Home Support Assessor Job Description – Salary & Duties

Home Support Assessor Job Description

A home is a place where a person can be in peace with his family. A lovely neighborhood and community ensure harmony in life. That is the Home Support Assessor Job Description, to ensure that the clients can live their life independently in their preferred community. As holy as this job sounds, people sometimes need more motivation for accepting this role such as salary, duties, work-hours, etc. To answer all those queries, this article is being written. So keep reading. 

Home Support Assessor Job Description

Now before we start make sure that you fulfill all the eligibility criteria listed below for the said job:

  1. 3 years experience in health or similar or a Tertiary qualification.

  2. Should have completed the following measures of proficiency
    1. CHCAC318B(Signifies effective work with aged people)
    2. CHCICS403A( Ability to perform individual assessments)
    3. CHCCS407C( Efficiency in operation referral products)

  3. Skilled in looking after elderly, assessments, and coordination of services.

  4. Strong communication skills backed by equally proficient presentation abilities. The candidate should also be a good negotiator and facilitator. 

  5. Knowledge of tools like laptops, computers, smartphones to be in touch with others. 

  6. Within a computer, the knowledge candidate should know MS Office programs viz. Outlook, Word, Excel. 

Along with the above-mentioned skill set, if you have the below-mentioned ones, you can get an extra edge over the other contenders. Mind that these are not necessary but desirable:

  • Familiarities with advertising services via profile creating platforms like several events, forums, etc.
  • Expertise in MyAgeCare system and National Screening Assessment Form (i.e., NSAF)
  • An existing valid Senior First Aid certificate.

Now, as you know the eligibility constraints, let’s move on to the job description part, which will explain what exactly this job profile demands from you!

Job Description:

We are going to cover this from several perspectives so as to cover each and every area of the profession. 

  • Responsibilities Towards Clients: The following mentioned bullets explain the duties expected from a client’s point of view, which are:

    • Making sure that holistic assessment is done. Emphasize clients’ strengths and weaknesses to carry out the most optimized health results, self-sufficiency, and resilience. 
    • Using the National Screening and Assessment Form tool only during the assessment of the clients. You may use any other authorized tools for assessment in person or over the phone. But that will be taught to you during training. 
    • Using the automated suggestions given by the NSAF based on the clients’ needs and specifications to guarantee the most efficient personalized support plan promotes self-reliant living.
    • The candidate applying for the post should be present himself or herself with a passionate and driven attitude to help the aged clients.
    • It is under the responsibilities of a Home Support Assessor to encourage respect, backing, active listening, emotional support, and personalized care plans to the clients and their families. 

  •  Quality Control: While and before assessing the client, you should keep the following points in mind to achieve industry level quality in your work- 

    • Before starting the assessment of the client, making sure that the client is authentic by checking the validity of his or her identification is a crucial part of the job.
    • Fulfilling all the measures and steps of the procedure to convey high-quality, reliable services to the clients is necessary.
    • Updating the database at regular intervals to attain certainty of up-to-date, accuracy, and relevance.
    • Have a go-to put forward new ideas and methods to enhance the smooth procedural completion. All the assessors are advised to schedule planning meetings to encourage the healthy flow of ideas in the system.
    • Whenever new guidelines are issued making sure to plan well to execute them to the fullest.

  • Records: Your report submission should also be as good as taking the assessment. Otherwise, you will not cut out as a good assessor. Follow these points for report submission – 

    • Always submitting detailed and complete reports to make the services as much as hassle-free for both ends. Make sure that all documentation is of a high standard, satisfying the guidelines set by the authority. 
    • All the assessment reports should be up to date, as mentioned already. Apart from that, they should be updated regularly online while being consistent with the Regional Assessment Services code of behavior, legislative obligation, and Organizations’ rules and regulations.
    • If for some reason, a net connectivity issue arises, then an offline assessment is to be taken by the assessor, which should be updated in the database within 24 hours of the offline record taking.

  • Criminal History: The selection criteria also mandate a national police check on the otherwise eligible candidate’s background. It is advised to renew the police check after every 3 years.

  • Business Improvement And Sustainability: At the end of the day, you will be working for an organization. And an organization needs to expand to serve more and more people with quality outcomes. To help the organization grow, stick to these bullets – 

    • Keep up with the inclusive knowledge and awareness of govt. Aided and non-aided service providers of the client’s locale. This is necessary to provide the client with the perfect service provider within their demands, covering financial and quality aspects. 
    • To make the process of matching clients with perfect service providers more and more effortless, a Home Support Assessor should make himself or herself in good compliance with the My Aged Care website along with other significant websites and internet search engines.
    • Advertise the Assessment Services via building a good image in various social events like interagency meetings, charity works, and other events and forums.
    • Spread the awareness about Assessment Services and other related services in the vicinity by participating in community engagement

There are more responsibilities as we go on, but these are the crucial ones. To describe on the whole, as a Home Support Assessor, the individual is expected to visit several clients for assessment purposes daily. When a Home Support Assessor visits a client, he or she is supposed to take a detailed analysis of the clients’ health record, preferences, and all to strategize the perfect plan for carrying out the organization’s purpose, i.e., support older people in living an independent life. While taking the analysis, the assessor is advised to use National Screening and Assessment Form, i.e., NSAF tools and My Aged Care Gateway, to complete the whole process online to keep the databases updated while taking the assessments. But if for some reason, the server is not available or any other technical issue arises, the assessor should take the assessment offline to put it in the system within the next 24 hours. At the end of the day, the job of a Home Support Assessor boils down to match the services given by the service provider with the desired service of the client and making the essential appointments to realize the client’s dream, i.e., to lead an overall healthy, happy life. 


Now, as you are clear with the responsibilities, let us address the next big question, which is “How much does a Home Support Assessor earn?” Based on the place of your living or choice, the salary may vary. To give you a clearer idea, we will cover salaries given in the major states of The United States of America. On average, a Home Support Assessor gets a mean wage of $14.10/hr or an annual wage of $29,320. But it varies quite a bit across different states. Like in California, the mean hourly wage of a Home Support Assessor is $15.04, making the mean annual wage $31,270. The mean salary given to a Home Support Assessor is around $14.16/hr or $29,450 per annum in Connecticut. It becomes $13.33/hr or $27,740 per annum in Arizona, which is lesser than the overall mean wager. Other major states like Florida, Delaware, District of Columbia are shown in a tabular format below to give you a comprehensive view of the salary deviation across the states. 

Name of the State Mean Hourly WagerMean Annual Wager 
South Carolina$11.33$23,560
District of Columbia$15.29 $31,810
West Virginia$10.45$21,730
New York $15.45$32,140
New Jersey$13.88$28.860

All the data have been taken from the website U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics updated as of May 2020. You can check for the salaries given in states other than the listed from the following website https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oessrcst.htm

So from the above data, you can well assume the expected fluctuations in the salary when you move to another state. But depending on the cost of living in the particular states, you may be able to save quite a bit for yourself. Mind you that the above data given are mean, so based on the company, you may get more than the prescribed wager above. 

In the concluding paragraph, it should be mentioned that the job of Home Support Assessor is not easy, but the job profile’s personal satisfaction is completely worth it. The salary details, along with the key job duties of a selected Home Support Assessor, have been explained in this writing to help you make the right choice of whether you want to indulge yourself in this service or not. 

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Home Support Assessor Job Description – Salary & Duties

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