Amazon Picker- Job Description, Salary, Duties, The Complete Guide

The possibility of getting the desired job is very difficult with all the competition in today’s world, but some industries are offering some jobs to those who are unable to find any other jobs. Some companies are motivating those who are struggling to find any kind of job and are trying to do anything to earn some amount of money. One example is the job of Amazon Picker. This job does need some qualifications but it could be the ideal job for those who are trying to earn some money and are ready to put in some effort. Just like all jobs, it is not easy to do this job and it is not for everyone. Right now, if you are thinking that there will be a job that does not need you to put in some effort and also pay you a decent amount of money then you are thinking of a job that will be of no effort for YOU only. Every person has a talent and many people don’t even know their talent for a long time and if they get their desired job, it will be a job for them in which there will be no effort. But, as we are saying, finding that desired job is difficult these days. 


Let us talk about the job of Amazon Picker. This job will be done in a massive Amazon warehouse, where you have to do multiple types of tasks as a picker. It is not an easy job, it requires efficiency, hard work, stamina, speed, cooperativeness, and many more qualities that you have to bring with you. The payment option is hourly and the average salary is around $15 per hour. You have to pick orders and submit them to the required department, you have to know about all the locations of all the different products, you have to product labeling, stocking, moving, loading and many more tasks with efficiency and with great precision.

There are many benefits like paid leave, insurance, and other things but there are also some things that will be the opposite of benefits like, short breaks, long time work, minimum interaction, micromanagement, and other things. There will be some advantages and disadvantages with every job and every company but if you get used to it you can easily earn a fortune. You can also learn many things from doing this job like time management, organizational skills, agility, and other things. 

You have to be 18 years of age or above with experience and with no experience in some cases. The starting pay will be decent in comparison to the minimum wage offered by the government. 

If you want to know more about the job of an Amazon Picker, then continue reading for detailed information.

How Can You Get A Job As An Amazon Picker?

The first thing you have to check is that you have to be at least 18 years of age or more than that. The job of an Amazon Picker is not allowed for a person who is not at least 18 years of age. You have to have some kind of experience in the same work environment of at least 1 year and you have to be a fit person who is both physically and mentally fit and strong, and who can take on some hard time of doing tiresome work with only a small break. You need to have some required abilities like excellent control on communication skills and writing skills because you have to communicate with a lot of individuals in this job, you have to be pleasant, easily cooperative with a large number of people at the same time, you need to have some experience of using tools and some machine mechanism so that it will not be an issue when you are working there.

There are some qualities and things that you need for this job and they are attentiveness, being agile, calm, trustworthy, strong, motivation, team spirit, working in a fast-paced environment, focused, clear with details, ready with solutions for a difficult situation, health and hygiene, and many more. All these things will help you to work in this job easily.

What Will Be The Work As An Amazon Picker?

As an Amazon Picker, you will have a ton of work. There will be multiple tasks that you have to do in this job in a fast-paced environment. You can find all the work duties of an Amazon Picker in the given list:-

  1. The worker has to be with the knowledge of all the products and locations of those products.
  2. The worker has to count and manage the quantity of the products.
  3. The worker has to obey orders from the supervisors.
  4. The workers have stocked the shelves of the warehouse according to names, colors, and other characterization. 
  5. The worker needs to fulfill the order deliveries.
  6. The worker needs to supervise other workers for hygiene and health.
  7. Using different equipment and machines as per the company’s rules and regulations.
  8. The worker has to load and unload delivery trucks that are coming and going with deliveries.
  9. The worker has to update every product’s status if it’s delivered or not.
  10. The worker has to manage the stocks of products and the storage.
  11. The worker has to do general common duties around the warehouse.
  12. The worker has to place labels on different products.
  13. The worker has to collect all the products from different areas of the warehouse as per the orders from the supervisor.
  14. The workers also need to do packaging and writings on the containers.
  15. The worker has to follow all the rules and regulations of the warehouse and the job.

What Are The Qualification You Need To Work As An Amazon Picker?

For a job as an Amazon Picker, you don’t need any high education qualification. For this job you just need a diploma of high school or GED that is General Education Development. But in some cases, you don’t even need to get into these requirements. You also need to have a strong personality which has to be strong physically and mentally, and you are also required to load and unload items and for that, you have to be able to pick around 70 pounds. You will easily get the job if you have some experience of work in a warehouse and some experience of how to use machines and equipment like a forklift, but if you don’t have any experience with that sort of work, you can also apply for the job. There will be training for the employees to make them understand how the work will be done there and about the rules and regulations that you have to follow. 

