Interview Shoes For Women

First interview? And you are nervous like hell! Sorry, we can’t help you with that, but we can guide you through some dos and don’ts starting from your shoes. Let us know about the Interview Shoes For Women.

Interview Shoes For Women

It is a broad section of business casual attire that needs coverage. According to psychology and human behaviours, the first thing which anyone would ever notice is your shoes. Maybe consciously or unconsciously, but this is true. So to ace your physical appearance, it is really important to wear the right shoes. Here is some advice especially for you.

Interview Shoes For Women

There are many options to choose from but always make sure that you land on the right one. Women are creative so is their wardrobe. If you are a woman then you can perfectly understand the struggles of having nothing to wear and you can’t even decide what to wear during an interview. 

Following are some options that you can choose from:-


Heels are big thumbs up for professional attires. But you have to take the colour size and platforms into consideration.

Colour: you should always go for the colours like black, white, off-white, grey, dark blue or brownish shades of brown.

Size: make sure the height of your heels should not more than 4 inches.

Platform: prefer to wear heels without a platform or they will go clack-clack everywhere. In any case, your interviewer gives you a tour of their office. So go for a chunkier option if you want to.


Athletic shoes can be considered business casual in most places but that’s for a later date maybe after you get hired. But for now, stick with professional shoes like leather shoes.


Flats are also one of the best options for interviews but make sure you don’t go for gaudy colours or neon colours. Don’t go for transparent straps or fabric straps. Also, don’t wear something exposing or too relaxed.

Go for more of a conservative option. Moccasin and Marry Jane in more of a business colour is also highly appreciated.


No matter how comfortable your flip-flops are. Showing up to your interview with these would be an absolute disaster.

Remember flip flops are only for the beach. Don’t try to act cool unless you are going for a bad prank.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are for dancing and not for the interviews because here we are trying to show less skin.

Ankle boots

Leather ankle boots in the perfect business colour are gonna get those around you. They cover well, giving that lift of height and confidence. Hence, perfect for the interview. But try to avoid the fabric ones unless it looks professional.


Sandals are light shoes with straps. Mostly, strappy shoes are not in the dress code of the company. So it is best not to opt for these.

Don’t take a risk and steer clear of these.

Open toed

Open-toed shoes are not at all recommended for business casual attires. In some tropical regions, it may be allowed and even so it is for a later date. You don’t need to wear those for interviews.


Slippers are also a bad option don’t go for them.


They also fall in the same category as slippers and flip flops that may bring disaster to you.

Cowboy boots

They are not at all formal. They look chunkier and cover to match making you and your interviewer look uncomfortable just by looking at them.


Just like cowboy boots they also don’t fit in the description of an interview outfit.


Wedges are also not a much of a good option for an interview. You may have seen many officials with wedges but this is not the most suitable option for interviews.

As they look too casual and not very impressive for interviews.

You may opt for more of a covered version of wedges.


Slips on have more of a controversial background. If you are using business colour slip-on shoes then they may look business but as it said fabric shoes don’t always go well with professional attires.


They a too revealing and don’t fit well with the description of business attire.

Personal styling

Interviews are always made because a company wants to check your personality and professionalism. It may be true that you are preparing for your big day so you need to prepare precisely and more carefully but trust me it is more about showing your worth for this job. So you can wear any colour (but try to avoid neon and other flashy and gaudy colours). If you like to you can also be yourself and choose anything you like if you don’t want to fake yourself up and there is no dress code.


Relax and cheer up because these tips would really help you to choose what shoes you should wear. 

Shoes you should wear:- 

  • Heels
  • Flats
  • Ankle boots

Remember interviews are more for the screening of personality. They called you for an interview because they liked your professional background. You don’t need to force yourself to emphasize more on physical appearance more. Just go there with a business smile and do your best.

All the best!!!

Interview Shoes For Women

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