What’s The Best Project You’ve Ever Worked On?- How To Answer And Sample Answers?

An interview setup often brings dreadful memories of situational questions and nerve-wracking nervousness surrounding the room. Well, it does not have to be the same anymore. All you need is the right preparation and tips that will help you ace every question on the interview. No more fear of answers, just pure preparation will bring you the desired confidence. How? We have got you covered up on one important question that you will face during the interview, which can prove to be your make or breakpoint. Let’s learn about ‘What’s The Best Project You’ve Ever Worked On?’.

Whats The Best Project You've Ever Worked On?

What’s The Best Project You’ve Ever Worked On?- How To Answer And Sample Answers?

One of the most crucial questions interviewers will put forward is ” What’s the best project you’ve ever worked on?”. Every professional or a fresher has a fair amount of projects on their palms, but the deciding factor here is what makes the project a memorable one for you. It does not have to be a multi-million project with apt success and wonderful rates, it can be as simple as generating leads or new designs. The major part of the question will test you on the way to handle the situation and your role in the project.

Let us understand more about how you can ace this question and never fall short of confidence during the interview. Let’s read What’s The Best Project You’ve Ever Worked On?- How To Answer And Sample Answers?

What is the interviewer looking for as an outcome of this question?

The ” best project” question is like a mandatory question when you move forward to behavioral rounds. The question makes its presence in the interview because it allows the interviewer to understand candidates’ approach to work and their overall personalities when it comes to handling a situation in the project.

The question helps the interviews understand how a candidate handles adverse situations inside a project and what motivates them to keep going through the entire project. It also gives them an overall idea about how you perceive leadership roles, management techniques, and whether you initiate taking responsibilities when completing certain work. When an interviewer understands all the skills a candidate has, it becomes easier for them to determine whether they are fit for the role they have been looking for. Let’s read more in detail about What’s The Best Project You’ve Ever Worked On?.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

What should be included in the answer?: What’s The Best Project You’ve Ever Worked On?- How To Answer And Sample Answers?

Now that you know the purpose of the question, the main query would be what needs to be included in the answer so that it leaves a lasting impact in the minds of the interviewer? Let us see the two most important points that need to be included in your answers to make a point. 

1. The exact date and Time of the project

Whenever you start to answer make sure you mention the time or the date wherein you undertook the project. The purpose of this is to inform the interviews how impactful the project was so that you remember the date or the timeline in which you completed the project. Including a date or time will also help them understand when you underwent the project and how it has impacted your personality through the years. 

Though not mandatory, adding this can make a positive difference to your answer. 

2. The role you played in the project

Explaining the role you played in the project is extremely important to inform the interviewer about the responsibilities you completed within the project. Tell them how you handled the entire project and what motivated you to complete the task. Tell an instance where you felt attached to the project and why you think this is the best project in your entire life. 

As stated above the project does not need to be a successful one. If the project ended up being a failure it can still be your best project, as you contributed your best to it. Explain the key responsibilities you underwent in the project, skills that made you take the project positively, and several other factors that made you attached to the entire project.

When you add these two points to the answer it will automatically give a structure to the answer wherein there will be a clear statement of the skills, responsibilities, and learning outcomes of the project. 

Tips to ace the question and deliver your point

To ensure that the entire structure of your answer is best you can use the following tips. It will help you to polish your answer.

  • Be precise: Often when you start describing your best project you can get lost in the details of the project and tumble upon giving too much information which is unnecessary from the point of view of the interviewer. This calls for immediate action as unnecessary details can make the answer superfluous and wordy. So ensure to be precise and to the point when answering the question. 

Try to stick to skills, responsibilities, the role played, and other relevant details when answering the question. 

  • Use STAR methodology to answer: To ensure that you are precise with your answers you can follow STAR methodology to construct your answers. The methodology will help you structure the answer according to the situation, tasks, actions, and result, thus incorporating all the aspects of the project. When drafting the answer follow the following format.
  • Situation: Define the situation of the project and how and where the project took place. All the placement details of the project can be included in this section to help set a basis for the answer.
  • Task: The task section will help you define the roles and responsibilities that you undertook in the project and what goals you helped to achieve.
  • Action: This part can include any problems that you encountered during the project and the steps taken to minimize the problems of the project. 
  • Result: Results can include the learning outcome or the actual result of your work. It can include how the project was successful and what goals were achieved at the end of the project. 

