Amazon Fulfillment Center Locations & Jobs

Amazon started from a small warehouse with hundreds of bookshelves and a few square feet of land that served as their operations point. Over the years, Amazon has gained huge popularity becoming the online retailer for every household. Meeting the demands of worldwide customers created a need for multiple warehouses. The warehouses then were named to be Amazon fulfillment centers. Let us know ‘Amazon Fulfillment Center Locations & Jobs’.

Amazon Fulfillment Center Locations & Jobs

Amazon Fulfillment Center Locations & Jobs

Amazon fulfillment centers host a serving ground for different countries and states, to store the required goods and products of the order. They are like magic boxes fitting in themselves all the customer needs. Amazon has more than 175 fulfillment centers, with over 150 million employees. The career opportunities at the fulfillment centers also have variegated positions. The positions a candidate can apply for are:

  • IT and technicians
  • Environment
  • Fullmintmet Associates
  • Storage and planning
  • Management 
  • And many more. 

To guide is a complete tour of what you need to know for Amazon fulfillment centers. 

What is Amazon Fulfillment Center?

Amazon fulfillment centers as the name suggests are centers that fulfill the order demands of the customers. The centers serve as storage grounds for several products. Fulfillment centers also work beyond storing products, they work with packing, shipping, labeling, and delivery centers for a particular area. The need for fulfillment centers is to provide quick access for customers to the desired products. One advantage of fulfillment centers is, they make the process of shipping quick and accessible. 

Amazon fulfillment centers use high-end technology advancements like robots, image sensing, and machine learning algorithms to track millions of products in the warehouse. The technology makes it easier to handle product outlets, making the jobs of employees a tad bit easier and fun. 

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Amazon Fulfillment center locations

Amazon has over 175 fulfillment centers. Most of the centers are located in Europe and North America. However, several other countries also have access to these fulfillment centers. For the currently active working fulfillment centers, there are 110 in America and 185 global centers. 

  • North America
    • Mexico
    • Canada
    • Alabama
    • California
    • New York
    • Minnesota
    • Florida
    • Connecticut
    • Indiana
    • Kansas
    • Michigan 
    • North Carolina
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania 
    • New Mexico
    • Mississippi
    • Texas
    • Rhode Island 
  • Asia
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Pakistan
    • Singapore
  • Europe
    • UK
    • Scotland 
    • Wales
    • Turkey Spain
    • Poland
    • Slovakia
    • Italy
    • Ireland
    • Germany France
    • Chez Republic
  • Australia
    • New south wales
    • Queensland
    • Victoria
    • Western Australia 
  • South America
    • Brazil
  • Africa
    • Egypt 

All the countries have more than 15 fulfillment centers located in different states. It allows for easy access to products in and around the state and country which boosts the delivery transit time. Amazon associates can pick and ship the orders from the nearest fulfillment centers to the required location. 

Apart from these fulfillment centers Amazon also has several storage units that are exclusively built to store products. The center is used for storage and packaging only, it does not include a shipping center. 

Jobs at Amazon Fulfillment Center

Amazon Fulfillment Centers look after a multitude of processes in day-to-day life. The demands daily are so huge that fulfillment centers often look for employees who can actively work to add value. Amazon looks for the brightest talents that can serve them in several teams of fulfillment centers. The teams associated with Amazon fulfillment centers are as follows. 

  1. Consumer Finance

One of the largest teams hosted by Amazon is the consumer finance team. They look after the qualitative analysis of the business finance, working with data to develop strategies for business partners. The consumer finance teams are responsible for driving development to generate useful policies for business ventures to ensure that the financial market of the business is maintained in all virtues. 

Roles and responsibilities: 

The roles and responsibilities of the consumer finance team include the following: 

  • Identify the drive saving of the product. 
  • Education of product cost, profitable market, and capital expenditures. 
  • Look after financial reports and generate an analysis for business plans to be implemented. 
  • Look after the necessary changes in the reports to ensure that problems are effectively curbed without hampering the financial budget. 
  • Set new financial plans to develop expansion plans for cost and product involvement. 

Job positions:

The job positions present in the consumer finance team are: 

  • Financial Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial supply chain optimization analyst.
  • Customer fulfillment operations
  • Production planning analyst
  • Finance manager for sustainability, and global specialty. 

Average Payscale:

$104,000 to $83,000 annually. 

