Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview Preparation

Amazon is an organization that needs no introduction. Amazon is a leading organization supplying every essential that human needs. It is a one-stop solution for essential items, the logo of Amazon itself denotes that it supplies essentials from A to z. The organization enhances the data so that its online platform can be upgraded for a better customer experience. Let us see about the interview preparation for Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer.

Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview

For Customer upgradation, the organization enhances its software so that it reflects the products that the customer wants to buy at that time. The organization displays a screen that is filled with relevant items that customer desires.

Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview

Amazon Business intelligence engineer Interview is created so that they can highlight the candidate’s potential to enhance the data and use advanced software to create data that is meaningful and can be used for a better customer experience.

The role of a Business intelligence Engineer is to convert data into relevant business opportunities. The conversion provided by the engineers is put through rigorous analysis for better products and services. Usually, business intelligence engineers work in teams and their work starts with converting the data through data modeling into tangible and feasible solutions.

Business Intelligence functions are as follows:-

  • Making arrangements in such a way that the organization’s partners and clients are safe according to the safety rules and regulations of the website. Using tools that help in finding the latest safety trends in the market.
  • Use the software which states the probability of the customer payments.  Improving the payment experience of the customers.
  • Join forces with other financers to enhance the decision-making process. 
  • Using and improving the forecast tools to accurately predict the client’s shopping journey at Amazon.
  • Using the world’s most compound data and gathering accurate information for making better decisions that are in favour of the organization.

The interview 

The process consists following steps:-

First Screening 

This interview can be termed as a basic interview where the panel will assess the candidate if he/she is fit for the ambiance of the organization. The panel will learn about the resume and past projects the candidates have taken. Here candidate’s amiable nature is judged if he/she can take up challenging situations.

Interview Questions

  • Can you give any situation where you used real-time data and solved a real-time problem?
  • Any compound decision you have taken?
  • Completing and delivering the project is an important task, explain your experience.
  • If the demand for the item is to be considered what are the factors that are important and should be taken into consideration?

Technical process

A technical round is held to test the technical skill of the candidate. As the position demands excellence in the technical field it is advised to the candidate to know computer languages well. The most important language that the candidate should know is SQL and Python. For this process, it is advised to have basic knowledge of the above two languages and have a thorough hold on presentation skills so that the coding and business tactics can be related. 

Five SQL questions are asked with increasing order of difficulty.

ON-SITE Process

This round consists of five to six rounds with a different jury. The jury consists of senior business intelligence engineers, data scientists, and an HR manager. This round will extract the in-depth knowledge of coding from the candidate. The process is usually one hour and in this, the candidate’s expertise is judged. 

The questions can be related to data science and business analytics. The candidates are given real business problems and they have to solve the problems through the software. So the candidates are advised to study the history of Amazon and the past cases that the organization has taken up related to the business.

The questions can be as follows:-

  • Firstly the interview related to statistics and SQ. Here the candidates are given questions related to statistics and SQL and their knowledge is assessed.
  • Then in the second round candidate’s behavioral skills are judged along with their knowledge of SQL.
  • Then HR manager takes up the case study and also judges the candidate’s interpersonal skills.
  • Then this last question is taken up by data scientists who he/she tests the knowledge related to data.

In the interview round where behavioral skills are judged the candidate should study the organization’s past very well as the questions will be focused on that area. Every interviewer has their own role to play in the process and each of them is important in deciding whether the candidate is fit for the organization or not. Other than the interviewers one more interviewer holds an equal position of deciding the future of the employee. This judge basically acts as a bar raiser in the interview and will judge whether the employee is apt for the organization. Here the candidate should prove to themselves what unique value addition they can contribute to the organization. 

The questions can be as follows:-

  • What are the necessary steps if the client rejects the new product?
  • Give an example of a situation where you have fewer resources but have to give optimum results.
  • State any project that was challenging and that gave you a new edge in the data field.
  • Have you faced any situation where your solution was opposed by your team members?

Factors that a candidate should look after in the interview

  • The candidates should have in-depth technical knowledge as most questions in the interview will be technical. 
  • The candidate should be able to answer questions regarding the usage of the resources that will best deliver the solution with the help of various data models.
  • The candidate should have a good grip on language such as SQL as they will be asked to write codes.
  • Candidates should study software such as tableau or quick sight so that they can easily build dashboards regarding any problem.
  • During the interview, the candidate will have to answer real problems that the organization is facing correctly with the help of prediction tools, so it is advised they should study it carefully before appearing.
  • It is advised that the candidate should be inquisitive about several aspects this will give the impression that the employee is very eager to learn. And will catch quickly whatever is taught in training.
  • While answering any statistics questions it is advised that they should use any kind of board that they have been provided at the time interview. This will give a clear picture of the candidate’s vision.

Business intelligence engineer is an important post for any organization, especially Amazon as its main requirement is technical expertise. The organization has creatively designed its interview process so that it can extract the best possible candidate who is fit for the role and organization as well. The candidate should always brush up on their communication, interpersonal, technical, and statistical skills before the interview. 

Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer Interview Preparation

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