status.

AWS Job Application Status

AWS was initially founded in 2006 by Amazon to take care of the online retailers of Amazon, which is now one of the major cards of the cloud computing technologies and provides a Cloud Hosting Service.At present, Amazon Web Services stands out as one of the largest globally renowned technologies that provide cloud computing products and services. What makes AWS services stand apart from the other cloud computing companies is their presence and size in the cloud computing world. 

The existence of AWS globally is so large that it is divided into two main products – for dividend purposes and global infrastructure. Amazon’s virtual machine service, and S3, the Amazon storage system. Amazon Web Services continues to be one of the largest cloud service providers, serving an estimated 80% of the Fortune 500 companies.

Here’s why you should consider applying for a job at AWS

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated by online work transformation has paved a starting path for a new digital transformation, and cloud computing has been the preferred choice for it.

More multi-cloud advancements and global information technology budgets are increasingly going to cloud giants like Amazon Web Services and global enterprises and business companies have been the major outsourcing for it.

Here are some of the major reasons you should consider while applying for a job in AWS

  • Cloud Computing is one of the most in-demand skill requirements for a decent job hold and salary description, and AWS serves to be the best at it.
  • At Amazon Web Services, you will be surrounded by innovative builders that help you in pushing boundaries for expanding your skill horizon.
  • The usage of global in-demand modern-day technologies such as machine learning, and robotic analytics, has pushed the customers and the potential employees to be updated and on their toes ahead of their ever-changing business needs.
  • There is also a great scope for exploration of new possibilities, building new opportunities, and establishing a strong mark for an individual in his respective career field.

A brief picture of the job description and the designated salary in working at AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Once you have made up your mind to work in AWS, there is no going back. Thanks to the online revolution, the availability of resources to learn is never lagging and is always in abundance. The internet is filled with online books, learning videos, tutorials, forums, and courses that make it possible to learn everything you need to know about AWS.

To build a solid ground in learning and applying skills in AWS, one has to go through the certification courses that are offered. AWS certifications are important for any individual looking to take up the work, from a starting individual to an established employee. 

They allow access to a network of professionals to benefit from Amazon’s resources which cover all aspects of business, marketing, sales, and technical knowledge. The AWS Partner Network also comes with training areas. Here is a list of some of the certifications that can be availed by AWS. 

  • AWS Foundational-level certification.

AWS Cloud Practitioner- Foundational

  • AWS Associate-level certification.

AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

  • AWS professional-level certification.

AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional

AWS Solutions Architect – Professional

  • AWS Specialty certifications.

Security – Specialty

Advanced Networking – Specialty

Big Data – Specialty

According to the estimations and reviews made by some of the reputed job application firms like Monster, PayScale, and Glassdoor, AWS has recorded an average income of $103000 for any professional skill in Amazon Web Services. Here is a detailed list of some of the top-notch careers that are worth to be looked at while joining AWS.

  • AWS Solutions Architect– The average salary ranges from $140000 per annum at the associate level to $150000 at the professional level.
  • AWS DevOps Engineer – The job description includes proficiency in AWS solution design, server implementation, and Maintenance software debugging, etc. The salary pays ranges up to $13500o per annum.
  • AWS SysOps Administrator – The job description includes installation, configuration, maintenance of virtual and non-virtual systems, and the salary range up to $130610 per annum.

Alongside, there are other job offers that are to be considered such as AWS System administrator, AWS Certified Developer, AWS System analyst, etc.


AWS is one such job opportunity that can be taken up without a second thought, not because of the popularity and the name it has, but because of the skill enhancement it gives to any individual that can further their career to great heights. AWS careers are a complete package deal of a myriad of possibilities, and opportunities and provide room to scale the heights of the IT industry.

AWS Job Application Status – Know More

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