Why Microsoft Interview Questions?- Read More About It

Microsoft is a leading tech employer in diverse roles for everyone, including IT, learning, engineering, business development, business operations, administration, etc. Microsoft has a wealth of career opportunities for everyone looking to advance their career to the next level. Let us know more detail about ‘Why Microsoft Interview Questions?’.

Why Microsoft Interview Questions?

Why Microsoft Interview Questions?

Microsoft has a challenging interview process where the interviewers want to check for behavioral skills, emotional intelligence, thinking patterns, and many more. Microsoft always asks, “why do you want to work in Microsoft?” This question helps the hiring team know if an applicant is versatile with Microsoft products and why they want to join the Microsoft team. 

Microsoft Interview Process

In every Microsoft interview, the hiring team wants to check every applicant’s behavior and outlook on life. Microsoft’s discussion mainly takes place on-site, and the questions they ask potential employees are about life, work, leadership, vision experience, and commitment to work. 

The question “why do you want to work at Microsoft”? will always come up; no applicant can escape it. And the purpose of the why Microsoft question is to check the applicant’s motivation and drive. The why Microsoft question is an important question to answer correctly, and it is a determinant of whether the applicant is fit for the position they applied for or not. 

The Microsoft interview is usually around 4-5 rounds depending on the role an individual is applying for. The interview checks for the individual’s skills, giftings, and abilities. An individual’s success in the interview process transcends beyond degree or experience; it is about what the individual can bring. Microsft hiring team also compares the performance of an applicant with others. Therefore, every applicant must know how to answer the questions and outperform other applicants in the same category. 

The following is Microsoft’s interview process: 

  • Phone interview: Microsoft screens every applicant over a phone conversation first before anything. The phone interview is the first stage of the interview where the hiring team asks questions about leadership, vision, and technical know-how. 
  • Technical screening:  technical screening is peculiar to positions like software development. The technical screening is done after an individual has successfully passed through the phone interview. In the technical screening, the hiring team asks only technical questions about an applicant’s knowledge of the position they are applying for. 
  • Physical interview: The physical interview is done after the applicant must have passed through the first two stages successfully. In this stage, applicants meet with the department’s hiring team they want to join—the why Microsoft questions are usually asked in the physical interviews. 

The Microsoft Interview Questions

The hiring team aims to filter the number of applicants at Microsoft, and they ask specific kinds of questions. It is essential that applicants learn these questions and how to answer them as the questions are used to check for core competencies, ability, teamwork, adaptability, and decision-making skills. 

Here are several types of questions to expect at a Microsoft interview; 

  • Why do you want to work at Microsoft?
  • What are your career achievements and your goals?
  • How can Microsoft help you achieve your goals? 
  • Tell us about how you make decisions, especially in a difficult situation? 
  • Tell us how you deal with conflicts, especially with team members and managers?
  • What are some lessons you have learned in your career so far? 

How To Answer The Why Microsoft Interview Questions?

The hiring team always asks the why Microsoft question, and it is a tricky question, and it is a challenging question to answer. There are no right or wrong answers to the why Microsoft question; however, applicants must be sure to answer the questions the right way because it helps the recruiters check if an applicant is a right fit for that position or not.

The hiring team asks the why Microsoft question to determine the applicant’s values and thought processes about different scenarios. They also ask the why Microsoft question to see how much an applicant knows about the Microsoft brand, work environment, and work ethics. The hiring team also wants to learn about the applicant’s vision, dreams, goals, and aspirations. 

In answering the why Microsoft question, an applicant must have done enough research about Microsoft and how to answer the hiring team’s question. An applicant must do their best to answer the how questions in line with the hiring team’s guidelines and put their best foot forward. In essence, the applicant must impress the recruiter and show that they are genuinely interested in the position they applied for. 

Therefore, applicants need to frame their answer in such a manner so that it ticks off all the boxes on the recruiter’s checklist and makes a fantastic impression on them. The applicant’s response should convince the hiring manager that you are genuinely interested in the position. 

Applicants have to show that they are the right fit for the position, and they must talk about the value they can give to build Microsoft as a brand. 

There are three steps to answering the why Microsoft question: 

  • Applicants should Discuss how excited they feel about working with Microsoft and how they have been looking forward to working with them 
  • Applicants should Talk about the skills they have gathered over the years and the value they are bringing to the table. 
  • Lastly, applicants should talk about how Microsoft can build them as a person and how Microsoft will contribute to their exposure and growth in the tech world. 


The why Microsoft questions are usually tricky, and there are techniques to answer the questions. Every applicant must endeavor to put their best foot forward and impress the hiring manager. Applicants must not fail to talk about the skills they have acquired over the years and how they plan on using those skills to grow the Microsoft brand. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What type of people does Microsoft hire? 

Microsoft looks out for the best and the brightest in their fields. They also look out for people willing to work, have passion, are intelligent, and are visionaries. 

  • What is the highest-paid job in Microsoft? 

Researchers get paid the most in Microsoft with up to $170,000, followed by product managers, data scientists, and solutions architects. 

Why Microsoft Interview Questions?- Read More About It

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