Technical Program Manager Interview Questions

Technical Program Managers (TPM) recognition at the work of program managers from a technical viewpoint, often gambling a greater arms-on role than conventional Program Managers. Let’s see ‘Technical Program Manager Interview Questions’.

Technical Program Manager Interview Questions

They spend time reading the infrastructure of the enterprise and growing new technical merchandise to meet consumer needs. A technical program manager must take the following steps.

Making good managers is about leading, inspiring, and delegating. Motivation, inspiration, and delegation are traits of a good leader. For people’s growth and development, they help to in their best versions of themselves. What sets a good program manager apart from the rest? They can lead, inspire, and delegate. They can motivate and inspire.

5 maximum common TPM interview questions:

  • Explain X’s technical idea.?
  • Tell me approximately X application or project you’ve controlled.
  • Design X system?
  • Tell me approximately a conflict or venture you’ve faced.
  • Why do you need to work at this business?

Question asked for technical program manager:

1. Why have I hired you?

The following are some things you should know when preparing for an interview. The first element you need to do is study the corporation, the enterprise, and the position. You have to additionally ensure that you have an approach for the interview. This will help you put together the questions you will likely be asked. You will also need to prepare well for the technical program manager interview.

2. Why are you interested to work at this company?

If you are interviewing for a Technical Program Manager position at a software company, you’re likely to be asked a series of questions designed to figure out if you have the right skills and personality to be a successful employee. These questions can make you feel like they’re trying to test your ability to be a good fit for the company and its culture. Although these questions are designed to help the interviewer decide whether you’d be a good fit for the job, the answers will help you demonstrate that you’re a good fit.

3. What conditions do you want to work in?

That is a common question that most technical program managers are asked. There are many styles of organizations to choose from. Each company has its personal particular culture, project, and values. You need to observe what the organization’s challenge is and what the organization values. You should also look at what type of culture the company has. What are the company’s conditions and values? What types of people are they want to hire? Are they looking for a technical program manager who has experience in a specific technology? Or are they looking for someone more of a generalist?

4. What is your salary range?

This is a question that you are almost guaranteed to be asked. A salary request from the interviewer is expected. There are some exceptional techniques to answer this question. If you are looking for a job within your salary range, you could answer the exact number. If you are searching for an excessive-paying task, you may need solutions with various numbers. If you want to be competitive, you could answer with a range of numbers but with a note about the salary cap.

Classification of Interview Question:

System Design: These interview questions compare the ‘technical’ in technical application management. Technical program managers have extra responsibilities than software engineers. For instance, those questions are generally targeted at device layout. In most models, TPM candidates are asked to think via and design a product’s device architecture.

  • TPM: is also responsible for managing packages, as the identification illustrates. These questions compare your potential to assume and work through technical dependencies, challenge management, product context, execution approach, and impact on a crew.
  • Technology managers: fall into a cross-functional partnership because they sit at a crossroads between many different departments and groups. Cross-practical partnership questions are then trying to discover your capability at dealing with these go-functional relationships.
  • Behavior: There are many interviews that include behavioral questions. Chances are, you’ve been requested plenty of them to interview in your preceding roles. Behavioral interview questions are designed to get to understand you higher based totally on the way you completed beyond roles and situations.

Sample Interview Question:

Sample Question 1: Design Instagram

The system layout is a huge part of technical program control. Therefore, it’s inevitable that you’ll be questioned about tool layout questions sooner or later for the interview.

While these program interview questions may be pretty ambiguous and intimidating for some, they’re ultimately very consequential for the interview’s overall performance.

Sample Question 2: Share an example of when you addressed an inefficient process.

As a technical application supervisor, you’ll be in most cases tasked with coping with a “software” or technical manner at your organization.

Throughout the TPM interview, you’ll be asked questions designed to evaluate your knowledge of technical approaches, as well as your ability to understand and enhance those approaches.

Sample Question 3: Tell me sufficiently a time you confronted technical and those challenges at the identical time.

As a technical software manager, you’ll want to navigate numerous go-useful relationships and partnerships while handling your programs. So, don’t be amazed while lots of your behavioral questions throughout the technical application manager interview middle round cross-practical partnerships.

Generally speaking, those interview questions will evaluate:

Experience working with and navigating exclusive stakeholders.

Collaboration fashion.

Dealing with disagreements and complicated eventualities.


Technical Program Managers (TPMs) have a tough job. They have to manage a team of engineers, developers, and product managers, as well as meet deadlines and produce a product that will meet or exceed the expectations of the company. To succeed at this job, you must be good at your work. The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the most common questions that technical program managers are asked in an interview.


What diploma do you want to be a technical program manager?

It is commonplace for Technical Program Managers to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, commercial enterprise administration, or control. Some have taken management and related publications via online applications and has obtained certification for this quit.

Technical Program Manager Interview Questions

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