Financial Planning and Analyst Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

Financial Planning and Analyst Job Description

The term financial planning refers to the process for the creation of wealth and estimating the requirements and making an outline for the usage of finance in the organization. The companies are required to make a focus on maintaining some goals for saving investment and also proper goes for paying out the obligations, for which sufficient amount of cash is expected to be maintained by the company. Here, we’ll discuss the Financial Planning and Analyst Job description.

Panasonic refers to the procedure of arranging the capital in the organization by properly identifying the need and obtaining all the information related to the flow of cash at different resources. Also in financial planning different policies need to be made for the procurement of the cache and assets and proper investment and administration of finance in the organization.

Main Objectives of Financial Planning 

In every organization,  companies require to maintain a particular amount of finance for smooth working in the firms.

These are included :

  • Estimate capital needs: in the organization, most of the factors depend upon the finance available for carrying out the activities so there is a need to have a proper flow of cash for short-term and long-term decision making. Capital will be estimated on the basis of current and fixed assets or the operating or non-operating assets of the company.
  • Estimating the optimum capital structure: Capital structure refers to the total amount of capital which includes assets Plus cash in a proportion required in the organisation.
  • It also includes the important decision making related to the Raising of Finance from Debt or equity sources which can be taken for the period of short term or long term.
  • They are also responsible for implementation of strategies and policies related to managem of finance in the organization.
  • The main task of a financial analyst is the utility of all the resources in the organisation.It also helps the company to get more funds if needed from outside in order to meet any kind of future contingencies.

Importance of Planning Finance

It is a process that involves developing the objective procedures and plans for the organization and also framing programs and budgets for maintaining the financial goals of the corporation. It helps in exploring the efficiency and finding their utilization of all the financial and investment plans in the organization. It is required to maintain a proper inflow and outflow of funds to completely balance a smooth supply of money. 

  • Sufficient Amount of Funds: To maintain the inflow of funds and have a smooth supply of money the financial planner prepared a reasonable balance sheet for the organization.
  • Supply of Finance: It guarantees a timely supply of money from time to time to all the creditors and suppliers of the company.

Performance of the organization from time to time finding out the growth prospects expanding the business organization in the long run. To reduce any kind of uncertainty and risk involved due to the changing market policies, reserves and provisions are prepared in advance to meet such contingency. Profitability and organizational development planet financial planner class in advance to accelerate the growth of the company.

Duties of a Financial Analyst 

Salary: $60000-$70000

A financial planner and a list of a company are required to perform some important obligations in the company for better management of finance and capital in the organization. These are as follows:

  • Developing the financial policies and strategic business plans by working in coordination with senior managers
  • They work with the business unit managers for the construction of annual budgets in order to make forecasting and planning related to the  expenses and incomes of the business and coordination of all the budgets into the overall budget
  • To increase the company’s performance the proper examination of operational and financial aspects of the business is required
  • Understanding the market trends and doing SWOT analysis from time to time in order to analyze the competition in the business environment
  • Outcomes related to the different business units and a detailed report are prepared in order to explain every element of finance.
  • In order to establish the factors which affect the business in the long run and to create the models which help the growth of the project in the long term a financial planner performs an important role
  • To explain the differences in the past results and the future is a stand to keep on making continuous improvement there is a need to compare and assess the previous year budgets and books of account to correctly forecast the analysis of deviations in the organization.
  • The financial planner makes any efforts to calculate the current assets and liabilities of a company so that the best use of the company’s capital can be done.

What is the role of financial planners in the organization?

The main role of the financial planner and analyst is to assist and make the finances of the organization and create different policies and strategies related to which they also play an important role in analyzing the policies and plans which have been implemented by the company in the organization and study its and every element and provide a report on it. They allow the management to have an efficient cash flow system and make the optimum utilization of the resources and capital to make sure that the organizations can easily achieve their strategic and financial goals

  • Public Listed Companies – The role of the financial planner in the public listed companies is to accurately assign the resources and allocate and distribute these resources to the best possible uses they also try to coordinate with the management team to guide them about the revenue and Finance also so the company is also providing the evidence to the shareholders which need to be analyzed by the financial planner as this directly affects the companies share prices in the stock market.
  • Non-Listed Companies – The main purpose of FPA is to manage all the activities successfully and make the best use of the cash flow and the management plan in the organization in the company’s try to manipulate by estimating the capital requirements so the financial planner helps in making the right decisions and estimations.


So from the above paragraph, it can be concluded that financial planners are required to perform so many tasks in the organization to maintain a smooth supply of finance in the organization. They give financial advice to the companies related management of finance in the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FP&A and what do FP&A Professionals do?

To provide the foundation to the organization the financial planners properly analyze all the plans and policies framed by the corporations. Try to maintain the financial health of the business for the smooth working of the organization and get indulged in different financial and operational decision making for better managerial support to the organization.

To analyze the performance of the business during the future period the affair professionals coordinate with the managers of different departments to prepare the annual budget based on the past budget for forecasting future expenditures and incomes they also prepare the reports and investigate the market trends and make comparisons based on the past outcomes.

To accelerate the growth of the company and explore the potential opportunities for the future the financial planners make strategic plans and policies for the companies to assist them in achieving their long-term financial goals they analyze the requirement of finance in different sectors of the company to maintain sufficient amount of funds and suggest the the the company on raising finance decisions. They also keep on updating the progress of the plants implemented by the company through their performances by comparing the past performance with the actual performance.

  • Discuss the necessary skills for becoming a Financial Planning Analyst?
  • Financial planning analysts should have the capability to make the decisions regarding the financial planning of the company and estimating the capital requirements and needs so that the company can make long-term financial decisions.
  • They should also have analytical thinking in order to solve the difficult and complicated process and make predictions about the foreseeable future.
  • The financial analyst is required to communicate the decisions and policies with the top-level as well as lower-level managers so they should have good communication in order to convey their message.
  • It will be a great benefit for a financial analyst to have good interpersonal skills and coordination skills with their existing employees and departments will help in maintaining good financial records and analyzing the need for Finance in different areas of the company
  • The financial planner is required to plan the finance in the current need of money and also analyze the areas where the money is being spent so they must have good knowledge about financial planning and management of finance.
  • They must be able to examine and inspect the books of account and maintain the proper records of the transactions related to the finance and cash flow.
Financial Planning and Analyst Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

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