Latest Service Porter Job Description, Salary, and Duties

Service Porter Job Description, Salary, and Duties

In today’s ever-growing professional world, new opportunities come with new challenges. But with some research, effort, and dedication, you could find a job that fits your criteria. And if you are interested in working at car dealerships and have the skills to run various errands about automobiles and their servicing, becoming a Service Porter would suit you very well. So, in this article, we will be discussing the Service Porter Job Description with other additional details.

A Service Porter or a Car Porter typically works in a car dealership setting and helps maintain the cars, caters to the needs of potential car buyers and customers, and assists in various documentation tasks. You are expected to be genuine and reliable in the work you perform as you shall be handling expensive automobile possessions. To gain some more insight on the overview of the job description of a service porter along with the salary provided and job duties, continue reading.

Service Porter Job Description

From keeping the cars neat, having a close check on the fuel levels to picking up and parking the cars, be it at the dealership or to the owner’s, the job of a service porter basically comprises it all. Apart from maintaining the car and conducting a routine inspection for any repairs, a Service Porter also needs to have the organizational skills necessary for various documentation processes and maintaining records. Service porters may also accompany potential buyers during the test drive.  

Now, to apply for the post of service porter, there are some requirements:

  • One should have a valid driver’s license
  • One should have a clean slate
  • Having a high school diploma is preferred
  • Knowledge of basic car maintenance
  • Good communication skills
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills
  • Ability to document vehicle movements and vehicle conditions  

As the prime responsibility of a service porter is to manage the vehicular flow in various sectors, it is necessary to have a valid driving license with a good driving record and safe driving skills to perform those tasks. Good communication skills are necessary to build a rapport with the client and the other staff members. A positive attitude, exceptional customer service, and reassuring tone, along with good listening abilities, are a must for a service porter. A good physique with muscle strength and endurance is appreciated as the porter might have to move many heavy items around the lot, push cars, etc.  

A sample resume of a potential service porter would include expertise in car sales, vehicular damage, retrieve cars, etc. Having a background in chauffeuring customers to enhance their experience at the dealerships, organizing and cleaning the allotted area for the vehicles, inspection of tires, demonstration of skills and techniques while washing cars, etc., will increase your chances of getting hired. In addition, a service porter needs to have sound knowledge of the regular maintenance checks performed on the vehicle and should have the ability to take responsibility for the vehicle’s condition.  

How Much Money Does Service Porter Make?

Whether you are planning to work permanently or looking for a temporary job as a service porter, you would like to know more about the pay and if it is worth the time and effort, you will be putting in. Well, we have got you covered! First, talking about the salary, a service porter usually makes $12.07 per hour on average. Considering that, the annual salary of a service porter ranges anywhere between $22,000 – $28,000 per year.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, there shall be a 4% hike for service porter jobs between the year 2018-2028, growing at an average rate. Thus, there will be an increase in the number of openings and opportunities as a service porter. Looking forward to the growth expected in this industry, it is a good idea if you are planning to become a service porter shortly. However, if you want to make more money, try looking for companies like Asbury Communities, Capistrano Ford, Thompson-Cad-Pontiac GMC, which, along with a good salary (between $27,000- $29,000), treats their employers with respect and dignity.

Duties Of A Service Porter 

On a regular day, a service porter shall have the following duties to perform:

  • Washing Cars – Inside and Out

Keeping the customers’ and service loaners’ cars clean and tidy. Depending on the dealership you work at, there might be a scheme of complimentary car wash after servicing the car. As a service porter, you will have to wash and clean the exterior and the interior of the car thoroughly. (This could be done manually or with a machine).

  • Dropping off or picking up the customer’s car to and from the mechanic.

When a customer brings their car for repair or service, you will be guided at the front desk to drop off the car to the respective mechanic. You take the keys, handle the possession with care and drop it off to the concerned personnel. You will also be required to move the car around the dealership area or dropping it off at the pick-up point. In certain scenarios, you shall have to drop it back to the owners, and hence, a valid driving license is a must. You should be confident in your skills as they will be trusting you with their car.

  • Manage stock of the vehicles. 

Check the fuel levels and refill. If necessary, check the air in the tires. Keep a close tab on the batteries, fluids, and other products. Ensure that the technicians are stocked in on various necessary vehicular supplies. It is your duty to keep a close watch on it and refill it when needed.  

  • Maintain good communication skills and customer support. 

Greeting the customers with a positive attitude and taking important notes about the car. It is extremely crucial to develop soft skills like these as you will need to deal with customers right from the front desk to the drop-off. Reassuring tone, calm composure, and good listening skills, along with hand-eye coordination to perform prehension tasks, are some of the important skills too. You need to communicate with the customers, your colleagues, or your boss in a polite manner.

  • Keeping the lot clean and tidy.

Apart from keeping the cars clean, you will have to provide your assistance in keeping the entire lot clean, taking care of the garbage, putting tolls back in place, cleaning things up after servicing, etc.

  • Performing clerical tasks.

Running errands for the dealership you work at, picking up phone calls, being accountable for the cars in the lot, shifting or moving heavy objects around the lot, etc. Therefore, you need to maintain a good physique when you are performing the heavy load work.  

Important Certifications

Now that you are aware of a service porter’s job profile and duties let’s look into some of the certifications that might come in handy. Certain certifications help you earn more money as they help you boost your salary and demonstrate the additional skills that you have learned, thus highlighting your credentials. Certifications like CDL-Commercial Driver Licence, Automotive Sales Professional, Associate Service Executive, etc., help you build up your profile as a service porter and enhances your ability at the given task, thus expanding your horizon.

These are some of the duties that a service porter performs daily. Depending on the dealership, place, and staff availability, they might also be needing to do some additional tasks. Being a service porter means that you will have to perform many hands-on tasks and have a thorough knowledge of automobiles. With the right skill sets, determination, and knowledge, you can excel at this job too. This job could come off a bit challenging. Still, if you like working on cars, you can escalate your career by venturing into various fields, be it a technician, mechanic, or sales representative, eventually.


  1. Do I need any specific educational qualifications to be a service porter? Most dealerships recruit you if you have a high school diploma. Some service porters also possess a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Is it necessary to know about car maintenance if I want to become a service porter? As a service porter, you shall be handling and working with cars on a daily basis. So, yes, while working you will get to know a lot about various cars and a piece of additional knowledge about car maintenance is always helpful.
  3. What is the average salary of a service porter? As mentioned above, the average annual salary of a service porter ranges anywhere between $22,000-$28000. Depending on the dealerships and companies hiring you, the salary might change.
  4. What are some of the duties of a service porter? Managing stock of the vehicles, keeping the car and lot neat and tidy, greeting the customers, dropping off and picking up the customer cars, etc are some of the duties of a service porter.
Latest Service Porter Job Description, Salary, and Duties

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