Signing NDA Before Interview- Let’s Find Out

The word NDA simply means non-disclosure agreement. It is a legal contract that happens between an employee and an employer during an interview. This contract restricts you from disclosing some information after your interview. Before your interview, your employer will ask you to sign an NDA. Let us know What happens ‘Signing NDA Before Interview’.

Signing NDA Before Interview

Signing NDA Before Interview

Before signing an NDA, you need to be extremely careful and be sure that whatever contract you are signing with your employer won’t affect you in the future. You need to have adequate knowledge about what an NDA entails before you proceed with an interview. 

What You Should Know About NDA?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is known as documentation that has been carefully written to bind two parties legally. This documentation entails important and confidential information, and must not be disclosed to any third party else actions will be taken against the second party who defaults.

Signing NDAs are common, especially in all spheres of life. This is done to prevent any disagreement between business partners or an employee and an employer. Signing an NDA before proceeding with an interview gives your employer full license to take any action against you if you share any vital information about the company.

Most employers often ask employees to sign an NDA before an interview. The major reason for this is to protect the company from any possible danger that may arise. Companies make an NDA available for all their employees as it’s the only trusted means of ensuring that all confidential information of the company is safe. This information also includes the marketing strategy of the company, lists of clients that the company works with, and some other secrets the organization works with. 

Always have it in mind that the main purpose of signing an NDA before proceeding with an interview is for an efficient business transaction. Irrespective of the job you are applying for, or any business you are doing, you need to sign an NDA. All you have to do is to ensure your safety while signing an NDA. Always have it in mind that most NDAs document is in favor of the company and employer, you come third in this agreement. 

Since NDAs are legal documents, it’s none avoidable for you to sign this before going into any business transaction.

Possible Dangers Of Signing An NDA Before Interview

An NDA is a legal document that brings you and your client together, so if you violate the rules, there will be repercussions. Make sure you carefully go through an NDA document before going ahead to sign one. Be sure that there are no red flags attached to what is written, else it’s better you walk away from what will endanger you.

The following are the possible dangers you may experience if you sign an NDA before the interview:

  • If you go against the rules of a company you work with after signing an NDA, you will be asked to pay for damages brought to the organization. So to avoid this, do not in any way disclose the secrets of the company you work with.
  • If you make the company lose any contract that will yield much profit, you might be asked to pay for any possible damages you have brought to the company. If you are not okay with the rule, you should opt out.
  • If you violate the company’s rules, you can be sued for it. This can be avoided if you trade with a cushion.
  • While signing such documents, you need to be very careful so you don’t damage your reputation. It can also affect your chances of getting a new job in other organizations. You must be very sure that you can keep to the rules before signing.
  • Be sure that the agreement does not include transference of your property to your employer. If you are asked to give an IP while signing an NDA, it’s a complete red flag so avoid such a company.
  • Ensure that there is a designated date that indicates when your business will end. If there is no date, please do not sign such a contract else you will continue working for such a company.
  • Always watch out for words like “Liquidated damages” in the document before signing it. If you sign this without reading it, it means your employer has every right to take action against you for any damages done even when you know nothing about it.
  • Stealing from the company in any way can cause you a lot of danger and it can damage your reputation in society.

Important Facts You Should Know Before Signing An NDA

The major reason why two different parties bring in the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is for the safety of any information shared.

Below are important facts that you should keep in mind before signing an NDA:

  • An NDA should include both parties, both the one who is sharing the information and the employee. But it mostly favors the employer and not the employee.
  • Your address of residence and name will also be included.
  • You should know more about the information which has been stated in the document before you sign. Keep your personal information confidential.
  • It’s also vital for you to know about the duration which sometimes could take longer than expected. If it is not convenient for you then do not sign.
  • The moment you stop working with an organization, every signed agreement that is confidential should be destroyed or either disposed of. 
  • As a recipient, you must accept never to disclose any information given to you by your employer.

