Restaurant Job Titles-Know More

Restaurant job titles vary widely and are usually self-explanatory. While there are many different positions to choose from in a large chain restaurant, smaller, family-owned establishments often have several employees with similar duties. Here are some of the most common restaurant Job Titles positions and their descriptions:

Restaurant Job Titles

Restaurant Job Titles


A host/hostess is a restaurant employee who serves as the primary contact for clients. They greet visitors, process reservations, give menus, and show customers to their seats. They coordinate with other staff members, stock service areas, and answer customer inquiries. Hostesses also greet guests and open doors when necessary. Their job requires an excellent sense of hospitality and the ability to work long hours.

In an entry-level position, host/hostess duties include greeting guests, booking reservations, and tending to guests’ needs. A high school diploma and the ability to answer interview questions are both essential requirements. In some establishments, a host/hostess’ job description should include information on benefits, including free food, uniforms, and employee discounts. This job description is a great way to attract candidates and gain their interest.

A host/hostess role in a restaurant requires a high level of customer service. They must be friendly and polite to all guests and employees. It is important to provide excellent service to all customers, regardless of how large or small their group is. They should be aware of the effects their actions will have on their dining experience. They should be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with other staff members, and they should be prepared to deal with any issues that may arise.

The host is responsible for distributing the guests evenly to the other servers. They also coordinate kitchen staff, respond to complaints, and help with other areas of the restaurant. The job requires an energetic personality, the ability to work under pressure, and the ability to provide outstanding guest service. An efficient host should have excellent customer service skills and be able to follow instructions in a stressful environment. An excellent attitude, good customer service, and knowledge of food and beverage operations are necessary for a successful career as a host/hostess.

Experience in a hospitality environment is a must, but not necessary. A high school diploma or GED is generally sufficient. Some employers hire individuals with no formal qualification, including high school students who are working part-time while pursuing their studies. A bachelor’s degree is helpful if an individual is aiming for a supervisory role, but this is not a prerequisite for this position. In general, the host/hostess’s salary ranges from $12,910 to $27,180.


Creating a good dishwasher job description is crucial to attracting the right candidate. It should list the required qualifications and skills so that a candidate who meets those requirements is not turned away. Including a detailed job description will also prevent applicants from applying for positions that aren’t qualified for the position. However, it is important to keep in mind that a dishwasher job requires a fast-paced, high-volume environment.

If you’re interested in working in a busy restaurant, you can choose a dishwasher job description that is focused on the specific tasks that dishwashers perform. Restaurant dishwashers operate a mechanical dishwashing machine and must keep the kitchen and dining area spotless and organized. They may also be responsible for busing tables and emptying trash receptacles and scrubbing floors. Other responsibilities of a dishwasher include making sure the dining area and kitchen are clean and ready for customers. A dishwasher may earn around $14 per hour. 

In addition to dishwashing dishes, dishwashers also wash utensils, cooking equipment, and other kitchen supplies. Dishwashers follow strict health and safety standards. A dishwasher sanitizes dishes with steam and water and also places clean dishes in proper storage areas. They also sort and load the dirty dishes brought in by bussers. They also scrape and dry dirty dishes before loading the dishwashers.


Waitress restaurant job titles refer to employees who are responsible for serving food to guests. Typically, they report to the head waiter/waitress and receive table assignments. Some waitresses may report directly to the front-of-house manager. As the name suggests, this role is responsible for serving customers and processing orders for kitchen staff. The waiter/waitress also communicates with guests about their meal orders and the time it will take to prepare them. They organize the food and tray it onto trays and check on guests throughout the meal. Once the meals are served, waitresses issue receipts and collect payment. These workers may also report to the Shift Leader or other levels of management. A waitress may earn anything around $15 per hour.


The word runner is used to describe the person who delivers food from the kitchen to tables. Runners are often responsible for making sure the food arrives at the right temperature and on time. A busser, on the other hand, prepares tables for the next customers. Bussers also clear tables, fill water glasses and help the servers. All of these roles are crucial to the smooth running of a restaurant. In addition, these people have seniority over servers, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be juniors.

While running food can seem like a glamorous job, the role of a runner is not without its challenges. In addition to delivering food, runners can also play an important part in supporting other employees in a restaurant. For example, food vendors support servers and ensure that everyone has a great meal. They transport food from the kitchen to tables and act as a liaison between the front desk and the back end. A food runner may also be responsible for serving tables.

Food runners are responsible for ensuring that all the orders are filled in time, and they must know how to handle moving parts. This role requires a high level of attention to detail, and the ability to communicate with the staff in the kitchen. They should be able to handle stressful situations and understand the needs of customers. Runners should also be good communicators. They should be able to keep the station clean and organized. The average salary for a runner can be around $16 per hour.


If you are looking for a career in the hospitality sector, these and many other positions such as restaurant manager or chef may appeal to you. The above job titles can provide valuable experience and an entry-level career path in the sector. These jobs may however require long hours, but they can also lead to a network of contacts in the industry.

Restaurant Job Titles-Know More

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