Accepted A Job Offer But Haven’t Heard Back


Applying for many jobs and finally getting selected by your favorite company is a great thing but sometimes it is seen that after accepting a job offer from a company, there is no response. Today due to volatility in US markets many are facing job crises and which is also leading to a lot of miscommunication and backing from companies in terms of new hires. But employees got confused and stuck in that situation where they did not know what to do. But this situation can be handled easily without any issues. It is the most comm and normal issue faced by many people. Reasons could be anything behind this. Let us see what to do when you accepted a job offer but haven’t heard back in this article.

Accepted A Job Offer But Havent Heard Back

Accepted A Job Offer But Haven’t Heard Back

The problem faced by many of us is when we don’t know what to do when a company doesn’t respond after accepting a job offer. In the USA, the problem is common and arising day by day. Miss communication and job crisis are common problems in the USA. Due to this, many haven’t heard anything back from the employer but this can be resolved. Generally within one or two days, Companies respond. But if you do not get it even after 2 to 4 days then do not worry. Reasons could be anything. Maybe you will get a response within a few days or maybe you will not. In that situation, you can do many things that will help you handle the situation. 

Back out reason by the company 

The US has many job crises nowadays. Companies are sometimes ready to hire people but after some days they back off and decide again not to hire more people. Maybe the company where you applied and accepted a job offer doesn’t want you to hire anymore or maybe they changed their decision. It could be possible their preference can be changed. An employee or employer can terminate and back out anytime they want. They can change their decision anytime at the stage of hiring or maybe after that. Sometimes, companies got more efficient workers and decide to hire them in place of you. So this is a normal and common situation where a company or an employee backs off and decides not to respond to you. However, it’s not a big deal. You can deal with it easily through this article. 

Maybe they didn’t get time to respond

The reason why you haven’t gotten a reply or response, maybe a hiring person is busy. The person who is responsible to revert you can be absent due to health issues and others. In this case, it is possible that you haven’t heard back. Many times a hiring person or a company gets busy with some other major issue and doesn’t get much time to respond to you. So it’s ok when you haven’t heard back from them. Maybe they will contact you within a few days after getting all their major things done or after having the hiring person back on his duty. 

Things you can do when you accepted a job offer but haven’t heard back

Here is a guide that will help you when you get stuck in this kind of situation. Some steps will guide you to deal with the situation when you accepted a job offer but haven’t heard back from them. 

Wait to put in notice with your current company or employer

If you are currently working and waiting for your future company’s reply after accepting their offer. Then you should wait to put in your notice with your current company if possible. There are so many chances who knows? Maybe you can get a response after a few days or maybe not. So, It is better to wait for some days and put in notice with your current employer. Otherwise, you will lose your current work too. So think carefully about everything, how much you should wait or inform your current employer.

Get your job offer in writing which is signed by both parties

It is a great technique that a professional should follow in his career. If you will have a job offer in writing which is signed by both parties, then you can be free from fear. Have all types of documents and check carefully everything. Both parties should accept and agree to all terms and conditions. It will help you to be stress-free regarding your job offer and the response after that. The suggestion would be that before putting in your notice with your current employer, have your job offer letter in writing with the signatures of both parties. 

Wait for some days

Sometimes, It is seen that many employers forget to revert you or get busy somewhere else. You should wait for 2 to 3 days until you make a decision. Maybe they will get back to you within a few days. If you haven’t heard even after that, Then you can follow up and contact them. There are chances that they don’t get your document and details. So, confirm it and make a decision accordingly. 

Contact and Follow up with HR of the company

It is the best way to solve your problem when you haven’t heard back from the company. Directly call the HR of the company and consult with them. You can also send them emails or a message that they received all the details or that is everything good. Mainly HR plays a big role in offering a job offer letter and in the hiring process. So it’s better to follow up with them so that your query can be solved easily. 

Contact and follow up with the HR manager

Many times HR of the company doesn’t solve your problem and they don’t have an answer. If you haven’t heard back even after consulting with HR then you should follow up with the HR manager. Reach out and contact the HR manager directly to check in and answer your question. Surely the HR manager will have all your answers and solutions. 

If the HR manager or no one in the company helps you or ghosts you then you should be worried and think carefully. Sometimes they ignore you because they don’t want to hire you. They behave unprofessionally without any reason or answer. Then you should also back out and think of another option or an employer. 


If a company or an employer wants to hire you then they will not ignore you after you accept their offer. Within some days they will surely revert. But if they don’t, then you should check out and can also think of other options. 

Although it’s not a big deal when you get stuck in this situation where you accepted a job offer and haven’t heard back. You just need to follow the above steps and everything will turn out great and good. Reasons could be anything, you just need to have patience and think carefully before doing anything.

Accepted A Job Offer But Haven’t Heard Back

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