Marketing Director Job Description, Salary, Duties


Marketing has become a profound part of every meaningful organization. Its place in the business world has become so important that organizations are finding it difficult to inculcate it as an essential part of their structures. Let us know about Marketing Director job description, salary, duties and requirements and qualifications for this position in this article.

Marketing Director Job Description

Marketing Director

As the economy began to gain liberalism, many sectors opened up for participation, and the monopolists saw a drastic decline in their sales. The more there is competition, the more businesses realize they need to invest in marketing.

Having a marketing department and investing heavily in marketing is not enough; there is always a need to have a marketing expert who can plan and execute the marketing programs of an organization, hence, the need for a marketing director.

A marketing director is an individual who is appointed as the head of the marketing team in an organization. He is expected to possess the skills necessary for studying the market, understanding it, and outsmarting the competitors. He is charged with the responsibility of spearheading the design and implementation of a company’s marketing campaign. His earnings will depend on several factors, including his qualifications, work experience, the location of the workplace, and the specific industry where he works.

In this article, our goal is to discuss the job description, salary, and duties of a marketing director. Let’s begin by looking at their headings one after another. 

Job description of a marketing director

The job description of a marketing director depends on his industry, the type of company, and the specific needs of the company at that particular point in time. Let’s assume a company places an advertisement for the recruitment of a marketing director. This company is a fabric company, and it operates several local stores with different managers at each of the stores. The job description may look like the following:

We at the XYZ fabric company are urgently in need of a suitably qualified applicant to apply for the position of marketing director. Our company is the maker of Zylo Cotton fabrics with different divisions for women’s, children’s, and men’s apparel. We also operate more than 50 stores in 20 states in the United States.

As a marketing director, your job will include the following:

  • Setting marketing goals, reaching, and exceeding them
  • Designing and implementing the marketing strategies of the company
  • Understudy our competitors and outstrip them
  • Conducting market research on the sustainability of our existing product lines and the discovery of new ones.
  • Spearheading unbeatable marketing campaigns through advertisement, promotions, and public relations.
  • Coordinating the overall marketing activities in various stores
  • Exercising oversight and monitoring the marketing budget of different stores
  • Implementing strategies for the company’s growth and development
  • Restructuring our customers’ care services

Requirements and qualifications for this position

  • Must have at least 5 years of experience in a marketing and customer relation position
  • Must be familiar with the textile industry or fabrics marketing
  • Must the managerial skills and expertise
  • Must be able to work with other team members
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Must possess proven leadership skills
  • Must be familiar with Microsoft suite and graphic design packages
  • Must be familiar with Web Analytics e.g Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Adword, Keyword search, and SEO
  • Must be capable of taking initiative, and possess an analytical mind  
  • Must be a graduate of marketing, business administration, business management, or any related field.
  • Possession of a master of Business Administration (MBA) or Chartered Marketing Certification could be an added advantage. 

Additional information

You’ll be required to work directly with our CEO and report directly to him. This position comes with an attractive salary and other packages. If you’re a good fit for this position, please be free to send copies of your CV, a cover letter, and all other relevant documents to [email protected]

Salaries of marketing director

The salaries of a marketing director will depend on a number of a factor. Some of those factors are discussed below

Industry’s and the company’s salary scale:

How much a marketing director earn depends on the industry he finds himself in and also what the company payment salary is. If he works in a retail and supply chain industry, his earnings are not going to be the same as when he works for an oil and gas company.

Experience and qualifications:

Generally speaking, a marketing director is expected to be a graduate and to have higher degrees. His work experience cannot be less than 3 years. But a marketing director with 15 years of experience and MBA and marketing certifications will earn higher than one with 5 years of experience with fewer certifications.


Location is also a factor in determining what a marketing director earns. If he works in a suburban area, he might earn less than one in a mega city.  

According to Glassdoor, the average marketing director earns $165,000 per year. A low-paid marketing director earns $97,000, and a high-paid marketing director earns $288,000.


In the past, marketing played a negligible role in many business organizations, and it was usually squeezed into the sales department if it existed at all. Advocacy for the establishment marketing department as a separate entity began to gain traction in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Experts like Philip Kotler, who was regarded as the father of modern marketing, and Peter F. Drucker saw the need for marketing as a separate entity.

The role of a marketing director is important to an organization. He plans and executes marketing campaigns, studies the market and positions his company ahead of the competition, and works with other departments to achieve overall organizational objectives.

An average marketing director earns $165,000. A low-paid marketing director earns $97,000, and a high-paid marketing director earns $288,000.

Frequently asked questions

1.What are the duties of a marketing director?

His duties are many. They include but are not limited to setting marketing goals, designing and implementing marketing strategies, and so on.

2.What are the qualities of a good marketing director?

Leadership skills, communication skills, analytical mind, teamwork, initiative, competitiveness, and winning spirit.

3.To whom does a marketing director report?

Depending on the structure of the company. Sometimes, it could be the chief marketing director, the general manager, or even the CEO.

Marketing Director Job Description, Salary, Duties

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