  1. Engineering and IT

The engineering and IT team at Amazon is responsible for looking after the creative innovations of the fulfillment centers. They develop different procedures like robotics, computer vision, and machine learning to implement technologies that make the working of the machinery easier and accessible. The engineering and IT sector at Amazon also look after the machinery management, maintaining designing and implementation of the design principles of machines. 

Roles and responsibilities: 

The roles and responsibilities of Engineering and IT teams are as follows:

  • Material handling for different products and machinery management.
  • Implementing the designs for new project management. 
  • Construction management and developing strategies for packaging management. 
  • Develop reports and data analysis for accurate product analysis, maintain the inventory count, and keep a track of demand for products. 
  • Generating algorithms to keep a track of the demand and delivery requirements of the products. 

Job positions:

The job position available in the engineering and IT team are:

  • Software development
  • IT associates
  • Reliability maintenance management
  • Wide area network support engineer
  • Senior maintenance technician
  • Data engineer
  • IT support engineer

Average Payscale:

$118,000 to $85,000 annually. 

  1. Environment and Safety

The environment and Safety team at Amazon looks after safe operation handling, ensuring that the environment of the fulfillment centers is suitable for working for all the employees. The environment and safer team are responsible for looking after regular checks, developing safer plans, Maintaining the safety regulations, and building equipment and design that rely on the safety measures of the business. 

Roles and responsibilities: 

The responsibilities of the environment and safety team at Amazon are:

  • Maintains the safety policies at fulfillment centers. 
  • Implement a program that prevents injury, damage, and loss management. 
  • Coach, monitor, and maintain the working of the associates to ensure that the working standards are at par with the safety protocols. 
  • System programmers and maintenance engineers work with developing systems for employees that ensure safe working standards. 
  • Reducing the waste generation at the venters, by effectively managing the waste production. 

Job positions:

The job position available at environment and safety than at Amazon are: 

  • Health and safety associate
  • Environment Health and safety coordinator.
  • Site environment technician
  • Environment and health manager.
  • WHS coordination
  • Workplace safety coordinator.
  • Health and safety specialist. 

Average Payscale:

$110,000 to $75,000 annually. 

  1. Fulfillment Associates

Fulfillment associate team’s look after the entire working of the warehouse. They are responsible for loading trucks, packaging the shipments, working in orders, shipping, and much more. Apart from this, they are also responsible to handle machinery working, and handling the product dispatch adhering to the safety and health hazard standards issued by the warehouse safety team. 

Roles and responsibilities: 

The roles and responsibilities of fulfillment associates are:

  • Looking after the dispatch truck, unloading the products, and making a report of the products. 
  • Handling the storage of the unloaded products at accurate places to ensure that all the storage areas are filled with an accurate inventory. 
  • Managing the merchandise and packaging them as per the orders of the consumers. 
  • Handling the machinery at the warehouse. 
  • Checking all the products placed in the warehouse for any defects, and problems. 
  • Maintaining the order and delivery of products in a separate database. 

Job positions:

The different job positions available in the fulfillment associate team are:

  • Warehouse associate
  • Yard associate
  • Machinery associate
  • FC associate
  • Sortation associate

Average Payscale:

$50,000 to $38,000 annually. 

  1. Fulfillment Center Management

The fulfillment center management team handles the inbound and outbound departments of the fulfillment center. The inbound center looks after the product vendors, incoming product trails, and management of the products. The outbound center looks after the packaging, shipping, and maintenance of the web stocks of the company. The fulfillment center management team consists of managers that arduously look after the working of different staff. 

Roles and responsibilities: 

The roles and responsibilities associated with Amazon fulfillment center management include:

  • Motivate the staff working and ensure that the work is effectively undertaken by different candidates. 
  • Looking after the functional operations of the inbound and outbound center. 
  • Gather data for product dispatch, inventory management, maintaining a database for all the data storage. 
  • Delegate tasks to the staff under them according to the project associated. 
  • Ensure that all the workers adhere to safety standards, maintaining a positive culture of the company. 

Job positions:

The job positions that are available in fulfillment center management are:

  • Area manager
  • Operations manager
  • Workforce analyst
  • Senior operations manager
  • Program manager
  • Pathway manager
  • Operation specialist
  • RME coordinator

Average Payscale:

$108,000 to $69,000 annually. 

  1. Global Speciality Fulfillment

Amazon Global Speciality fulfillment team is associated with meeting the demands of fast delivery to all the ‘ Prime Subscribers ‘ of the market. They are responsible for developing plans to maintain timely delivery of fewer than 12 hours. The work revolves around developing models and plans for internal stakeholders explaining the entire consumer insights towards the products. 

