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Working for Google

Google is, at present, the most advanced tech firm and is an aspiration for professionals to ensure a desirable career. Google isn’t related to just a Tech profession. Instead, it encompasses professionals from various fields who all work in a unified and goal-oriented approach, ensuring the smooth running of this smart tech company. Here we will see Google Job Titles.

Google Job Titles

Here is an outline of various Job Titles at Google

Senior Online Sales and Operation Manager

This role involves supervising the sale strategy of google online and its revenue growth. With all of the services of Google being online, this is an important and one of the most demanding jobs at Google.

The approximate salary for this job role is $165,596.

Senior Finance Manager

This role necessitates the required accounting needs of the company. It involves buying, maintaining budgets, and regulating payments. 

The approximate salary of this job role is $166,647.

Senior Software Development Engineer

This is way more than just a coding job. The role of a Software Development Engineer is to design, develop, and install software solutions. They also supervise a team of developers who build new and support existing websites. They have vast levels and years of experience in their field.

The Approximate salary for this job role is $171,285.

Senior Research Scientist

Their job involves analyzing data related to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). They teach Google’s system how to learn from the data. They aim at making services smarter by advancing Google’s software. 

The approximate salary for this job role is $172,000.

Sales Strategy Manager

Their role involves selling products and services to the customers. Since the advertising business of Google is its keystone, that’s why the role of sales Strategy Manager is most crucial and demanding. 

The Approximate salary for this job role is $173,077.

Senior Technical Program Manager

Their role involves attending projects thoroughly. It includes scheduling projects, identifying any underlying risk, and communicating the goals of a project between the team. 

The Approximate salary for this job role is $174,500.

Staff User Experience Designer

One of the most important and highly demanding jobs at any tech company is designing the user experience for their products. It is one of the highest and well-paid jobs at Google. Their role involves making Google’s products more appealing and easier to use by the customers, hence increase in sales. 

The Approximate salary for this job role is $184,720

Product Manager

A Product Manager understands the customer’s needs. He/she understands the larger business objective that a product will fulfill. He gathers a team that fulfills the aim of turning vision into reality. 

The Approximate salary for this job role is $185,000.

Engineering Manager

He oversees the team of engineers in the company who develop, test, and generate new products. He inspects details and intricacies and improves the existing products.

The Approximate salary for this job role is $192,000.

Staff Software Engineer

Engineers need to be logical and analytical. They are supposed to solve complex problems. That is why this job title is more challenging for candidates than the other titles. According to Glassdoors, the salary for Software Engineers is 60% higher than the national average. 

The Approximate salary for this job role is $200,923.

Senior Product Manager

They unite different fields in the company towards a common goal of selling the idea to customers in the form of a product. They do so in a more user-friendly and appealing way.

The Approximate salary for this job role is $201,600. 

Senior Software Engineering Manager

He/she supervises the team of coders working for the company. It is a well-paid and highly demanding job. It requires years of experience and high proficiency. 

The Approximate salary for this job role is $205,290.

Marketing Director

He is responsible for the entire Marketing of the company. Their role involves creating Marketing Campaigns and new Marketing Strategies to reach many customers worldwide.

They also collaborate with other teams of the company to create new products and sell them. 

The Approximate salary for this job role is $234,741.

Senior Staff Software Engineer

They are among the highest-paid employees at Google. They are technical leaders in their corresponding departments. Various departments they work for include YouTube, AdWords, or any other divisions of Google.

The Approximate salary for this job role is $242,500.


Their role involves the best leadership skills to manage and lead teams and bring unification in the company to reach a common goal. 

 The approximate salary for this job role is $247,500.

Group Product Manager

Their role involves interaction with other teams like Sales, Software Engineering, Marketing Management, or others. They form a core for every Google Project. 

The approximate salary for this job role is $253,905.

Engineering Director

Their role involves inspecting all aspects of engineering within Google. It is a highly experienced job, up to 10 years of experience is necessary to apply.  

Their role involves-

  • Management of projects
  • Hiring new candidates for each team
  • Presenting budgets and plans
  • Upper-level management works and supervision

The Approximate salary for this job role is $283,591.

SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization works with the Marketing team to increase ranking in search engines. SEO Specialists work to optimize and analyze up to data with algorithms. They work along with developers and designers. 

The key responsibilities of SEO Specialist include-

  • Research keywords
  • Work along with the content marketing team to generate better SEO based content
  • Improve search engine ranking
  • Track and analyze website analytics and campaigns

The National Average SEO Specialist salary is $40,750.

Data Analyst

Their job involves data set analysis and finding trends. They have strong analytical skills for their role. They should have an affinity to express findings in layman’s terms.  Their job involves organizing and collecting large amounts of data. Some companies are looking for programming skills in data analyst jobs. 

The National Average Data Analyst’s salary is $52,981.

Copy Writer

They play a crucial role in communicating the company’s functions. Their language must be able to express the brand identity. 

Their role includes-

  • Creating Customer Manuals
  • Creating User Guides
  • Writing Product Descriptions

It doesn’t need programming or technical skills. Excellent writing skills and creative ability will do wonders for this job role. 

The hierarchy at Google Company

There are three levels of hierarchy in chronological order. The highest ones are at the top while the lowest ones are at the bottom.

 Google Job Titles
Administrative Google Company Level

It represents the upper level of the company’s hierarchy. It is responsible for the entire administrative work for Google. 

