Interim Pastor Job Description, Salary And Duties- Know More About It

Downtown to the job listing, high preference is given to the job with cherishing and passionate position. People having clear mindset about their career, have always received the best they could ever have. This determines their admiration towards work as well as the priorities they give to the job they have chosen. In the near future, the ultra modern job position will be developed. This fasting opportunities eventually will have generated a new kind of passion in people. However, some deep down old position will still require similar skill potentials as before. They could be fulfilled by newly formed fresher or completely experienced adult. Let’s learn about ‘Interim Pastor Job Description, Salary And Duties’.

Interim Pastor Job Description, Salary And Duties

Interim Pastor Job Description, Salary And Duties

Interim Pastor Job, being an old century position ; is still in high demand of duly qualified people. Truly, it is not a god devoted job, but includes lots of discipline maintaining work in short. Openly, It help people get the internal satisfaction of doing good to the mass. It helps develop various skills like public speaking, Counselling and managements. Today we will be looking to achieve insight of the Interim Pastor Job description, Salary and duties in the further article. With that we will even get known to some FAQS about the Interim Pastor Job description, salary and duties. 

What is a Pastor?

A Pastor is a title given to the leader of the Christian Congregation. Duly, he Advices and counsels people from different communities. It subsequently includes congregations too. Biblically, Pastor is a Latin word used for a shepherd. Consequently, it is in relationship with the role confronted to the elder within New Testaments. To focus on, Bible understands it as a synonym for “Minister”. The Pastor preaches people at times. Similarly, he takes responsibility of the prevailing customs of the church in absence of the Permanent Pastor. He provides his attentions to the administration of the church. Performing all his jobs, he even get engaged in forming his own Family. He can get married unlike the priest of the church. Furthermore, we will be seeing the story behind invention of Pastor, what are Interim Pastor, His Duties, Salary and academic requirements. 

Historical Inventions : 

After the birth of God almighty, conflicts arose for worshipping Mother Mary. This conflicts took the  shape of a separating factor between Catholic and Protestants. The worshippers of Mother Mary are Catholics and Non worshippers are Protestants. Furthermore, the need for preaching among the Protestants led to the formation of a Pastor. Hence, A Pastor came into existence. He preached the Catholics as well as protestants. Pastors are considerate followers of Martin Luthur. 

Interim Pastor : 

Amongst the exactly uncountable types of Pastors, An Interim Pastor is the one who mainly focuses on Traditional Ministry. Primarily, he is aware of the truth of his position being only for a Year or half. At times, he is referred to as a Part Time Pastor or An Intentional Interim Pastor. He puts his effort for leading the church Spiritually. He maintains consistency and Solidity of the church. This continues until the arrival of the full time Pastor. Later, all the responsibilities are put down and surrendered to the full time pastor.

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Duties of an Interim Pastor :

Communicating to the 400 AD generation  Saint Augustin, An African Catholic Bishop ; enlightened a pastors job. According to him, “Disturbers are to be Rebutted, the low – spirit to be encouraged, the infirm to be supposed, objectors confuted, the treacherous guarded against, the unskilled taught, the lazy aroused, the contentious restrained, litigants pacified, the poor relived, the oppressed liberated, the good approved, the evil borne with and all are to be loved.”

Seemingly, the Duties of an Interim Pastor is no different than the full time Pastor. Majorly, they handle the ministerial jobs of he congregation and community. Secondly, the reaching during worship service and visiting the sick is up to them. Thirdly, the administration of Baptism and communion was done by them. Lastly, the conducting of wedding, Funeral and serving the church committees are some of the key responsibilities of an Interim Pastor.