Steps To Take Before You Sign An NDA

There are some steps you need to take before you go ahead to sign an NDA. The following are steps you should pay attention to carefully:

  • Always make sure you look out for any possible dangers in signing an NDA.
  • Ensure you get full information about the job you are applying for, and the terms and conditions of the organization. 
  • Do not shy away from asking questions if you are not satisfied with any information you are given. 
  • Do not assume that all which is written in a non-disclosure agreement is correct. Be certain of what you are signing by reading through it.
  • Do not allow yourself to be forced into signing an NDA before the interview. Make sure you know what you are signing to prevent danger in the future.
  • It’s also important for you to know when your contract will end as it ought to be stated in the NDA. You should be allowed to terminate your appointment if you are no longer comfortable.

What To Do If You Don’t Want To Sign An NDA?

In all that you have read so far, there is one major point you should have in mind. You are not obligated to sign an NDA the way it is written before an interview. 

It could be very difficult for you to resist a job offer especially when you desperately need the job. You can get yourself into serious problems if you sign an NDA without reading through it.

Here are the things you should do if you don’t want to sign an NDA;

  • Carefully take note of whatever point you feel is not clear to you that is written in the NDA. When you have done this, you can ask your employers questions about it, if they do not give you a concrete response please avoid such a company.
  • You can decide to choose what you can do and avoid what you are sure you can’t do. You may go along with your attorney if you are not sure about doing this alone. 

Generally, employees are asked to sign an NDA before the interview due to a lack of trust in the employer. They do this to save the company’s trademarks and business success secrets.

Vital Information You Need To Keep Secret

This must be another question within you, but never too worry you will get your answers. You ought to know what information that needs to be kept confidential. If you do not find the information that must be kept secret in the NDA, please kindly avoid signing such deals else you will get yourself into big trouble. You can be charged for a crime you have no idea about so please watch out.

In other words, you must know about the company’s secret that should be kept safe before you go ahead in signing an NDA.

To sign an NDA before the interview, it is required of the employer to provide specific information that you can give adequate answers to while the interview is ongoing. The interview should be straightforward and not difficult to give response to when asked any question. 

What To Do To Keep Information Given Confidential?

If you want to sign an NDA before an interview, you will have to ensure that every piece of information you are provided with is kept confidential. You must also agree to the terms and conditions of the company.  Avoid exposing any confidential information given to you by the company. 

The following are things you can do to keep information given to you confidential:

  • First, there are different means that you can make use of in storing information given to you. You can use passwords, firewalls, VPNs, or encryption to keep this information safe especially if it’s electronic information.
  • If the information given to you is written documents, then you should ensure it is kept safe in storage that you have access to alone. If you no longer need the information, you can destroy it.

The Most Preferred Time To Sign An NDA

Now, it’s also important for you to know the appropriate time to sign an NDA. Although, there is no specific time for you to sign an NDA provided you carefully read through the document before signing it.

You can sign an NDA either if it involves law, medical purposes, journalism, or any business contract. This can be done provided it involves two different parties. When you sign this NDA, always have it in mind that you must not go against the contract.

If an NDA does not entail possible dangers in the future, you can be sure of your protection and also the safety of your information. Although, you might be asked to submit some of your personal information and any other vital information that you might have. Signing an NDA before an interview is not bad, but it’s always better if you take out time to read through it so you don’t fall victim to bad circumstances.

Not until an NDA is been signed, your employers will still feel very reluctant in sharing some vital information about the company with you. So to be on the safe side while you are desperately in need of a job, do not be hasty in signing an NDA. 


Signing a Non-disclosure agreement document makes your employer freer, and also gives them the confidence to share all vital information about the company with you freely.

Irrespective of how badly you need the job, be careful so you don’t endanger yourself. Remember an NDA is mostly written to protect the company and the employer, so read through it before signing.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can You Breach An NDA Easily?

No! Before you think of breaching an NDA, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of the company so you don’t put yourself in trouble for the rest of your life.

  • Is There Any Other Danger Involved In Signing An NDA?

Yes! You could sign out your property unknowingly if you do not read through an NDA document. 

  • Must You Sign An NDA?

No! This depends on the company’s policy, the employer might decide to present an NDA to you first before proceeding with the interview. 

  • Why Should You Sign Na NDA Before Interview?

Signing an NDA before an interview most times is to protect the company’s business strategy and also stop you from disclosing any information given to you during the interview.

Signing NDA Before Interview- Let’s Find Out

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