Requirement- Adequate knowledge and experience

Various Job profiles for this level includes-

  • Chairman
  • President
  • Vice-chairman
  • IT Director
  • CEO
  • Company Chief Technical Officer
  • Company MIS Director
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Company Vice President
  • Company Senior Manager
  • Company Administration Head
Job title Hierarchy 
 Google Job Titles
Executive Google Company Level

It represents the middle level of the company’s hierarchy. It encompasses the entire Executive Role. The employees supervise the entire team of professionals in their respective departments. 

Various job profiles for this level include-

  • IT Manager
  • Network Architecture
  • Auditor
  • Project Manager
  • Chief Finance officer
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Hardware System Manager
  • Programming Department Head
  • Senior Technical Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Project leader
  • Networking Administrator
  • Engineering Department Head
  • Manager of Telecommunications
Operational Google Company Level

It includes job roles as per the areas of expertise. 

Various job profiles for this level include-

  • Network Engineer
  • System Administration
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Application Engineer
  • Database Commissioner
  • Software Programmer
  • Telecommunication Engineer
  • Content writing Team Head
  • Customer Representative Team Head
  • Trainee

How to apply for a job at Google?

  1. Apply on the link
  2. Sign in to your google account
  3. Fill in the role you want to apply and the location
  4. Apply for your specific role
  5. Upload your resume, fill in the form, review it, and then submit it

Things to keep in mind while applying

  1. Resume size must not exceed 2Mb.
  2. Adding cover letter, work history, and Education are optional.
  3. After applying, you can’t make any changes. So, make sure you double-check it before submitting it.
  4. You can’t apply for the same job title within 90 days.
  5. Apply for jobs based on your skills and qualifications. Read eligibility criteria before applying for the job.
  6. Google doesn’t provide information about the status of the application. The recruiter himself contacts directly if he finds an eligible and suitable candidate.

Job Types in Google

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Temporary
  • Intern

Organizations which recruit

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Wing
  • Verily Life Sciences
  • Loon
  • Fitbit
  • Google Fiber
  • Waymo
  • x

Required Degrees for different job roles

  • Associate
  • Bachelor’s
  • Masters
  • Ph.D.
  • Pursuing degree


  • San Francisco
  • London
  • Michigan

Job Levels at google

In general, job levels are denoted by the letter ‘L.’ The letter is followed by a number that denotes each level. 

So, L2 means Level 2.

Tech-based jobs are denoted by the letter ‘T.’ Thus, T4 means Level 4 in Technology. 

Job Levels in the tech field

  1. T3
  • In the Tech field, Job levels start with T3.
  • These are entry-level jobs.
  • Also known as Software Engineer Level 2.

Who can Apply- Fresh graduates with no prior work experience are hired at Level 3.

  1. T4  
  • Also known as Software Engineer level 3.
  • They lead small teams and design complex system

Who can apply- Ph.D. Holders

  1. T6
  • Also known as Staff Software Engineer
  • They lead large teams
  1. T7
  • Also known as Senior Staff Software Engineer
  • They lead multiple teams
  1. T8
  • Also known as Principal Software Engineer
  • These are Director-level employees
  • They have vast technical depths
  1. T9
  • Also known as Distinguished software Engineer
  • These are senior Director level jobs
  1. T10
  • These include Google Fellows in the VP-level
  1. T11
  • These include Google Senior fellows in the SVP-level

‘Google for Jobs’ Feature

The company launched its ‘Google for Job’ feature in May 2017. This feature facilitates ease of job searching. Millions of jobs from various websites are sorted out for easy accessibility to job seekers.  

This feature bridges the gap between Prospective candidates with their eligible jobs. 

This feature began with the Cloud Jobs API.

This new technology makes it easier for companies to sort out the right candidates. It does so with machine learning which filters job matches for candidates based on their skills, preference, location, and seniority.

More than 4.5 million users interacted with the API. Various companies purchase API to recruit better candidates for different job profiles. API is assessed through Google Cloud. 

What is Google for Jobs?

It involves interaction between Cloud Jobs API with search engine features for easy accessibility to job seekers. 

With the help of this feature, users search through various job recruitment sites all at once. 

Google has a partnership with various sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Facebook to populate its new feature and increase job searching efficiency.

This feature allows users to see job listings as soon as they are updated while eliminating any duplicates. 

No more searching for various job recruiting sites. Just Google it.

Google’s advanced Artificial Intelligence alleviates the problem of various keywords and descriptions used to describe job types and details. With Google’s alert system, users can stay updated on their search. Turning on alerts will give you a notification in the mail whenever a new job comes up which matches your designated criteria. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. What is asked in a Google Job interview?

Google does work sample tests and asks structured based questions in the interview.

  1. Can a candidate apply for multiple job positions at Google?

Yes, a candidate can apply for multiple jobs at once. However, it is recommended to narrow your choices down to a few based on your skills, experience, and interest. A candidate can apply to three jobs in a rolling 30-day window.

  1. Does a degree in Computer Science necessary to apply for the role of Google Software Engineer?

No. A Computer Science degree isn’t required for most software engineering roles or a Product Manager role. 

  1. Will a candidate need technical classes to prepare for technical interviews?

A strong understanding of Computer Science with a vast, interdisciplinary background is necessary for any Software Engineering job at Google or any tech-based company. 

  1. What are the application deadlines at Google?

Google accepts applications on a rolling basis. The best approach is to apply as soon as possible. 

Know more about the Google Job Titles

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