List Of Jobs That Start With T


There are list of jobs that start with T, and here we will discuss some of them in brief. The following are the list of jobs that start with T.

List Of Jobs That Start With T

List of jobs that start with the letter T

Teaching jobs

  In these jobs, a teacher teaches or gives instructions in elementary school, secondary school, or a university. Teaching can be done formally and informally; a person can give private tuition at home or can teach in a certified place as a teacher by profession. A teacher teaches subjects like maths, computer, English, history, music, etc. 

Taxi driver jobs

 A person gives services of transportation to the place another person wants to go with his / her taxi in exchange for money. A taxi driver can drive his taxi or can work under someone or some organization for a fixed salary or commission.

Tattoo artist jobs

A person who can make different types of decorative tattoos on people’s bodies can open their tattoo shop or can be appointed as a tattooist. Tattoos can be temporary or permanent coloured or just black.  

Tax accountant jobs

 A person who is qualified enough to account for taxes and advises businesses and organizations on taxes. Tax accountant gives services like identifying tax savings, preparing tax returns, monitoring industry trends, managing and maintaining a company’s tax database, completing tax reports, analyzing tax issues for companies, preparing advice In tax documents, etc. 

Typist jobs

A person who can type fluently in language requirements with speed and fluency with proper grammar, underlining, and punctuation can be a  typist. Typist type company’s documents and material like reports, correspondence, and policies.

Translation jobs

An individual who is a master in more than 1 language other than their native language and able to translate given text into the targeted language which conveys the exact meaning after translation can be a translator. Translation can be done in written or oral. One who is well aware of any foreign language can do online translation for companies that do business in foreign and needs translation for boos, documents, calls, emails, ls, etc. A translator can act as a translator for foreign tourists who comes to visit a country facing the problem of language understanding.

Traveler jobs

If a person has experience and information about traveling and can manage travels for others like places to travel, their flight tickets, choose their hotel to stay, make arrangements for their food, make transportation arrangements, etc . choose to be a traveler.

Transportation Security manager jobs

An transportation security officer ensures safe travel and does screening at the airport and in cargoes so that no prohibited matter can enter the planes or ships.

Technician jobs

A person who is a specialist in technical details and employed to look after any technical equipment in a store or a laboratory can be known as a technician.

Trading jobs

There are many types of trading jobs one can do like financial trading, sales trading, etc. To be a financial trader one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, and economics or a related field. One needs to have a deep knowledge of financial markets to be a trader.  Works of a financial trader include buying and selling off bonds, shares, securities, and assets on behalf of a company or an investor, making prices and evaluating trade, assisting the company to make new clients by maintaining and improving marketing materials, implementing effective trading strategies, record and report each day’s profit and loss ,must have a strong business acumen.

There are two types of financial traders : 

  • Flow traders

A trader who buys and sells securities and other assets on behalf of the bank’s clients. A marketing flow trader makes trades electronically or over the phone, he predicts the movement of the market for sale and purchase of shares and bonds, etc. 

  • Sale traders  

A trader who trades directly with clients, places orders from them and advises them on market developments and new financial ventures. A sale trader act as an intermediate between the client and market maker.

Truck driver

An individual who owns a truck and is well aware of driving policies and techniques can be a truck driver. A truck driver usually loads and unloads goods of large quantity or heavy in weight. He can work for an organization or on a contract basis.

Telecaller jobs

An individual is employed to do phone calls and emails to thane customers about the company’s product, to solve issues customers, to assist them in using The company’s product comes under telecaller jobs.

Tour guide

 A tour guide is someone who travels to different locations with individuals or groups and manages their tour for different traveling places, tells stories and facts about the places visited, and gets paid for that. One who is well aware of any particular area more that local individuals of that area or who are enthusiast about that area can be a private tour guide of that area. A tour guide can be a professional guide or anyone with great knowledge of any particular area.

Tank builder and erecter

A tank builder manages to install structures in a building like windows, doors, frames, flooring, balconies and other fixators using a carpenter’s hand. Fill cracks in plaster and plasterboard and sand patch using patching powder and patching tools. Inspect defects and cracks in floor tiles, ceiling, glasses and wood work interiors . Prepares record and documents of buildings.

Tape editor

An tape editor manages sound and make edits of audio and video and set them in a required sequence. 

Technical analyst

A technical analyst helps in analyzing investments based on past experiences and predictions of market conditions, identifying trends by gathering information on price movements and volume.


Someone who knows to stitch various dresses with required fittings can be a professional tailor. A tailor can open his shop of tailoring or can work under someone to stitch clothes at a suitable rate.

Termite control manager

A termite control manager eliminates termites and other pests from the house by digging up small holes in, the house and filling them with injected fluids, and spraying weeds with herbicide. Provide proper treatment to prevent recurrence of infestation. After the treatment, they clean up the house.

Theatre professor

A person who contains proper knowledge in theatres can be a theatre proffers in schools or a college. He/she manages all school functions and prepares students to perform in theatres. A theatre professor makes students aware of the country’s culture and writes books and articles related to culture and arts after proper research.

Ticket attendant 

An individual is appointed as a ticket attendant for shows, movie theatres, cricket stadiums, music shows, and other reality shows. A ticket attendant makes arrangements for sitting and solves disputes regarding sitting and tickets.

Telephone operator

  An telecine operator records sound for films or television and radio making necessary adjustments and playing and recording that broadcast programs using automation systems.

Telegraph editor

An telegraph editor works for a magazine, newspaper, or any editorial industry. He manages and directs what necessary actions to be taken for a particular situation, and makes necessary edits to match the company’s policies and publication requirements. He ensures that information provided must be true and received from a reliable source and does not contain any prohibited news.

Television news reporter

A person who is fierce and can read and dictate collected news in speed can be a news reporter first. A reporter first scan the originality and proper evidence of a particular situation to broadcast. A reporter reports news of various tragedies, scams, and other national matters without any fear and provides crucial information to the viewers. They provide other information like weather forecasts, economic plans, inflation, and Bollywood news.

Temperature control manager

 An temperature control inspector keeps all the necessary information regarding temperature, its consequences, and future predictions about the inclination or declination of temperature. He informs institutions which may get affected by the temperature and warns them about the future temperature situations. He also makes a blueprint, records data on temperature, and installs necessary equipment needed to record the temperature. He installs or connects instruments for testing or operational purpose. 

Tax attorney

A person who is familiar with all the state, and federal tax laws and have studied the same can be a tax attorney. He generally helps an individual or an enterprise to limit their exposure to tax liabilities. He helps in solving disputes of an organization with the government regarding taxes and advice his clients ways to do business according to tax policies.

 Textile designer

A textile designer is someone who prints, knits, weaves, or stitches clothes so that they look aesthetic. A designer paints clothes with fast and permanent colors with beautiful designs, they mix two or more wool or yarn and weave them to give them a different pattern.

Train driver

A train driver is responsible to drive a train with proper care and knowledge of rail tracks timings of other trains, and all other necessary information required to drive a train. 

Tree surgeon

A tree surgeon is generally called an arborist, he studies arboriculture which includes knowledge about different kinds of trees, shrubs, herbs, leaves, and woody plants. He does work like planting, cutting, and owning.


These above-mentioned jobs of teacher, textile designer, tax accountant, trading, traveller etc are list of jobs that start with T and are good for one to make a career. Anyone can opt for any of these jobs to earn a living. Besides these jobs, there are plenty of other options too. 

List Of Jobs That Start With T

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