Job Titles In The Fast Food Industry


The demand for work in fast food restaurants is mainly covered by people who need or want a side job and the students who need to make money while studying. Jobs in the fast food industry are known for their highly tiring and unpredictable working schedule especially in the beginning because one starts from the bottom. If you are searching for the job titles in the Fast Food Industry the this article will hep you to know about this, keep reading to know more.

Job Titles In The Fast Food Industry

Most common job titles fast food industry

A job in a fast food induustry may include greeting customers, dealing with the cash, preparing food, and taking food orders. Here are some of the most common fast food industry job titles:

  • Front Counter Cashier/ Help
  • Cook/ Food Preparer
  • Assistant Manager
  • Shift Manager/ Supervisor
  • Restaurant/ General/ Upper Manager

The most known job

Front Customer Service

One of the most known jobs in the fast food industry is front-end customer service. These workers are the first to encounter when one enters the restaurant and they are the ones who communicate with the customers. Therefore, they are a big part of customer satisfaction.

This job consists of these duties: 

1.Front Counter Cashier/ Front Counter Help

The duties of a front counter cashier include firstly processing orders and gathering flows of cash from the customers. One advantage of this work can be that there is no education requirement after high school because this is an entry-level job. But it is important that you are a friendly person if you are considering being a cashier because greeting customers and taking care of their needs are also in a front counter cashier’s job description. 

Other than dealing with the customers you might be asked to clean the public spaces, and tables, or take the trash out. 

2. Cook/ Food Preparer

In oppose to the cashiers the food preparers or cooks work in the back-end of the restaurant. After the order is taken by the front-end customer service, the rest of the work is now on the cooks and their helpers to complete. Their job is to prepare and cook food that has a simple preparation process. One of the reasons why preparing the food in a fast food restaurant has a simple process is the portions of the food are pre-prepared and all you have to do is to follow easy instructions. This means you don’t actually have to be actually a cook or graduate in gastronomy and culinary arts. Other than preparing the order you shouldn’t forget to be careful with the sanitation and safety measurements.  

3. Assistant Manager

You might be familiar with this job title especially if you watched The Office. The assistant manager is the person who is the second in charge. When the general manager is off duty, he/she left the assistant manager in charge. 

An assistant manager is hired by the general manager in order to make their work easier and be in charge in the absence of the manager. According to who your manager is and therefore your employer and boss the tasks that will be assigned to the assistant manager can vary:

  • Arranging the Working Schedule

You might be asked by your manager to arrange the working shifts of your colleagues. When one of your colleagues can’t work on a certain day, the assistant manager must make sure that someone else is there to cover his/her shift and the restaurant is fully staffed. Also when a worker forgets to clock in and out, the assistant manager is allowed to manually fix this problem. 

  • Opening and Closing the Restaurant

Normally it is the general manager’s job to open and close the restaurant on time except when he/she is off duty. When the manager is absent at work, an assistant manager is to make sure that all the doors are locked and the security systems and alarms are activated. 

At the opening, the assistant manager is also responsible for that every employee is at work on time and everything is in order before opening for business. 

  • Inventory

Another assignment of an assistant manager is to take inventory and taking count the numbers of food and items in the restaurant and thereafter order the low supplies.

4. Shift Manager/ Supervisor

A shift manager or a supervisor performs leadership to their crew and their managers during a giving shift. The shift managers are responsible for making sure that the customers are happy and satisfied with the service they are getting. They check if the experience of a customer is fast and friendly and if not then they are to deal with the complaint from the customers in the shifts of that they are in charge. 

In each shift, the supervisors are responsible for, they have to ensure the service is up to the restaurant’s expected standards in the sense of quality, sanitary, and customer service. 

After they monitor the performance in their own shift, they also must prepare the next shift manager so the following shifts go smoothly as well.

5. Restaurant/ General/ Upper Manager

The highest position in the fast food industry is usually the restaurant/general or upper manager. A general manager has the responsibility for the financial success of the restaurant, keeping both customers and staff happy while also managing the staff and reaching the health standards. To sum it up the restaurant manager is supposed to oversee all the rest of the employees.


The content and the salaries of the jobs in the fast food world are mainly based on the size of the restaurant in which you are going to work. It might be hard to start to work in this business from a high place but you can begin with small steps and if you are a good and determined worker, the promotions you want will eventually come.

Job Titles In The Fast Food Industry

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