Roles and responsibilities: 

The roles and responsibilities associated with Global Specialty Fulfillment are: 

  • Creating business metrics to improve the understanding of customer insights.
  • Derive quantitative and qualitative data analysis to look after the delivery management system.
  • Using problem analysis, and critical thinking to effectively meet the internal stakeholder’s demands. 
  • Create reports and analyses documents for different products on a global scale. 
  • Drive the weekly business performance, and create team reviews. 
  • Perform the market segmentation.
  • Implement production models and algorithms to sort the data accurately for further customer aggregation.  

Job positions:

The job position available in Global specialty fulfillment teams are: 

  • Data engineer
  • Station area manager
  • Area manager
  • Full-time locker 
  • Engineering projects manager 
  • Delivery operation 
  • Assistant delivery manager

Average Payscale:

$146,000 to $75,000 annually. 

  1. Human Resource

The human Resource fulfillment team at Amazon is dedicated to bringing passionate employees to the team of Amazon. They effectively use policies and engagement strategies to engage employees at work, improving the performance of the team. HR is also responsible for creating engagement among employees, creating several operations training to create an innovative workforce at Amazon. The HR team is one of the most important teams at Amazon that works towards recruiting new and passionate employees. 

Roles and responsibilities: 

The roles and responsibilities of human resource fulfillment are:

  • Support the strategy and the goals of the business. 
  • Look after the performance, talent management, recruiting, training, and promoting policies and culture of the business. 
  • Engaging employees looking after employee relations, legislative compliance, and employee retention. 

Job positions:

The job positions available at human resource fulfillment are:

  • HR assistant
  • HR manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Programmer analyst
  • Regional central coordinator
  • Technical program manager

Average Payscale:

$117,000 to $230,000 annually.

  1. Procurement

The procurement team at Amazon is responsible for creating a liaison between the employer and the product suppliers. They work for creating adaptive drafts and contracts that ensure effective inventory management at the warehouse. The procurement team works with filtering the suppliers and looks after the supply chain management to sell the products. The team works with internal and external suppliers driving in products that are in demand. 

Roles and responsibilities: 

The roles and responsibilities of a procurement team are as follows: 

  • Perform root cause analysis, look after data analysis, and draft reports for the required supplies. 
  • Searching the market trends generating supplier networks to effectively develop relationships among the business. 
  • Define, track and measure to provide the analysis of the budget. 
  • Work in close conjunction with the supply chain management to look after the product selling. 
  • Negotiate with vendors the requirements necessary, including costs, materials, timeline, and supply. 
  • Placing orders for inventory fulfillment. 

Job positions:

The different job positions available under the procurement team are:

  • Supply chain program manager
  • Supply chain analyst
  • Buyer
  • Procurement manager
  • Procurement operation analyst
  • Transportation operation analyst
  • Category manager

Average Payscale:

$82,000 to $63,000 annually. 

  1. Loss prevention

The loss prevention team at Amazon is dedicated to working towards security and data protection. The team is responsible for looking after the products, data, people, and managing the supply chain according to different security standards according to the policies of the business. They ensure to look after the security risk and implement plans to effectively curb the risks. 

Roles and responsibilities: 

The roles and responsibilities of the loss prevention team are:

  • Reporting about all the security risks to the data. 
  • Managing database security to ensure that Amazon assets are managed effectively. 
  • Derive plans and policies for security and protection. 
  • Precepting the loss of data by accurately checking the data services.
  • Analyze the losses that occurred and deliver plans to prevent any further loss. 

Job positions:

The job positions available in the loss and prevention team are:

  • Loss prevention specialist
  • Regional Loss prevention
  • Multisite loss prevention
  • Security loss prevention 

Average Payscale:

$25 to $23 per hour 

  1. Sustainability and Workforce Staffing

The Sustainability team works toward providing customer customer-centric products and an environment that is sustainable and manageable. The team works to take responsibility for implementing sustainable plans for Amazon packing and other products. On the other hand workforce staffing actively looks for hiring a new workforce that can add value to the business. 

Roles and responsibilities: 

The roles and responsibilities of the Sustainability and workforce staffing team are:

  • Perform research and development in sustainable products that can be incorporated. 
  • Creating reports and drafts for sustainable products.
  • Implementing policies that ensure sustainable growth of the company.
  • Source, hire and develop the best workforce for business. 

