Community Outreach Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

Community Outreach Job-

‘Community Leadership is the courage, creativity, and capacity to inspire participation, development, and sustainability for strong communities- Gustav Nossal. Here, we’ll know the Community Outreach Job Description.

What is Community?

Community is a niche of larger social participation and social integration. The community strives to bring about cohesion and resilience among the members of the community to cater to widening social good. Community outreach is a fold that seeks to effectively place community action to bridge and cement the gaps laid in the structure.

Outreach delivers awareness, caution, prevention, and procurement through effective planning, programming, and execution mechanisms to drive and steer growth and development. Community outreach must not be dealt with as a corporate profession but with a welfare-driven and empathetic approach towards deriving means to solve fundamental problems to give out a better living to the members with the resources available in a sustainable manner. 

Community comes from the Latin word ‘communitas’ meaning public spirit. It is of primary importance to understand why there must be an outreach. Most often, there tends to be an outward notion that every community essentially remains united and transparent to oneself. This is true with regards to maintaining community identity and integrity. But there are several spheres where communities tend to disregard slight marginalizations and vulnerabilities within one’s own community.

The vicious lenses of several social issues like child marriage, abuse, gender gap and wage disparity, unemployment, underemployment, discrimination, and many more inequities and inequalities tend to get overlooked. This might in turn cause an internal disturbance that might not hinder the existence of the community but will hamper growth and development in the community.  

Community outreach helps in bringing about the shunned irregularities to light and resolves the problem with practical and sustainable solutions. Hence, it is important for groups with ample knowledge and empathy to bring about interventions to manage and resolve the problem at stake. Community outreach widens community networking and accelerates growth ensuring a stable and sustainable environment for the members of the society. 


Community outreach serves as a medium to indulge in the field to effectively cater to the needs of the community. Every community is a unique amalgamation and thereby every community has unique needs and aspirations. Through community outreach, the job seeker is expected to understand, acknowledge, research, and evaluate the structure and functioning of the community.

This creates a space for engagement and active practice to generate and equip the members with rich resource acquisition for meeting the demands of the community. The candidate must also be an active applicant and tutor of capacity building. The role will require the candidate to go beyond the comfort zone to analyze and put forth into practice several interventions for the community. 

The central focus area of the job is to bring about effective interventions to mitigate and reduce gaps in the community where the engagement is carried out. The role must be seen as an opportunity to settle and pitch ineffective methods through individual and collaborative efforts. Through the outreach program, it is important to pool in required resources in the most resilient manner to enable smooth functioning and efficacy in the community. 


The candidate who is an aspirant for the role for community outreach must understand and be ready to take up the following duties : 

  • Must be proactive to undertake any activity with utmost integrity and responsibility
  • Must be able to  plan and organise various community outreach programmes designed to serve the needs of the community. 
  • Should be able to channel and communicate awareness programmes that help the community members to be informative, knowledgeable and vigilant.
  • Create, endorse and cultivate social planning activities for the community. 
  • Spearhead campaigns for raising social problems and intervene in a systemic manner to structurally resolve the problem 
  • Organise camps on necessary deliverables to the community. Through the deliverables, the community should be immune from the crisis that may occur in the future. 
  • Organise fund-raising drives to pool finances for effectively catering to the requirements of the community. 
  • Build a medium for query and redressal. 
  • Bring about individual and collaborative plans of action for mitigating the problems at stake. 
  • Effectively implement intervention models and methods in the community. 
  • Train, educate and enlighten the working group towards the target of the outreach programme. 


  • Must be experienced and knowledgeable about the social problems that are present in the society. 
  • Must not be less than 26 years of age. 
  • Must not possess any criminal offences in the candidate’s personal record. 
  • 3-5 years of work experience in any Non Governmental or Non Profit Organization. 
  • Proven past experience in managing a team or leading projects aimed at ensuring societal benefits. Social entrepreneurs are more than welcome to apply. 
  • Looking for individuals with oratory skills are most welcome. Individuals who are able to speak voluntarily without hesitation. Public announcements, speeches and other verbal delivery are a part of the process on a day to day basis.  
  • Must possess good and effective verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Should be able to handle MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint. 
  • Must have a brief knowledge about the laws in the country that are potentially related to the working of community outreach. 


Monetary incentive is an important element of the working forum. Through community outreach delivery, the individual is offered the following payment ;

Quote – 20, 000 INR/Month 

Travelling and Medical allowance ( if any) 

Community Outreach Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

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