Top CICS Interview Questions And Answers

CICS Interview Questions And Answers

CICS Interview Questions

For your upcoming interview, we have have lined up best CICS Interview Questions for you in this article. Go through them to prepare well.

  • What is CICS? 

CICS represents Customer Information Control System and turns out to be programming that screens media communications from IBM. The centralized server working frameworks of IBM are time-sharing and group. 

  • What is the essential part of CICS? 

CICS essentially manages the execution just as improvement of online applications. It builds up a correspondence channel through the terminal and encourages the accepting just as sending of organized information. One of the essential parts of CICS is the availability of data sets, just as the documents that they contain. 

  • Notice one elective part of CICS

CICS turns out to be a bunch of work itself and runs on high need in the working framework. In this way, there is a differentiated CICS district in which CICS sufficiently plans the projects. 

  • What is implied by PPT and what are its employments? 

PPT (Program Processing Table): – It comprises a rundown with every one of the projects’ names in it alongside maps. Besides, it reveals to us whether the adaptation that is later as accessible as a program in CICS or a new duplicate of the program should be stacked. 

  • Remark on TCT and RCT. 
    • TCT represents the Terminal Control Table and is an accumulation of the multitude of particular terminals. 
    • RCT, then again, represents Resource Control Table is an aggregation of plan names of DB2 alongside the exchange identifier.  
  • Separate among PCT and FCT. 

    • PCT represents the Program Control Table, and it has a total rundown of exchange identifiers that are combined to separate relating programs. 
    • FCT, then again, represents File Control Table has a total rundown of the multitude of documents that CICS has utilized alongside their status and record length. 
  • What is implied by a CICS task? 

A CICS task is a one-time execution of a specific CICS exchange. This interaction begins when the key is gone into the exchange, and the enter key is squeezed. The execution interaction proceeds till the program returns the control to CICS. 

  • What do you mean by CEMT? 

CEMT alludes to Master Terminal Transaction. It turns out to be an ID for framework exchange and asks about the status. Moreover, it changes the situation with the assets. 

  • Give the meaning of COMMAREA

COMMAREA is regularly named as a correspondence region as it turns out to be for the impermanent capacity region. It is utilized as a passing mode for information among different projects stacked by many exchanges or a specific exchange. 

  • Name a couple of CICS programs that are for the most part utilized

The CICS programs which we for the most part use are: 

  • Document Control 
  • Terminal Control 
  • Capacity Control 
  • Assignment Control 
  • What is implied by a ‘Transid’? 

Transit represents an exchange identifier. To summon an errand of CICS, this character code consisting of four letters will be utilized. 

  • Clarify the utilization of DCT

DCTs represent Destination Control Tables that are tastefully utilized in CICS to characterize TDQs. 

  • In the EIB square of CICS, feature the names of not many of the significant fields? 

Not many of the significant fields in the EIB square of CICS are EIBCALEN, EIBRESP, EIBTASKN, EIBRCODE, EIBTIME, and EIBDATE. 

  • Can dynamic calls be utilized in CICS? 

Indeed. Dynamic calls can be utilized in CICS, and according to the strategy, the client needs to characterize the calling routine in a PPT. The calling program should utilize a CALL identifier. 

  • Name at any rate one of the ways by which an exchange can be ended 

Utilize the order EXEC CICS SYNCPOINT and accept it as LUW. There won’t be an end of Xn; however, the exchange will, without a doubt, be ended. 

  • Feature the places of contrasts among XCTL and START? 

XCTL goes about as a medium through which you can control through the indistinguishable undertaking to another program. XCTL turns out to be a program control order. 

  • How ENQ and DEQ are utilized in CICS? 

ENQ and DEQ are portions of errand control orders that are utilized in making an asset sequentially recyclable. 

  • Give certain circumstances where NEW COPY is mandatory

NEW COPY is essentially needed in CICS when a specific program has been run at any rate once, or commonly in CICS, and afterward recompiled or changed. 

  • Could a CICS code be a piece of a copybook? Provided that this is true, at that point what are the results after arrangement? 

A CICS code can without much of a stretch be a piece of a copybook, however, reprocessing must be done after arrangement measure. 

  • With the utilization of the other file, how is a VSAM document gotten to? 

