Technology Job Titles- Read More About It

The importance of technology in today’s living cannot be overemphasized. Technology and technology growth helps to deal with our day to day life activities, it offers various tools to aid development, exchanges information and data, save us time and cost, inspire innovation, improves and makes mankind better. Let us know more detail about ‘Technology Job Titles’.

Technology Job Titles

Technology Job Titles

Most people often seek job opportunities in the Technology (Tech) industry. Job titles can be of great help in searching for a job opportunity in the tech industry, it makes the focus very concise and less stressful. Technology is the application of our scientific-based knowledge to come up with tools, machines, techniques and processes for solving problems, making things easier for practical purposes. These include machines like computers, techniques and processes like the way we instruct computers. 

Technology job titles:

Technology job titles can be understood as the name given to a position, a responsibility, a duty, a task or a quality in technological work and understanding/knowing about these technology job titles helps in search for a job. 

Additionally, if you are new in tech or just starting taking a course in tech skill and not still not sure of what job in tech you will get, here are some of technology job titles to snag on!

1. Web Analyzer: 

A Website Analyzing is a technology approach to Website data and information.

A Web Analyzer or Analyst studies the action of the user on the site collects data from the site and analyzes it. The web analyzer works closely with the SEO consultant to ensure that content on the site is ranked in SEO.  

This is a technological job that requires google analytics skills

2. Software Developers: 

Software developers are also sometimes referred to as Software Engineers.

Software developers are knowledgeable in various programming languages & coding used in designing and developing various mobile/software applications and websites. A Software Engineer installs and runs maintenance and testing of these software applications. 

Software Developers/Engineers are highly skilled in programming, technical maintenance, high communication skills and Computer science.

3. UI/UX Designers:

UX(User Experience) and UI(User Interface) Designer; are technological high paying jobs with a little difference in work approach. However, they both aim at ensuring the end-users satisfaction. 

UI designer focuses on designing the virtual aspect of the web and mobile applications; what users see when on the website or App, include the layouts, graphics, information, colour, typography, icon and so on

UX designers usually come first, they focus on user experience and how the users should feel by analyzing users’ actions. However, they work on the skeletal structuring of all UX designs and positions. In a nutshell, they give detailed information of all elements to put together in a site, application or product for the satisfaction of end-users, they also check out for problems and improve the usability of the website and Apps or product by running a usability test run.

UX and UI designers are proficient in understanding user behaviors, product testing and analyzing, excellent designing of components, color branding and so on.

4. Web Developers:

A web developer is a highly in demand and highly paid app technological job 

A web developer focuses on developing high performing and functioning web pages using a makeup language(HTML and CSC) and various programming languages like JavaScript, Python, PHP and so on.

Web Developers are proficient in coding skill which involves the using various programming language, the ability to design analyze and solve problems 

5. Data Scientist/Engineer/Analyst:

Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Data Analyst work using data with different work specifications.

Data Engineers control the flow of data, build data pipelines and storage solutions, and provide data science infrastructure for easy collection and processing of these data. The workflow of a Data Engineer is in the first stage, which is the collection and storage of data

Data Analysts perform simple analysis of the collected or stored data, they provide reports that summarize this data. The workflow of a Data Analyst is on two major things which are preparation of data, exploration and visualization of data

Data Scientist focuses on a collection of thousands of data forms that are available and use them to draw a means of conclusion. The workflow of a Data Scientist is; collecting and storing data, and preparing data for exploration and prediction.

They are skilled in the use of programming languages like JavaScript, Python etc. and various data science tools like SQL, Spreadsheets and Business Intelligence tool(BI) for cleaning, retrieving and analyzing these data.

6. Computer/IT Specialist:

A Computer Specialist works on managing a company server and Technical Issues in the company, they also work on installing hardware and software components in computers. A computer specialist however works in the Information Technology section of a company. They can as well be called IT Specialists.

They are highly skilled in Computer hardware and software, the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems that may arise in computer systems

7. Full-stack developers:

Full-stack developers’ technological jobs and highly in demand. They work on developing software, server and web applications. 

A Full-Stack developer focuses on both frontend developing and the backend developing.

A full-stack developer is required to be proficient in both in frontend and backend I.e Full-stack = Frontend + backend.

They are highly skilled in coding and able to solve problems.

8. Product Manager:

A product manager gathers product information and client expectations to define the product vision.

However, the product manager works with engineers, sales, marketing 

Product Managers are proficient and skilled in effective writing and communication, market researching, excellent in teamwork, in creativity and understands customer expectations.

9. Social Media Manager

Social media Managers can also be referred to as technological marketers. Social media is a computer-based technology that is used to share information and interact with people across the globe. 

The job description of a social media manager is to provide social media content that brings about brand and product awareness to targeted audiences. 

They are skilled in effective writing and use of social media content and highly proficient in storytelling and branding

10. Digital Marketer:

Technology has made businesses and brands operate effectively by providing digital marketing support. 

A Digital Marketer creates an effective marketing strategy that converts targeted audiences into customers and boosts the online engagement of users. They carry out their marketing via media such as Emails, websites, social media and blogs. 

They are skilled in the practical usage of SEO, storytelling and branding.

11. Content Manager: 

Content is a technological approach to well detailed, communicative and educative information.

 A Content manager oversees all content. They create content and edit content for a business or brand blog, social media, websites and emails. They also provide content strategies for brands.

 A content manager is skilled in SEO, effective writing and web analytics.

12. Graphics Designer:

Graphic Designing is a career in technology that requires creativity and good technological application. They make use of design software tools like Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and so on.

A graphic designer is proficient in the use of software design tools, highly creative, and possess visual communication skills to pass information across through design, and coding especially for those who design for websites, they also exhibit time management skill to meet up with time in delivery clients jobs.


In conclusion, technology has created a positive and great impact in our society. There are rooms for more job opportunities in the tech industry.

Technology Job Titles- Read More About It

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