Job positions:

The job positions available under sustainability and workforce staffing team are:

  • Program manager
  • Transportation sustainability
  • Software manager – sustainability
  • Research scientist.
  • HR launch coordinator
  • Staffing administrator
  • Senior workflow analysis

Average Payscale:

$103,000 to $74,000 annually.

Roles and Responsibilities at Amazon Fulfillment Center job.

Different teams at Amazon fulfillment centers take after the responsibilities of different work. Few responsibilities that fulfillment center associates look after are as follows:

  • Maintain the inventory and stock, ensuring well-organized plans for the centers. 
  • Processing the orders, going through packaging, and shipping according to the order requirements. 
  • Generate ideas that can effectively help in maintaining and improving the working of the fulfillment center, improving the overall management system. 
  • Receiving, managing, examining, and inspecting products to check if all the items are appropriate without having any issues. 
  • Keeping in check the inventory, maintaining the products in compliance with Amazon safety, and hygiene requirements. 
  • Loading and unloading trucks for products and merchandise. 

Skills required to become an Amazon fulfillment associate

Amazon looks for passionate employees who are dedicated to working and can handle work irrespective of the pressure from the customers. To seek a position at Amazon, a candidate needs to have the following key skills: 

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, to communicate among teams, generate reports, and understand the order report presented to them. 
  • Knowledgeable about the warehouse products, keeping a track of the inventory, and making sure that the inventory is stocked whenever necessary. 
  • Good physical strength, as associates, will be required to load and in load trucks, move objects, working for straight right hours in case of high customer demands. 
  • Experience in working with warehouse equipment. ( Not mandatory )
  • Punctual, ensuring all the orders are effectively met with the needs of the customers promptly. 

How to apply for Amazon fulfillment center positions? 

To apply for Amazon fulfillment positions a candidate will be required to go through the following steps:

  • Fill out an application form through the Amazon careers website.
  • Choose the position and the location of the job through dedicated keywords.
  • Enter all the necessary details, like phone number, identity proof, and other required details. 
  • Answer a few questions that are simulated on the application process.
  • Apply

Not all the positions in the fulfillment center require work experience and a resume. A candidate can go through the requirement section of the position to understand the necessary documents they would be required to prepare for the application. Once the application is processed candidates would be called for an interview. The interview includes the following rounds:

  • Phone screening
  • Onsite meeting
  • Hiring meeting

Not all positions follow the same hiring procedure. Few fulfillment center positions only have one onsite or online interview round. 

How long is training at Amazon fulfillment centers?

The training at Amazon fulfillment centers is one day to 2 weeks long. The training varies according to the position, and the responsibilities of the candidate. The training period covers the online orientation program for all employees. 

The training period at Amazon is paid. It covers employee tuition fees for high school and Bachelors’s degrees. Apart from this, they would also receive the hourly pay rate for the number of hours candidates train. 

Does Amazon pay weekly or biweekly?

All the Amazon employees full-time as well as part-time get paid weekly according to the new laws formulated on 9th October. The first paycheck is issued after the training period, employees will be given the hourly rate based on the training hours and other working hours completed by the employees. 


Amazon fulfillment centers are warehouses that are designed to store, ship, pack, and line products for delivery. The fulfillment centers make it easier for the Amazon associates to deliver the products to the customers, cutting short the actual delivery time. Amazon has more than 180 fulfillment centers that are situated globally in different continents. Having such a huge demand for products, the job opportunities at Amazon are marinated and candidates can apply for several positions depending upon their needs and interest. 

The guide provides a complete list of teams that candidates could work for along with other necessary details. 


  1. What is the minimum hourly salary at the Amazon fulfillment center?

The minimum hourly salary at the Amazon fulfillment center is $12 to $16 per hour. The hourly pay varies according to the job positions, role and responsibility, and years of employment. 

  1. What are the minimum requirements for working at Amazon fulfillment centers?

The minimum requirements to work at Amazon fulfillment centers are:

  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • Having a high school diploma is related to the position a candidate is applying for.
  • Good written and spoken communication skills. 
  1. Does Amazon provide workers benefits to fulfillment center workers?

Yes, Amazon provides several workers benefits to all the employees. Some of the worker’s benefits include:

  • Medical health plans, insurance plans, vision, and dental plans.
  • Retirement plan.
  • Paid time off and vacation period.
  • $1000 bonus plans
  • Employee discount on mentioned products. 
Amazon Fulfillment Center Locations & Jobs

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