VSAM records can be gotten through. We should simply proclaim it as a type of FCT and afterward use File Control Commands on it. 

  • What is implied by an AICA ABEND

AICA ABEND is only a Runaway Task that is executed at a later stage. 

  • Will ESDS records be gotten from CICS? 

Indeed. It is possible to get to ESDS documents directly from CICS. 

  • What is the method to address an ASRA ABEND? 

You should simply begin with the CEBR and afterward call for guidelines of counterbalances. 

  • Feature the contrast between an emblematic guide and an actual guide 

A representative guide turns out to be an information structure, while an actual guide is fundamentally a heap module. 

  • What is implied by MDT? 

MDT represents Modified Data Tag. On the off chance that the adjustment of the field must be made on the screen, at that point, MDT goes about as a bit of a trait byte. MDT becomes possibly the most important factor during an information activity. 

  • Explain the usage of DSECT boundary in BMS

DSECT boundary is utilized in BMS to offer shape to an emblematic guide. 

  • Could QSAM documents be gotten from CICS? 

No. It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to get to a QSAM record from CICS. 

  • Will ESDS documents be gotten from CICS? 

Indeed. It is feasible to get ESDS documents from CICS. 

  • In a CICS program, how might you read a VSAM document? 

VSAM record can be effectively perused in a CICS program utilizing File Control Commands. The four sorts of orders for this interaction are forward, in reverse, arbitrary and successive. 

  • What’s the significance of EIB in CICS? 

EIB represents Execute Interface Block. One EIB is appended to every single errand, and this stays with the assignment till its execution. The EIB of the multitude of projects stays unaltered all through the interaction. In the read method of any COBOL program, EIB fields can be gotten to. 

  • How does a CICS interpreter respond? 

There is a linkage zone related to each program. Here, the EIB block is produced by the CICS interpreter. 

  • What is implied by a property byte? 

A property byte is utilized in CICS to characterize a specific transmission field or show. It adds to the yield field of the program. 

  • Rundown out every one of the tables that are a piece of CICS

The tables that are a piece of CICS are PPT, SIT, PCT, JCT, FCT, SNT, DCT, SRT, RCT, and TCT. 

  • Clarify the utilizations that are related to TSQ and TDQ

TSQ and TDQ are effectively utilized in CICS for impermanent information stockpiling reasons. 

  • Could a TSQ of one specific exchange be gotten to form a substitute exchange? 

Indeed. It is workable for a TSQ to be gotten to from a substitute exchange gave as both of the exchanges are running in indistinguishable areas. 

  • In a specific CICS program, what is the strategy to designate unique memory? 

You should simply utilize a GERMAIN to powerfully assign memory in CICS. 

  • What is the method to peruse an assertion from TSQ? 

To peruse an assertion from TSQ, you should utilize Temporary Storage Read Command. 

  • At whatever point a CICS program goes through an arrangement interaction, there is some additional code added to the program. Where precisely does this new piece of code go to, and what is it named? 

This new piece of code goes to DFHEIBLK, and it is normally named DFHCOMMAREA. 

  • On the off chance that we wish to make BMS executable, what are the essential advances that the client needs to go through? 

To make BMS executable, the client needs to collect to make CSECT, just as Link. 

  • Allow us to say you have an assortment of different guides in CICS. So if you are approached to decide the specific extra room that is accessible in a symbolic map, at that point, how might you figure it? 

The guides’ capacity is constantly re-imagined before some other viewpoints, which is the motivation behind why the capacity of the biggest guide will normally be more than the wide range of various guides accessible to the client. 

  • Clarify how the PA key is not the same as the PF key.

The essential capacity of PF keys is to begin the transmission of information that has been altered. PA keys are utilized uniquely to awaken the errand. Hereafter, the beginning cycle of transmission of information requires both PF keys, just as PA keys. 

  • Clarify the essential meaning of intra-segment and extra-segment TDQs.

CICS has different clump areas in it, and there are sure datasets, which are fundamentally utilized for correspondence channels among CICS and the group locales that drop out of the space of CICS. Extra-parcel TDQs help in this previously mentioned measure. Despite what might be expected, intra-parcel TDQs are channels of correspondence available inside the district of CICS. These channels are separated into numerous lines. 

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Top CICS Interview Questions And Answers

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