What Accomplishment are You Most Proud of Examples?

During an interview, the interviewer asks the kind of questions that reflect your personality. The way you answer them shows how you think and work. It is very crucial to have an understanding of the mindset of the interviewer before answering any question. One of the common questions asked at an interview is what accomplishment are you most proud of?. Here we will see about What Accomplishment are You Most Proud of Examples?

Answering this question can be tricky. You have to be completely honest. The interviewer might want to know about your personal or your professional accomplishments. Generally, professional accomplishments are more valuable, and therefore, you should focus on that. The same question can be twisted in different ways, like what thing are you most proud of? You can talk about your scores in college, accomplishments you had in your previous job, anything you did for your family, and much more. Below are many examples you can use but keep in mind that the answer should be genuine and honest.

What Accomplishment are You Most Proud of Examples?

Personal Accomplishments:

If you are just starting your professional career, then it would not be possible to highlight any professional accomplishments. Personal accomplishments tell a lot about your strength, mind power, and emotional balance. You should look committed, calm, and strong person while talking about your accomplishments. 

  • You can talk about how you were undermined in school by your classmates or teachers. There is a certain point in life when you feel useless but coming out from that situation and rising for good is something worth considering an accomplishment.  
  • You can talk about your scores in high school. It happens a lot when you are weak in a particular subject and feels depressed because of that. But continuous determination and willpower helped you overcome your weakness and score well in that subject.
  • You accomplished something in sports. You can discuss any sports you played and won a tournament. You can discuss how that amplified your growth. You worked hard and that paid off. This is an accomplishment you earned because of your dedication. 
  • You can discuss a bad habit you had in your teenage or recently and how you overcame it. There are situations when a certain thing overtakes your time and you start diving into a guilty pleasure. You can tell how that bad habit like smoking, drinking, or anything that hindered your performance and distracted you from your daily lifestyle and how you got rid of it. 
  • Sometimes there are problems in your family that are completely out of your control. You can talk about something you handled in your family that helped resolve the issues. This shows a good leadership quality.

Professional Accomplishments:

  • If you had an experience with your profession, then it is best to talk about your professional accomplishments. Work-related accomplishments never fail to amaze the interviewer as this shows your strengths and efficiency. They make a good impression on the interviewer and increase your chances of getting a good job.
  • You can discuss a problem your company faced which everyone thought reached a dead end.  At that time, the way you handled things and came up with the solution that helped to resolve the issue can impress the interviewer. This will unarguably increase your chances to get hired. Helping a company during a tough situation shows that you have good leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • With your brilliant work and efficient skills, you helped your company to have a good social media reach and eventually some great reviews.
  • You can talk about your position in your previous company and how you got a promotion earlier than others because you did a great job in your work. This shows that you have an unmatched dedication to the job and have excellent time management skills. 
  • If you were in a marketing job, you can discuss something you accomplished there, like you created a great sales team, or how your advertising strategy helped in getting a deal for your company. 

Additional Tips:

While answering such kinds of behavioral questions, it is crucial to discuss your challenges and the method that helped you accomplish them. You should be sincere while answering such kinds of questions. The interviewer wants to learn how you tackle situations and what makes you stand out. The question is very simple and only requires honesty and professionalism to answer.


For basic jobs, interviews are not very hard. Interviewers ask simple questions, but your answer should be creative. There might be hundreds of applications, but what makes you stand out from others is the only thing that matters. You need to find your strengths and skills that make you different from others. Your word selection, confidence, and wittiness are essential to answer efficiently. Simple things can make you stand out if you know your way with words. Through this article we have learned about What Accomplishment are You Most Proud of Examples?

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

What are good accomplishments?

Scholarships, good grades, awards, and promotions are examples of good accomplishments.

How do I write my accomplishments?

Highlight the things you are proud of. Discuss the challenges you faced in a situation and how you accomplish your goal by crossing all the barriers. 

What are the things to be proud of?

Your confidence, word selection, time management skills, and dedication to the work.

What Accomplishment are You Most Proud of Examples?

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