Firefighter Medic Job Description Duties, Salary


Putting out fires is a very risky and dangerous job, it involves helping people escape near-death experiences, and putting out huge fires inside infrastructure. But during these situations, accidents can take out the firefighters that are trying to save people, they may get hurt or injured and may need immediate medical attention. This is the same for people trapped in the fire. That is why medics are always on the sidelines, ready to jump into action and offer their services whenever needed. They are a very important part of the firefighting job. Let us know about the Firefighter medic job description duties, salary and the basic requirement for being a firefighting paramedic in this article.

Firefighter Medic Job Description

Firefighter medic job description and assigned duties

Paramedics are an integral and the most important part of the firefighter medic job. Whenever a victim of an accident is injured or suffers some sort of medical emergency on the scene of the accident, they need medical attention as soon as possible and to provide that present with the well-equipped firefighting team helping and rescuing people just like them. They are well-equipped and have instruments such as defibrillators and fluids that are used to stabilize patients and give them time until they can get proper medical care in a hospital setting with numerous doctors and nurses.

Some duties they have as firefighting paramedics

1.Responding to Emergency calls

sometimes a paramedic may be required to attend calls in case of emergencies and stand to action and provide medical attention to the patient in need and help stabilize their condition before they are taken to a proper health care facility or a nearby hospital that is closer to the location of the incident.

2.Conducting investigations

Being part of the firefighting team, they have the knowledge and expertise of how a fire accident can occur. They have the responsibility of conducting investigations on infrastructure to determine the cause of a fire that emerged or an explosion. They also have to check if any other accident has occurred and find the source of the disaster.

3.Ensuring safety measures

A regular part of being a paramedic in the firefighting department is that they have to go for inspection at regular intervals on various infrastructure to ensure that a fire hazard does not happen at any time and the people inhabiting the building or house are safe from any danger. Their inspection involves cross-checking the infrastructure against the regulatory fire code. 

4.Helping the team physically

A very important responsibility that they have is to clear all debris falling after or during the incident without getting in the way of the main team combating the danger, and also douse any kind of spots they may find suspicious of rekindling the fire. They make sure that the place and the infrastructure around the collapsed one are safe from further damage. This also ensures the safety of many people.

5.Using their equipment

The medical part of their job title comes into play very often during the firefighting process. They have different types of equipment for different kinds of purposes. Sometimes they may need to use oxygen therapy and life support to keep the injured victims from collapsing and losing their lives on the spot. They also have the common knowledge of administering intravenous drugs to help the patients calm down and give them some time so that they can be transported quickly to the hospitals and other medical facilities where their lives can be saved.

6.Providing extra support to the team

Since they are actively involved in the firefighting process, they sometimes go in and help the main team to extract victims from the dangerous fire and rescue them and get them to a safe distance away from the hazard. They are also required to give first aid if needed to the deeply wounded patients. They can help in transporting a patient safely to the medical facility and make sure they receive the proper care and operation to save them.

7.In charge of fire drills

When it comes to putting out fires and rescuing people, one can never be too safe and cautious on the job. And to make sure that all the people involved in the firefighting team are aware of the on goings of an incident and how to tackle any kind of situation while keeping their cool and protecting themselves from getting injured on the scene. Paramedics are in charge of conducting fire drills and training the staff for their and other people’s safety and to make sure they are aware of proper protocols needed to combat dangerous situations 

Salary of firefighting paramedics and career advancement

For a paramedic Salary, there are multiple factors on which it can depend, such as

•level of experience 

•Educational qualifications 

•Place of employment 

An average firefighting paramedics Salary is calculated to be:

The annular Salary for the job title is $62,500 on average it can be higher or lower depending on the above-mentioned factors 

Highest paid Salary for the job title is calculated at $83,500.

The basic requirement for being a firefighting paramedic

Some requirements are needed to be met before someone is assigned the job title. And those requirements are:

Education Requirements

A basic requirement of being a paramedic in the fire department is to have a high school graduation degree. And other advanced requirements are to have a bachelor’s degree in paramedical science and fire science. 

Licenses to become a firefighter medic

To be eligible for the job, a person needs to complete their Basic firefighting training protocols at level 1 and level 2 and learn all the firefighting tactics taught in the program. After completion of the training program, they may have to take a paramedic training program.


Being part of the firefighting team is being part of something improved and if you have the proper determination and grit to be in this job for a longer period, and you may see an advancement in your career as a lieutenant and up to the captain. Help to manage all the other staff mementos and be in charge of training recruits and improving old recruits in their efforts. The job takes a lot of effort and on the bonus side, you can help millions of people and save their lives which are rewarding in itself. Hope you have found the answers you were looking for in this article.

Firefighter Medic Job Description Duties, Salary

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