When you follow a star methodology the entire answer attains a structure and you can easily draft an answer without unnecessary details. 

  • Use constructive numbers to add credibility to answer: Whenever you provide the results of a task or project ensure to add constructive details in form of numbers, figures, and percentages. Adding a number to the result helps the interviews to quickly analyze the result of the situation and link it to the success value of the candidate. The figures do not have to be large, it can be simple results that help you add value to the project. 

Also, ensure that you add multiple results in the answer. It helps in creating an illusion of how well informed you are of the project and what different impacts were created in a single project. Adding numbers to your result will directly boost the quality of your answers by adding credibility to your skills and performance. 

  • Stay positive and confident: Stay positive and confident about the project you describe. Whether the project ended as a success or failure, what matters is the answer is the skills of the candidate and their attitude towards work. So, ensure that you answer the question with positivity. Try to add an instance wherein you enjoyed the project because it helped add value to your professional life and how the results, in the end, we’re just a matter of hard work and luck. 

The main gist of the answer lies with the development of the candidate. As long as you convince the interviewer the project added value to you and helped you learn something better, you have aced the question. So stay positive and answer with confidence. 

  • Prepare in advance: The best way to incorporate all the details in the answer and to not miss important details is to prepare the answer in advance. The question is going to be present in the interview, there is not a single doubt about that. So why not just prepare the question ahead of time. Preparing the answer in advance will help you to keep a check on the points you cover and also operate your answer according to your wish. 

While preparing an answer ensure that you practice saying the answer out loud to your friends or in front of the mirror. It will help you build the confidence to speak and also you can adjust your body language accordingly. 

Sample answers: What’s The Best Project You’ve Ever Worked On?- How To Answer And Sample Answers?

Sample 1:

” I have been working as a web designer for the past 10 years, and I believe that every project teaches you something essential. One project which I consider helped me reshape my entire profession was the Web designing campaign for a multi-level NGO. The project needed more than 50 designs that could be displayed on several web pages, all the pages needed to be interactive as well as interactive. Being my first high-scale project I was quite intimidated, but I decided to give my best. 

I ensured that my entire team was delegated tasks according to their skills. I insisted on developing a  feedback system for the project as communication was the key here. I was responsible for designing the main page for over 20 web pages, this pushed me to think creatively and come up with unique ideas for the same. In the end, we made sure the client received 70 designs that could be sorted and used in the website, we also improved the lead generation by 84% and implemented a 7% promotional campaign in 12 web designs. “

Sample 2:

” As a part of a startup in my previous experience, I was given the role to train more than 20 new employees in my previous position. Being a fairly new industry the work culture was haywire and it needed quite a few fixes to ensure that the work would be carried out in a full-fledged manner. When I was first allowed to start the training my main aim was to develop the strengths of the candidate and push each of them to be the best at what they already know. I also planned on cross-training and learning through each other which would boost the teamwork of the employee. 

My visions were fruitful, as I started training I discussed my initial plans with the team. It helped me to inculcate values and the right skills needed for the job. At the end of the train, the company saw a direct profit of 8% in employee retention and 25% profit in the work completion. “

Sample 3:

” The major milestone for my profession. life was the project wherein I was delegated to respond to complete the customer rating project. The project was on quite a large scale and the company has set a goal of about a 45% increase in customer satisfaction. Initially, my main goal was to understand the different parts of the project and implement and consult with all the stakeholders about how the change could be feasible.

The communication helped me to notice potential risks and develop an action plan that could minimize the potential risk. I also made sure to divide tasks in such a manner that it saved about 20% of our final time and made progress of the project quicker. In the end, we were able to achieve a success rate of 42%. Though we missed the goal by 3% it was an overall enthralling experience”. 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘What’s The Best Project You’ve Ever Worked On?’, In the end, all a candidate must know is that the question is present in the interview to depict the overall personality and to bring an opportunity to showcase the quality of work and skills. So ensure that you are confident in answering the question and include all the points mentioned in the first and tricks. 

Take a positive turn towards the answer and tell them how you make a better candidate than the great of the crowd. 

What’s The Best Project You’ve Ever Worked On?- How To Answer And Sample Answers?

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