What Will Be The Working Conditions Of An Amazon Picker?

For every job, the working conditions are different and for this job, the conditions are difficult for many individuals. You have to work for at least 8 to 10 hours continuously. There are options of part-time and full time which comprise 20 to 40 hours of work per week approximately. There are small breaks that are very difficult for some individuals, but these conditions are different in different areas. Due to big warehouses, you have to walk a long distance to even get to washrooms and it will be difficult for you to maintain your work continuity. You will be under strict management or micromanagement which could be frustrating for many individuals. 

What Will Be The Working Environment For An Amazon Picker?

Amazon warehouses are very large buildings in which you are working with thousands of people and everyone is under strict management. There are people of many diversities with different works. There are many subheads and due to that, there is micromanagement. You and all workers are also under strict surveillance while watching your and everyone’s movement and works, and if you are seen doing something which is not allowed, then you could also lose the job. Due to the vast warehouses, you even have to push or pull heavy trolleys for about a distance of 20 kilometers. After working a shift or during the shift you could feel numbed and frustrated because of the pressure of work. As you will be frustrated, many other individuals would also be in the same situation, so it’s better to mind your business and do your work as required.  

What Will Be The Salary Of An Amazon Picker?

At the start of the job, you will be around $15 which is great in comparison to the minimum wage. The salary is good and with salary, many benefits are also amazing in comparison to other jobs. You will get many medical facilities like, prescriptions, dental care, and vision-related problems are taken care of. You can also buy Amazon stocks and participate in a $401k plan.

What are the Advantages of an Amazon Picker? 

There are many advantages and benefits of working as an Amazon Picker. They are listed below:-

  1. If you are working as an Amazon Picker, then you will get health insurance.
  2. The salary is higher than any other job that pays hourly, and there are also bonuses and incentives. The starting pay is around $15 per hour.
  3. There is paid leave allowed if you are working a full-time job.
  4. There is an option of choosing a full-time shift and part-time shift.
  5. There are many options for shifts like early morning, afternoon, and night, so you can easily do your job around your timetable.
  6. The employees can also buy Amazon stock and participate in the $401k plan.
  7. To all the full-time employees, the expenses of prescriptions, vision, and dental care are paid to help the employee’s health.
  8. The employee who is the birth mother gets 20 weeks of parental leave and 6 weeks are given to the parents who adopted a child.

What Are the Disadvantages of an Amazon Picker?

With the above-given advantages, there are also disadvantages of working as an Amazon Picker. The disadvantages are listed below:-

  1. There are short breaks and because of that, there is less time to rest in the breaks.
  2. The warehouses are so big, and you have to take long walks to even go to the restroom.
  3. Every employee is in very strict management that sometimes frustrates many employees. 
  4. Every employee is also under very strict surveillance which is watching every movement of an employee, and doing anything or wasting any time can lead to you losing your job.
  5. Many weak employees become weak and numb doing work nonstop.
  6. Employees who are unable to work properly because of health issues or weakness are seen as an inconvenience.
  7. Due to the very big area of the warehouse, employees need to push and pull trolleys loaded with products for at least 20 kilometers.
  8. Due to the working environment and the job, only fit and strong people could do this job.

After reviewing all the points written in this article, we can say that taking a job as an Amazon Picker is an ambiguous decision, it could be clear for those who are ready to put their efforts straight and earn those benefits and salaries. It is a hard job for those who are not physically and mentally stable, a person has to be a strong and fit individual to do this type of job.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get a Picker job? I am 17.

Answer- No, a person should be at least 18 years of age or older for this job.

2. I don’t have any experience with this kind of job. Should I apply for this job?

Answer- if you are healthy, strong, and fit and 18 or older, then you can apply?

3. What is the monthly salary for this job?

Answer- The employee gets an average of $15 per hour in starting and for an 8 to 10-hour shift. So, with that, we can say that the monthly salary could be around $3000.

4. Is there part-time available?

Answer- Yes, there is the option of part-time available.  

5. I have loading and unloading work for my furniture store, so should I get this job for loading and unloading items?

Answer- Yes, you can apply for this job, but there you have to do other work too, like stocking the items, collecting items from the departments of the warehouse, pushing trolleys, and other work.

Amazon Picker- Job Description, Salary, Duties, The Complete Guide

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