Salary Received, Qualifications and Skills: 

Much of the salary of a Pastor depends on his educational qualifications and experience. The Pastors are elected from the persons having a high school level to Doctorate level qualification. After high school, the utmost subject of importance is Religion related. In India, nearly 55 percent of the Interim Pastor are qualified with masters degree. Perhaps, it is the balanced level of qualification a Pastor can have. Following it comes the Bachelors level on 26 percent and Doctorate level on 10 percent. As mentioned before, the salary depends on the educational Qualification and experience. So forth, An Entry level Interim Pastor with 1 to 3 years of experience earns 4,56,581 INR annually. On the other hand, An Senior level of Interim Pastor with 5 to 8 years of experience earns 7,91,975 INR annually. In short, a Pastor gets 278 INR per hour of his work. Lastly, their bonus calculates up to 8,759 INR on an average.

With similar background, the skills put in by the Pastor are merely essential. The highlighted skill for an Interim Pastor is Leadership. Similarly, he showcases his skills of project managing and staff management throughout his period of conduct. With that, the inclusion of public speaking skill, time managing, Counselling, instructing, sacrificing and satisfaction are seen hidden in an Interim Pastor. With this we end the general information of Interim Pastor. Next, you’ll get one with some FAQS about Interim Pastor Job Description, Salary and Duties. 


  1. How is Intentional Interim different than Traditional interim Ministry?

Answer : The traditional Interim is clearly a full time Pastor handling the leadership of the church before contacting the New or Next Pastor. On the other hand, the Intentional Interim is Cleary a part time Pastor job. He does a very little for the concerns of the church. Usually, he preaches “Love us and Leave Alone”.

  1. Which Interim is best for the church, Intentional or Traditional?

Answer : On the foremost, the church is responsible for deciding what is better for them. Mostly, the Intentional Interim is considered for troubled Church. On the contrary Traditional Interim is suggested for normal preaching and worshipping. 

  1. Which ministry is best for troubled churches? 

Answer : Frankly, the church facing issue has its own opinion on which Ministry is better for them. Majorly, the church in the conflict should consider the Intentional Interim Ministry for the future interim Period.

  1. How expensive is the Intentional Interim Ministry?

Answer : Doing only part time job of the full time Pastor, the church issues only 50 to 70 percent of the full time Pastor Salary. The remaining amount is therefore utilized for the transportation of the Pastor. Furthermore, the financial agreements are all negotiable between the church committee and the Intentional Interim Ministry.

  1. Does the Intentional Interim Pastor lead the church during his work period?

Answer : No. It is the church’s elected transition team leaders assisting the congregation in engaging the Intentional interim Pastor. The Intentional Interim pastor just guides throughout the process.

  1. How do I become a trained Interim Pastor? 

Answer : Firstly, the Pastor training begins with the blends of lectures, guidebooks, interactions, reading, films, and so on. Furthermore, the intensive training judges the pastors and declares them as a trained interim Pastor. 

Conclusion : 

An Interim Pastor Job description, salary and duties have been completely explained. The Pastor is a person preaching various Catholic communities. His key responsibilities include handling ministerial jobs, Counselling, discipline maintaining, worship services, conducting wedding and funeral, etc. The balanced educational Qualification include masters degree in a study related to religion. The average salary for a pastor is around 278 INR per hour. This fixes their annual salary up to 5,61,871 INR. The major skills of the Interim Pastor Job include leadership, project managing, staff management, public speaking, instructing, sacrificing and satisfaction. The Interim Pastor cannot be converted into a permanent pastor. They are freely allowed to undertake marriage and form a family. 

Concluding, we can get a good idea of how the church provincial work. Furthermore, one can pursue similar qualification and handle different work positions. The search for this Pastors quietly begins scouting around and see where the best candidates currently are and make some efforts to determine their Willingness to shift locations coming years. As compared to the pastor-driven approaches, the church-wide approach is difficult and time consuming. The inclusive approach also has its part of failures, but the process is biblical and Baptist. It evoke all the teachings gathered throughout journey. Practically, it puts the whole priesthood pastorhood in this case into practice. All of this help in working on church policies and a variety of other things that help the church run strong and smoothly.

With this we come to an end. Stay tuned for more information about various topics. Also, so share your views on Interim Pastor Jobs. Let us know the topic you except an article on.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy. 

Interim Pastor Job Description, Salary And Duties- Know More About It

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