The Recruiter Wants To Call Me After The Interview -What To Expect?


Interviews might be the most stressful event in a person’s life. You feel anxious, scared, slightly shivery, and whatnot. But most people’s hearts jump out when the recruiter calls you after your interview. You think ‘what should I say?’, ‘am I being rejected?’, ‘how should I react if I get the job?’ and many other related questions. Let us know “The Recruiter Wants To Call Me After The Interview”

The Recruiter Wants To Call Me After The Interview

Well, this article is going to answer all your questions regarding what to expect if a recruiter is calling you after an interview.

Why Is The Recruiter Calling You?

The recruiter might be calling you for various reasons. There is no one reason behind it unless you pick up the phone and answer it. Some of the reasons behind this call might be-

1. You got the job – Let’s start with something positive! The reason behind the call might be this. They might be calling you to confirm that you are available and you have got the job. 

2. You didn’t get the job- The second reason can be this. Not a good result but, this is not the end. Do not be depressed and try for another job.

3. Setting another interview- This can be due to both good and bad performance. Either you were so good that they are planning another interview to know you more or you were not that good and, they want to give you the last chance due to your capabilities.

4. Misplaced information- There are so many files and data of interviewees that sometimes they get misplaced. To get rid of any future complications, they might contact you to recheck the details.

5. Feedback call- Many recruiters also do a feedback call. This call can be positive or negative, so answer the call with full confidence.

These were the major reasons but, there can be any other reason besides the ones given above. There are uncountable reasons so you will have to be prepared for anything and everything.

Read this article further to know how to react to different reasons behind phone calls!

How To React If The Recruiter Tells You That You Have Got The Job?

This news is as good as the sun on a rainy day.  Such news is enough to make someone’s day, even a month! But you do not want to ruin your impression on the call right? Well, what you can do is-

1. Give an enthusiastic reply so that it looks that you are excited about this job.

2. Do not sound too excited because you are conversing with a recruiter and not a friend.

3. Do not forget politeness in your happiness.

4. ‘Thank You’ is a must.

5. Ask for details about joining.

6. Clear all the queries on this call.

These are some of the tips that you can use when you get this great news. These will improve your impression on the recruiter.

How To React If The Result Is Not In Your Favor?

There is no specific way to react if the result is not in your favor. But do not get agitated and ruin your future chance in that company. You can use these tips to gain the best of the situation.

1. Always be polite even if the result does not go your way.

2. Listen to the recruiter attentively and get feedback if possible.

3. If the recruiter is giving feedback then, listen to him carefully and use those points in the future.

4. Thank them for the opportunity.

5. Be hopeful, do not sound too dejected and sad as you have thousands of other options.

We know no one likes getting rejected but, everyone is destined to do different things. So, there must be another amazing job waiting for you! Do not lose hope for amazing people.

How To Work On Yourself After Rejection?

These are some tips for you, and you can use them to ace your next interview.

1. Feedbacks- Feedbacks are the most important and you should ask the recruiter for them. Use the feedback in your upcoming interviews.

2. Questions- Ask yourself where you went wrong. Getting feedback from a recruiter is one thing while getting one from yourself is another. When you find the answer, work on it and do not repeat those mistakes.

3. Work on your weaknesses- If you also get scared and anxious about interviews and end up mixing everything then start working on it. Talk to new people and come out of your shell.

4. Right position- Always apply for the position which you think you will love to have. Do not apply for the one you do not like as it dampens your spirits.

If you will keep these points in your mind then, we are super sure that your next interview will be your best one.


Now we have learnt “The Recruiter Wants To Call Me After The Interview”, There are uncountable reasons behind the recruiter calling you after the interview but some of them are good too. Most people also think that a recruiter would not waste his/her time on you if you were getting rejected. So maybe it is a piece of good news only.

You should always act polite and in a civil manner even if the results are the opposite of what you expected. There is a long way ahead of you, so do not lose hope in any case.

  1. Why would The Recruiter Wants To Call Me After The Interview after the interview?

Ans- This can go both ways as feedback can mean anything so, fingers crossed.

  1. Is it a good thing if the recruiter is calling me after the interview?

Ans- Most probably yes, as the recruiter tries to contact only those who are selected.

  1. Should I be worried if the recruiter is calling me after the interview?

Ans- Yes and no, the answer depends on why they have called you. Hope for the best and stay confident throughout the call.

  1. How should I reply if I get rejected on the phone call by the recruiter?

Ans- You can show your disappointment but politely and thank them for the opportunity provided.

The Recruiter Wants To Call Me After The Interview -What To Expect?

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